Inspirational song

College entrance examination inspirational songs

College entrance examination inspirational songs

1. "On the Road" Liu Huan
2, "Never say give up" stars
3, "I am strong for me" 2019 high hit rate inspirational songs
4, CCTV "Fortune Life" broadcast version of the ending
5, "My Stage" 2019 fast male Chen Xiang, Wu Yi, Li Wei and other 13 strong record songs
6. In 2007, "My Most Shiny", which was performed by the Fastman Thirteen, is particularly masculine.
7. "Young Battlefield" sung by the Fast Seven in 2008
8, "Youth Bloom" Chen Xiaodong
9, "Want to sing and sing" Zhang Hanyun
10, "Broad Broad Sky" letter band
11, "The original dream" Fan Yiqi
12, "Invisible Wings" Zhang Yihan
13, "Never retreat" Ren Xianqi
14, "We have fish here" You Hongming
15, "Aspirations in my chest", "Don't think that you are useless" Jackie Chan
16, "Snail" Jay Chou

17. "Sunshine is always after the storm"
18, "The Year", "Blue Lotus" Xu Wei
19, "Salted Fish", "Stubborn", "contentment" Mayday
20, "Steel Man" Wu Yi
21, "I am a little bird" Ren Xianqi
22, "Red Day" Li Keqin
23, "believe in yourself" zero band
24, "Youth Album" can be a kid
25, "Too Youth"
26. "Sailor" Zheng Zhihua
27. "Youth China" "Like You" Li Yuchun
28, "The Fire of the Stars"
29, "Youth Dreams"
30, "Running" Huang Zheng

31. "Looking at the Starry Sky" "The Most Beautiful Sun" Zhang Jie
32. "Going Together" Stefanie Sun
33, "My Pride" stars
34, "My future is not a dream" stars
35, "Glory" bobo
36. "Poor student" Li Yuchun
37, "I am really good" stars
38. "Yugong Yishan" Jiang Tao
39. "Men's self-improvement" Jackie Chan
40, "Everyoneisno1", "Today" Andy Lau
41, "We are all the same" Zhang Jie
42. "Wind and rain" Zhou Huajian
43. "Dream in Hope" and "Your Love" Zhou Bichang
44. "The pay is not necessarily recovered" Zheng Yuan
45. "Re-starting from the beginning" Liu Huan
46, "The Life of the Bloom" Wang Feng

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