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Funny sentence 2019

1. I am not counting on the square, I can't tell you so much that you love to hear.

2. It’s not that the ending of the story is not good enough, but that we have too many demands on the story!

3. Flowers are often not the person who appreciates flowers, but belong to cow dung.

4. The difference between a lie and an oath is that one person who is listening is taken seriously, and one who is speaking is taken seriously.

5. It is not difficult to be single. It is difficult to deal with those who do everything possible to let you end single.

6. Sometimes, not the other person doesn't care about you, but you see the other person too heavy.

7. Even if you are believe, there is a lie hidden in the middle.

8. A true good friend is not a topic that can be talked about together, but together, even if you don’t speak, you won’t feel embarrassed.

9. The other half without 100 points, only two people with 50 points!

10. The person who is usually willing to stay and argue with you is the one who truly loves you!

11. There is no rehearsal in life, and it is broadcast live every day; not only is the audience rating low, but the salary is not high.

12. The problem that can be solved with money is not a problem, but the problem is that I am poor.

13. Only women and heroes are sad, but only their wives and work are hard to find.

14. After seeing me, you will suddenly find out - ah, the original handsome can be so specific!

15. Ask a colleague: "Have you bought PetroChina?" Colleague said: "Hey! You bought PetroChina. Your family bought PetroChina and bought Sinopec!"

16. At noon, I called two dishes in the cafeteria. The first one I shocked, "Is there any more dish in the world than this?" I ate the second one and cried. "I really have it."

17. When the mice are angry, everyone is sick.

18. If you are not old, you can use Huiren Kidney.

19. Listen to Jun's words and save me ten books!

20. Debuted at the age of 0, 10 years old every day. 20-year-old is a great ideal, and 30-year-old is struggling. 40-year-old basic orientation, 50-year-old everywhere to eat incense. At the age of 60, he played mahjong and at the age of 70 he wandered around. 80-year-old Lala home, 90 years old hanging on the wall!

21. Undressed, I am a beast, I am a cloaked animal when I put on my clothes!

22. "Dear, I... I am pregnant... three months, but you can rest assured that it is not yours, you are not responsible..."

23. You see, there are always so many things that make you sad: yin and yin, sorrow and joy, impotence and premature ejaculation. .

24. What unhappy things do you have? Say it out and make everyone happy.

25. A woman is sometimes like a walnut. As long as you can break the hard shell outside her, you will find how soft and fragile her heart is.

26. Women have a thousand reasons to do what they want to do, and there are thousands of reasons to stop men from doing what they want to do.

27. If you are a fish, then I am a hook, I want to catch you; if you are a hill, then I am a small river on the hillside, I want to go around you; if you are a glimpse, then I am a bowl Mutton soup, I want to soak you.

28. I like people who are "three hearts and two minds": I have love for me, I have confidence in me, I am responsible for me; I am creative and make me "satisfied"!

29. I thought that the bird could not fly over the Bohai Sea. I thought that the bird had no courage beyond the sea. After ten years, I discovered that it was not the bird that could not fly, but the head of the Bohai Sea. There was no waiting...

30. Five hundred years ago, you were a long-term worker of our family. I liked you when I peeked at the window of your wood cutting in the window that day. Don't blame me for not telling you at the time! Because there was no short message at that time!

31. I have recently been entrained in enzymes and suffocated, and strangers should not be close. Otherwise, they must drink water, pee, wet, and dry stools.

32. A heart that can't be finished, your uncle who is not enough.

33. Wearing Hengyuanxiang's sweater, carrying a melatonin gift box, holding three fine calcium citrate, licking Taiji succulent syrup, wherever people go to go - this is performance art.

34. The male worships Guanyin and the female worships the old man.

35. If you like someone, you will not have pain. Love a person, maybe a long pain, but the happiness he gave me is also the greatest happiness in the world.

36. I miss you, think of you, think of a painter, draw you, put you in a cup, drink water every day, kiss you, sample? I will burn you when I pour a cup of boiling water.

37. Because there is love, there will be expectations, so even if you are disappointed, it is also a kind of happiness, although this kind of happiness is a little painful.

38. There was a girl who said that she could wait for me to come to my next life. When I told her that I liked her, she turned and said to me: "Want to chase me? Wait for the next life!"

39. Children do not eat, picky eaters, not only digestive problems, it is very likely, it is lack of heart.

40. The long-term must be divided, the long-term must be combined; drinking will be crazy, every drink must drink

41. When the nurse saw a patient drinking in the ward, he walked over and whispered to him, “Be careful of the liver!” The patient smiled and said, “Little baby.”

42. The ghost had something to go out, afraid that someone had stolen the wine he had just called, so he wrote on the paper: I spit in the cup. After a while he came back and found a few more words on the note: I also spit!

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