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Describe early morning sentences

1. In the morning, the pale blue sky is floating with white clouds, the breeze blowing the leaves beside the road, the birds leaping back and forth on the tree, as if telling people that a new day has begun.

2. Dewdrops, rolling along the dandelion and clover dreams, splashing a piece of transparent sunlight. In a golden squeak, hatch a dawn that is no longer wet.

3. In the morning, some unknown birds stood on the swaying stalks, swaying their heads, shaking their wings, vying to show off the moving voices, and the sweet songs seemed to flow in the clouds, rolling on the green waves and running. In the fresh, moist air, the sound is lingering, the small sound is like a light breeze blowing. The powder is swaying, the yellow lotus leaves just off the petals. The fragrance is overflowing, and many red wings and blue-headed owls are on it. Feifei stopped and stopped, always reluctant to leave.

4. The morning sun is quiet and elegant. Without the noisy atmosphere, people feel calm and relaxed, and I feel the mood.

5. Early morning is the baby who wakes up after a night of sleep. Everywhere, there is vigor and vitality. The flowers, the grass, are so green, I feel comfortable, I like the beautiful morning, it gives me a A wonderful start.

6. In the early morning of summer, at four or five o'clock, the sky is barely white, and everything is not mixed with the animal's breath. Everything is pure and refreshing, like a faint ink painting, ink painting, filled with good grass. Fragrant.

7. In the early morning of summer, the newborn sun shines on the face, the lawn around it, the dewdrops are shining, the cool breeze is stroking around, sometimes with a touch of floral fragrance, how beautiful the morning!

8. The morning breeze blew, and the crystal clear dewdrops slid down the leaves and jumped cheerfully. The green grass wakes up under the gentle morning light, and it looks greener under the shower of rain and dew.

9. In the morning, there was a magnificent morning glow in the east. The roof of the village was lit with smoke, and the air was filled with a gauze-like mist.

10. In the morning, just opening the window, a fresh air rushed to the front. With a golden light, the sun came out, revealing a kind smile.

11. In the morning, on the buds that are filled with cockroaches, the crystal clear dew is sparkling and looks vibrant.

12. In the early morning, a few little birds screamed crisply at my window, and the sound awakened me. I gently pushed open the window and a fresh, fragrant air rushed over. Take a deep breath. Ah! This is the taste after the rain, this is the taste of life.

13. In the morning, when I wake up, I always hear the crisp sound on the branches. When I walk out of the door, I see the wet garden after the rain. There are a few grasses next to the flower beds. Oh, there is still left last night. Dry raindrops.

14. In the early morning, the beautiful morning, our group of newly unearthed Miao Miao, looked up at the colorful sky - a magnificent blueprint for the future of the motherland, pick up the brush of knowledge to paint, to add color. Listen, the sound of reading is a wave higher than a wave, we have not wasted this golden morning, gold-like time.

15. In the morning, all the silence, the bright light of the horizon on the east, carefully infiltrated the light blue sky, and the new day gradually moved from afar.

16. In the morning, I walked slowly on the main road of the campus. The air was cool, gently stroking my face and my hair, letting me relax wholeheartedly. I was completely exhausted, and my body was not sore. I only felt a cool spring flowing into my heart, just like a hot watermelon in the hot summer!

17. In the early morning, I strolled along the pond. A towering sycamore tree and willow trees nodded in the breeze. The fish swim freely in the water, and the wildflowers on the pond reflected in the water. It was beautiful.

18. In the early morning, the whole world is clear, and the sun shines gently on everything through a faint vibration. Don't have a pleasing feeling.

19. In the early morning, the street is quiet. When the first morning light hit the mist, the street ushered in a warm morning.

20. The beauty of the morning is really heart-warming. I am sighing at the magic of nature and having such an intoxicating view.

21. The morning sun slowly opened the curtain, and it was a colorful morning with a fresh coming to the world.

22. In the early morning of the early spring, the moist wind swept gently, and came in from the broken glass window, squinting at everything, and quietly left. Light daylight also occupies every corner, giving the door a white color of dreams.

23. The morning after the rain is like a symphony. Hey, the birds sing the wonderful main theme in the sky and between the branches; oh la la, the river sings and sings beautiful melodies; oh, the sound of insects flapping their wings is giving the symphony Beats; whirring, the route of the butterfly flight is just the melody line of the symphony; ticking, the raindrops on the leaves fall on the small stones, as if the stone is singing the tick song for the symphony accompaniment!

24. On a beautiful morning, I climbed up the nearby hills to breathe fresh air and move around. The sun has just risen, the diffuse fog has gradually subsided, and the woods and bushes are all wet; the green branches, the green grass leaves, the petals of the flowers, the drops of crystal water, glittering and magnificent Colorful.

25. The silvery white dawn gradually showed brown red, and the morning glow reflected on the window sticks of thousands of families.

26. The morning in the mountain village is beautiful! I saw this beautiful morning for the first time. The mountains are full of green, like the green house that has just been painted, and it will be covered with green paint. The wildflowers on both sides of the road are of different colors. They all open with dewdrops. The birds wear them and the big grasshoppers jump.

27. In the early morning, the small street is quiet. When the first morning light hit the mist, the small street ushered in a warm morning. At this time, everything in the small street was shrouded in soft morning light. The willows beside the road lowered its head and accepted the morning light softly. Showering; the tall and straight poplars are like the stretched arms of a strong young man; the grass reveals a bit of faint greenness from the wetness. What a wonderful summer morning.

28. When I got up early in the morning, the sky was always foggy, and white smoke was everywhere, like steam. The sun rises slowly from the ridge, and the white mist is evaded in the sky. The color of winter. The light changed from a dull gray to a fish white, a pink, and then a golden radiance of the sun, is also ever-changing, multicolored. Illuminated in the fog, there is a layer of color. The brightest golden color closest to the sun, the darker the color, the darker the color, and finally the fog.

29. This scenery is so beautiful. The birds in the woods just woke up from their sleep, and they whispered and whispered, and they said good morning. After a while, they became loud and screaming, and small sparrows, pheasants, thrushes, and magpies were humming; a group of crows did not know where to fly, ah, calling, passing the treetops, facing the sun. Fly away. This morning of music is too intoxicating. I live in the city, and now I can enjoy the morning scenery of the mountain village. It is an indescribable enjoyment!

30. I stood in the thatched waist, facing the mountain in front of a valley, where there are green trees, and the pale yellow flowers on the clusters of wormwood on the edge of the woods are like the trees. Wide lace.

31. The sky reveals the white light of the fish belly. Gradually, it became more and more clear, from white to orange, and from orange to reddish; red for a while, golden for a while, half purple and half red, and some can’t say, no see The colors I have seen are really colorful, and the shape of the morning glow is also endless. Some are like an eagle flying wings; some are flying like a bright red scarf, but the red scarf is gone for a while, but it is a rushing The horses... are really different and varied.

32. Woke up in the humming sound, the summer morning, the halo has already penetrated the window right, and the sound of the bird is like the true sound: a singer sings and sings into a valve, not only a dream, but It is the spirituality that evokes everything!

33. The dawn of the mountain village opened his eyes in the chicken cage. With the words "Where, what," - the sound of the rooster, the night, the night and the night, and the reluctant release of the hand, on the lips of the heavens and the earth, revealed a new world.

34. The fiery red sun finally broke through the entanglement of the white clouds, revealing half a smile. A few small white clouds in the sky, like jasmine flowers with gold edges, rushed out of the clouds. The morning yarn gradually shattered, lingering, hovering, like a light smoke rising, sprinkling the golden sun on the hillside, shining on the smiling face of the hardworking people.

35. The morning light is hovering over the emerging city. The orange eye of the waking sun has fallen on the top of the stilt building. The French sycamore tree on the road quietly stretches out the furry soft green palm. In the street garden, it seems that a group of babies are bathed in the night dew, which opens up a beautiful laugh. Soon, the flow of people, the flow of cars, boiling, squatting, and a hot air...

36. The dawn that was just born is like a tender red baby, trembled in this thick splash. The rising sun is draped with fierce wine, spreading an infinite amount of drunkenness to the vast sky of the fields.

37. Hey, the morning air is so good, I haven’t felt this for a long time!

38. Take a book and stroll through the park. By the side of the river, it is a glider of fishing; in the green bushes, there is infinite vitality.

39. The heavy skylight of Ink Blue is slowly withdrawing from the back. The beautiful blue morning dawn has just dyed the mountains and grasslands in the far east.

40. In the spring morning, the wind blows green grass. In the summer morning, drizzle dressed up as a flower. In the autumn morning, the sun shines on the fruit, and in the winter morning, the snow flickers.

41. The air is cool, the sun has not risen, houses, trees, lofts and terraces – everything is dragged with a long shadow, and there are many shady corners in the garden and in the yard that are thought-provoking and sleepy. .

42. In the early morning, the whole world is clear and bright, and the sun is gently sprayed on the earth through a faint fresh mist, and there is no pleasing feeling.

43. The flaming sun has brought a new day, and the colorful glow of the morning glow contains new hopes. The trees and mountains are filled with new vitality, and there is a new generation of people who have started a new day and forge ahead in the morning.

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