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1. Do anything, start and end, and stick to it. Don't give up easily, if you give up, you will never succeed. If there is a setback, you have to tell yourself repeatedly: Keep doing this.

2. The mountain fruits on the roadside trees are sour. In fact, we don’t know how to climb to pick up the fruit. We all say that money can’t buy happiness. In fact, we don’t know where to buy happiness. Dreams are hard to turn into reality. In fact, we don’t understand how to struggle to make a dream come true.

3. Being alive is a state of life. Loneliness is a life attitude. What kind of past do we give ourselves, what kind of past will we bring back to the past? For us who are confused, life is a kind of falsehood, as frustrating as stagnant water. However, as long as we are willing to be with time, time will precipitate the bitterness and joy for us. The four seasons will filter the sadness and joy for us.

4. Even now, the opponent keeps flipping pages.

5. The passage of time, the time is gone, the long people grow up in the river, the human life is only once, cherish the time is to cherish their lives. Everyone has an ideal in their hearts. We must put it into action for the pursuit of ideals. Those who talk about ideals will not succeed.

6. Spring silkworms go to the dead silk, and the wax torch begins to dry. --"untitled"

7. Struggle, struggle, continue every day, work hard, cheer, every day is motivating, for the dream for the future, every day is paying, sweat, tears, every day is flowing, friends, hold on, we are very good every day Enriched.

8. A truly successful businessman is essentially a traitor with a protest, and rarely meets and maintains the status quo.

9. The road you choose, you have to finish it.

10. People need encouragement because of suffering. People need comfort, because they cry. People need to rest because they are tired. People need to give up because they hurt. People need true love because they are missing.

11. Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.

12. Self-confidence is the core of personality.

13. "Let's find a hard-working thing to do." - Correct the child's sloppy problem

14. If you are in a good position in your career, no matter how short or short your life is, no matter what your career is.

15. I am intoxicated by the vast land of China. Looking at the endless sky, I am obsessed with it; if I compare the earth to matter and compare the sky to the spirit, I think the sky is more charming than the earth.

16. Life is a polyhedron. Things are always swaying, misfortunes, and mutuals. After the storm, it must be blue sky and white clouds, the wind and the sun; the winter goes to the natural spring, and the snow comes to the lunar year; "the moon has a cloudy and sunny, and the people have a good fortune"; the music is extremely sad, no one is coming; God has closed a window for you. It will open a door for you; the road will lead to Rome; on your way forward, there will be thorns and thorns, but also mountains and rivers; graves are buried under the earth, but flowers are blooming on the tomb.

17. Not afraid, don't regret

18. Think for others and live for yourself. If you think about others, you will not live a noble life; if you live for yourself, you will not live free and easy.

19. Poor is not necessarily thinking, it should be thinking.

20. Take time out to learn, everything starts from a small age, not afraid of monotony and repetition, long-term accumulation and persistence, it is difficult to succeed.

21. I struggled, I have no regrets.

22. Life is like a red sun, breaking through the silence of the dawn, the blazing dream is in the spurt or as a piece of episode in the Huazhang of life, screaming and splashing the most excitement.

23. Life can't be smooth sailing, there are gains and losses, love has hate, happiness can have distress, life is dead, life is like this.

24. How can I see the rainbow without going through the storm, but sometimes I still can't see the rainbow after the storm. That is the confusion and pain that is faced with all reality, because you face it in front of you, and only in constant pain will you have a colorful and rich life.

25. Only by tempering can we become a good steel.

26. Sometimes, a lot of grievances cannot be explained at all. Don't be upset, get up and face it calmly, because the road is not necessarily straight; don't complain, calmly, and deal with it sincerely, because people may not always be right; let alone conceal, be honest, because people Communication with people requires trust and innocence.

27. Everyone has his own theater. He is a manager, an actor, a narrator, a screenwriter, a singer, a boxer, a janitor, and an audience.

28. “You pay for it, okay” – exercise your child’s independence from shopping

29. My friend said: We don't have the importance of our own imagination. If the world is less, I will continue to turn! Sometimes I cherish and sometimes give up, cherish it, don't cherish it, give up and don't give up completely. That's it!

30. Appreciation and appreciation, thick and thin hair.

31. Successful people must pay a lot. There is absolutely no success in the world! Success is actually paying. Dear friends, don't envy the success of others. We should see others and the efforts behind them. Although there are some 'pseudo-successes' in society. Success through unfair ways. You can't follow suit. We must know that time is the brightest mirror, one day. Time will show the truth. Only a down-to-earth success is the real success.

32. If you only try to surpass others and don't help others over yourself, you will get more and more opponents; if you try to surpass others and help others catch up with you, you will get more and more friends.

33. Life is like participating in a marathon. On the way of running, the coward stopped because of exhaustion, while the strong man struggled with all kinds of pressures and difficulties with his strong will. He reached the end and gained success.

34. Don't forget the past when you are victorious; don't forget the future when you fail.

35. When a person begins to struggle from his own heart, he is a valuable person.

36. As long as we face ourselves and let ourselves have the confidence of hard work, the courage to struggle, the power of advancement, and the wisdom of climbing, we can broaden our horizons and our minds, and everything will be brightened.

37. To retreat, learn to be patient, and always endure until one day your enemy does not dare to look up at your eyes again.

38. On the road of life, in any case, we cannot avoid the difficulties of reality. Career and love are not always smooth, and there is no real wish for family and school. However, as long as you don't shirk, don't be timid, keep your confidence, maintain a good attitude and vigorous energy, and work hard, you will know that "the light is not the sun's patent, you can also shine."

39. Self-reflection, gently licking the dust of the soul, but also the clear sky of the soul. If you don't experience the wind and rain, how can you see the rainbow? The sea of ​​people, the purple dust, the red dust, you will live the day. beautiful.

40. Going away and knowing how to cherish, there is a spacious road between love and hate, gain and loss, sadness and happiness. In the wind, the youth is still there, it is better to destroy the bruises and continue to move forward. The pursuit of life is not indifferent because of the passage of time, and will not wither because of the wind and rain! Cherish the ordinary, cherish every bit, cherish every happiness, cherish everything you have, in fact, cherish yourself.

41. People are constantly growing up in the tempering. "There have been many hardships since ancient times, and they have never been a martial artist." Those who are truly outstanding are mostly those who have gone through hardships and honed their strong will in adversity. Adversity can stimulate people's potential and develop their talents. Adversity is more conducive to talents and adversity to talents.

42. Life, like a bouquet of flowers, you can see the beauty of the flower, beautiful and easy to die, can be aromatic forever; like a cup of tea, taste, in order to appreciate the true taste, tea is easy to cool, can be forever Like a song, listening carefully, in order to understand the true meaning of the song, the song is easy to be short, but forever.

43. To be successful, it is necessary to wait for a long time without being anxious. The attitude is calm and keen, not afraid of setbacks and full of hope.

44. Success is a concept. Getting rich is an obligation, and happiness is a kind of power.

45. The reason why people are ordinary is that they cannot surpass themselves.

46. ​​Conquering the world is not great. One can conquer oneself and be the greatest person in the world.

47. People should not fear death. What he should fear is that he has never really lived.

48. If a person is not infected by bad habits, happiness is near.

49. Drip through the stone, not the power, but the hard work.

50. Act first, then wait for an opportunity, rather than waiting for an opportunity to act again.

51. Zhang Yang Le Xuexue's personality, adhere to the attitude of not arrogant.

52. When the mind is small, it is more troublesome, with a large amount of heart and wisdom.

53. I put it down and I am comfortable.

54. When you encounter small things, you can count on others; if you encounter major events, you must not take your own destiny to others.

55. Efforts can be successful and insist on ensuring victory.

56. If you don’t ask for it, then you’ll be safe, don’t do it, and you’ll be safe. If you don’t beg, you’ll be safe, don’t do it, and you’ll be safe.

57. If you hold the past too tight, how can you free your hands to embrace the present?

58. It is not every day, not listening to nature.

59. Don't underestimate anyone, the more inconspicuous. Often there are things that are unexpected.

60. The memories are beautiful, although the process is difficult: there may be regrets in the results, but we are worthy of our hearts.

61. When you are in trouble, you will not be flustered.

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