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Hyun dance impression sentence alignment

1. There is no drop of rain under - - - and I can't stop thinking about you

2. Recall the most emotional you with the most beautiful years

3. Smile, rest assured, I will still make trouble with you tomorrow, hahahahaha

4. This heart is only the next one, _ thinking about you

5. If you get the world, you won’t be happy if you are not...

6. _Have you a tender feeling, _

7. . . Youth Dyed Years Sh1..

8. Gentlely subverts my soul 彡╱ ╱ Smile warms my world.

9. Let me lose my memory and disappear into your world.

10. ╲╳╱ 1 heart is only for the sake of the dream

11. Missing your heart, 'They are full of you'

12. The rat's sickle is full of streets to find a cat. (o

13. It is not a substitute for ゝ□. Different from othersゝ

14. ._. The most beautiful is not rainy days. But the eaves with you hiding from the rain

15. Lead gray broken clouds _. Casting light and shade alternately

16. The time when the thoughts blown away by the wind are rolled up

17. I like to use my tone ̅ | Sing the taste that belongs to you ̅

18. There is always a journey that makes you reluctant.

19. Don't feel too much in the age of innocence | Let everything be in full bloom.

20. ·╭¬❉you are my everythInG ╰———-

21. _Don’t let time fade away, miss _ don’t let distance break up

22. _ even lost everything. ┈ _ Do not lose your smile.

23. I still owe the Russian lingering

24. 沵 gentle smile, warm 珴旳x1n.

25. ⌒ ⌒ I like to look at the sky and think about the beauty of the renminbi.

26. Excited ◎ ┇┅ Open to 荼蘼 ◎

27. A bunch of smiles and a cluster of one person

28. I fell into tears and fell into one person.

29. ╭⌒ゝ _ ゙ 。 。. That moment

30. ╭⌒ゝ _ ゙ keep it. That moment ‖


42. Little heart filled with your little world around you

43. Oh, I care too much about others, I often hurt myself.

44. ┌┐ Happiness, not so easy ┌┐ 才会 will be particularly fascinating. ❤┛

45. I can’t forget it, it’s a memory.

46. ​​"Sadness, formatting" happiness is loading. . .

47. Beautiful memory, beautiful only, beautiful me and you

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