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Lyrical sentence 2019

1. Friendship does not require too much comfort. In your most difficult time, friends can lend a helping hand to you without asking for any return and understanding each other's feelings. This kind of affection can not be forgotten in our whole life. .

2. Sadness is the green leaf in life, often inadvertently dotted with the beauty of life.

3. Have sorrow, cherish sorrow, on the road of life, the emotions will be rich and colorful, life will be refined and beautiful! Really, sometimes, sadness is also a kind of beauty.

4. Happiness is the highest level of life pursuit. Happiness is the greatest reward in life. Happiness is the gratitude to everyone after they have come to the world. Happiness is your re-recognition and re-experience.

5. Happiness is the most dazzling red star in life. It always exists around us. We only use love to feel and operate with heart. It will always shine.

6. Your lover, you have to use your heart to understand, to understand his heart, to think about what he really needs, and when you think about what he needs, you have already received his respect.

7. A cup of wine is sent to mourn, but it is difficult to stay in the bustling, leaving only a few concerns, some people are falling, some people are open, but there are several people who can really overcome themselves; only when it rains, facing the lonely oblique rain, sigh Life is a few flowers, too much helplessness, too much attachment, too much.

8. The ice-blue rain is like a beating note, written between heaven and earth. Unfortunately, I can't see the rhythm of it because it is rainy night. The autumn rain in the town is long and unbearable, and the autumn rain in the town is cold and difficult. Alone in the empty street, lonely and infinite, sentimental.

9. The hustle and bustle of the world has forsaken my memory and forgot the days of these sacrifices. However, when I face the person who hurts me the most in my life, my heart is full of pain. You have turned into a scent of the wind, and floated to heaven, so that I can never see it. From then on, the yin and yang are separated. And the endless thoughts in my heart are always crouching in my heart. When I am shocked, I am like a flood of dykes, and I will swallow me easily.

10. With a little bit of text, it will become a scar, overflowing with the warmth of the dryness, tearing the painful heart. I don't dare to look at your words, just a glance, the pain can't be restrained. Immerse yourself in your text, sweetly framed, unable to extricate yourself. Your words are dazzling, but they are scars that I can't even heal.

11. How many sunny days, my heart is thinking of an umbrella in the rain, my family is calling through the mountains, I only see the mountain of perseverance shaking, my heart is going, how many nights, I soak my loneliness with boiling tea. My thoughts are in a little bit of flooding. I just want to keep a little poetic flow in the depths of my heart. How many snowy months are there, I am alone at the unmanned ferry. Grazing my ignorance, my pen tip was hurt by the dust of the years, my heart formed a thick ripple in the wind ring, I looked at the rise and fall of time in the window of my heart, my emotional gathering Scattered, the wrinkles of my forehead matured in the long wind and the moon was deep.

12. Rolling red dust, how many blood and tears are buried here, how much love and hate are forgotten, how many tears flow through this, how much hope is shattered. The hustle and bustle of the city, the ultimate escape can not escape the bleakness of the night, and then the bustling city, there is also a day in the sea. The red dust after the faded color is just a piece of gray. The only thing left here is the despair of tears. It seems that the frozen memory only exists on one body. The soul, I don’t know where to go.

13. The meeting gave me a great heartbreak. I hope that a happy man is not happy, learns to smoke, and the smog of smoke is entangled in his heart. I don’t know whether it is sad or happy.

14. Beauty is in the distance, it is the feeling of strangeness to you; this is the place you can't reach, just like you can't reach the world of fairy tales, but only through the thick wooden fence, pay attention to those pictures A paradise composed of words.

15. All said that "optimism is a kind of beauty". Thinking about sorrow is also a kind of beauty, one of the most true and purest beauty, a kind of calm beauty after a gust of wind, a kind of quiet beauty after going through, it is a kind of affectionate The beauty of sex is a mature beauty!

16. When others appreciate your moment, the happiness of others is also far away, the beautiful distance is you; when he deeply feels the joy of life, your happiness becomes another place.

17. I don’t know when it was, the face of youth has left many years of seals. The ruthlessness of the years, the tempering of life, changed our face and our hearts little by little.

18. Happiness is simple, it does not carry any impurities, as long as you have a kind heart, you will always feel its existence.

19. Love doesn't need to be gorgeous, romantic love, and flowers will bloom. In fact, plain life is the best weapon to hone love. If this love lasts, it is life. The happiest time.

20. Love is a long-term tug-of-war. From knowing each other to knowing each other, and then on the way to falling in love, we put on a long-distance tug-of-war.

21. Elsewhere, it can only be a beautiful scenery of others; elsewhere, it is just a life around you that you can't perceive; elsewhere, with a hard attitude and a far-fetched reality against us.

22. Everyone's heart will have a beautiful distance. No matter how long we are, how far we go, beautiful things are not only hovering in our hearts, but also far away from where you can't get involved.

23. Happiness is to find a warm person for a lifetime. Today, I suddenly want to tell all the people in the world, cherish it, cherish the people who love you, cherish the people who have been protecting you around you, and have always treated you as a baby.

24. We tend to find a life that we are not happy in the happiness of others, find the beautiful outer layer of the object after painting, and find the sweetness in an illusion.

25. Each of us has loved it. I believe it is very serious. Maybe some have been lost for a long time, but it still faintly hurts.

26. Although life is short, the process of leaving it to life is long and rich in content.

27. Happiness is like a piece of ice in the palm of your hand. When the ice melts slowly, the short distance is the moment when happiness is waving to you. Learning to enjoy happiness is the most worthy of nostalgia in life.

28. Family does not need too much language to explain, even if you have a look with your parents, you can express your love more deeply. This kind of love is born and selfless.

29. Nowadays, the exhausted heart bears the heavy burden of life. In the rivers of the years, it keeps running. In the alternation of the wind and the rain, we strive to develop our ideal goals and climb to the so-called height of life.

30. Happiness is like a beautiful flower. When it is the most beautiful and dazzling, we can feel the pride it brings us. The flowers can give us the most brilliant smile. Why don’t we share the beauty and enjoy the simple Beauty is also a kind of happiness.

31. Living hard and working hard in the distance is actually a choice of life style.

32. Happiness is to find a warm person for a lifetime. I sincerely hope that everyone has their own happiness!

33. Your lover, you have to cherish him with your heart. He does it for you, not only to thank him, but to remember it, and think about him often.

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