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Secret love sentence

1. I love you.... For your happiness, I am willing to give up everything -- including you.

2. I really like you, close your eyes and think that I can forget, but the tears that flow down have not fooled myself.

3. When the sky is raining, you can take an umbrella; if your heart is raining, what should you do?

4. I like you, like the wonderful white clouds in the middle of the night.

5. Wait, not for you to come back, but to find an excuse not to leave.

6. Many people are still just silently enjoying it. We don't have the courage to say it, but we are afraid that when we say it, we will be heartbroken.

7. If you are on the street, ask a hundred people: Do you like me? Then you can find someone who likes you.

8. Secret love is a solitary dance of a person, although he can't dance, but he has tasted the loneliness.

9. I can't forget to smile, and I can't get rid of memories.

10. There is a kind of loss that tells you that you don't have permission to access...

11. Even if the heart is overwhelming, it will pretend to be a light look.

12. I have rejected all the embarrassment of everyone, just to wait for an uncertain future for you.

13. I really hope that you are not careful, and like me like you like me.

14. Secret love is very hard, I hope I can vent it...

15. A crush on a person is when you suddenly see the oncoming TA, the kind of touch-inductor that is too late to be struck by lightning. Although you will be very calm, you will never know each other, and you will walk away from the TA with a high-profile and indifferent attitude, but it is difficult to conceal the nervousness, shame and anxiety in your heart. I have been following you, in any way you know or don't know.

16. Secret love is too tired, for a favorite person to pay quietly, even if there is no return, know that she loves others, but still pay for her.

17. I don't ask you to understand, I am in a mood of thousands of mountains.

18. Unknowing love, let prophecy speculation, joy, joy, jealousy, sorrow, every second of life, unconsciously, has become a poet.

19. It’s easy to give up, I know that I’ve been bothering him now, I don’t want to. Seeing that he is now absent-minded, I am also very distressed. He said that he knows that I cry for him again and again. He feels guilty. In fact, he doesn't have to be guilty. It is a very happy thing to have a heart that likes others. Just as the song sings, thank you for letting me love you.

20. There are many people who can be happy, but only one person who loves one life. I believe that the person I love will accompany me. Will you accompany me?

21. I fell in love with you quietly, but I only dare to hide this feeling in my heart, even if I am a friend, as long as you are happy.

22. I saw that the world is beautiful and the sun is shining; I can’t see it, the sky is dark and the life is lost.

23. The beauty of youth lies in not knowing the truth of the matter.

24. Imperfections are the ending of the most enduring feelings.

25. Far away, you are like a kite, letting you fly with your heart, the thread is on you, and it is in my hand. Maybe the thin line will break when the wind rises, but there will always be a long or short period, just like you used to tie you and tie me.

26. In my heart, you are the best, and you are angry. I am the most uncomfortable. I don’t want to talk about the newsletter. I hope that you will be sad again. I promise you that I will not be there next time. May you forgive my heart and be angry with me. The thickest, you don't forgive me for being uncomfortable.

27. Life has you, warm and romantic; work has you, full of fighting spirit; now with you, sweet and sturdy; the future has you, happiness 憧憬; life has you, life is enough. 2013.1.4, I love you forever!

28. You are the most beautiful in my eyes, and every smile makes me intoxicated. Your bad, your good, your mouth when you lose your temper. You are the most beautiful in my heart, only the ones who love each other can best understand.

29. I am a star, you are a meteor. You are destined to go, I am destined to keep it. Can't change, you will never change in my heart. Can only expect, next time, happy shoulders.

30. The whole meaning of my life to the present is to say to you at this moment, I love you, I will always guard you behind you.

31. You have to take care of yourself in the distance, don't catch a runny nose, and occasionally you can sneeze a few times. That means I am thinking of you~!~!

32. It is not a word, it is a thought, you can read it; it is not a punctuation, it is a deep feeling, and the words are slanted; the statement is awkward, with a lot of knots, only you can solve it. With your reply, my heart will be put down!

33. You ask me how much I love you, my thoughts are extended; you ask me how deep I love you, and my care is still true. Forgive me for the mistakes I made at the moment, no matter how long the time has passed, your face is still in my heart. May we walk through this red dust happily.

34. Don't waste your time on those who don't want to spend time with you.

35. The cup of water is getting cold and it is in the hand. The time of Fang Xiao’s night is so fast. It will not be long before I find that many things have not been done.

36. Shenzhou rises, the country prospers; the mountains and rivers are magnificent, the years are long; the mountains are not old, the motherland is always spring! On this National Day, I wish our great motherland will prosper forever, and wish good luck and health with you forever!

37. You are a seabird flying freely. I am an insignificant island. Tired, you can rest at me; hungry, you can find what you need here. In fact, apart from you, I don't want to!

38. The gift to be sent, the friendship to be expressed is fast, the happiness to be pursued as soon as possible, the happiness to be cherished, the love to be hoped for, the true love to be guarded, the love and warmth to be retained, and the happiness to be grasped every day. 2012 is the end point, happiness is no regrets.

39. I have planted 999 roses for you, each one is so bright, exudes a refreshing fragrance, roses are intoxicating, people are drunk, she drives me for you but is drunk for you. She thanked me, but my heart was more drunk!

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