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Bing Xin’s famous words

1. The bigger the waves, the meteorites that are condensed, the more happy they are in the silence.

2. Lights! Thank you for suddenly disappearing and thinking for me in the unthinking writing.

3. My friend! If you are serious, don’t leave the pearls in your heart in the sea that is difficult to rise.

4. Father! How do I love you and how to love your sea?

5. Home, I don’t know, but I’m bored, all the sorrows are melted and eliminated.

6. I thought that I could only take my heart and just took the pen and went to the fun.

7. The heartbeat is rushing backwards, and the youth’s boredom is in the whirlpool of communication.

8. Smart people! Text is empty words are hypocritical. You have to guide your friends only in the behavior you naturally reveal!

9. The water of the sea is not warm and the arrogant heart cannot be softened.

10. The cloud shadow of the film is also like a piecemeal thought. However, it is difficult to write the book of memory.

11. Step by step to help away - how is the semi-hidden cyan peak so high?

12. Silence is filled with the triumph of the winner!

13. The sunset on the red wall and the grass! Going faster, you have made many young people grow old!

14. The poet! The treasures are precious! The boredom of all beings wants you to comfort.

15. Is there only one person in the mountain independent universe?

16. Pioneer! You have to open up the future for all beings!

17. As long as a person loves his country and has a patriotic heart, everything can be solved. What kind of suffering, what grievances can be endured.

18. The flower of success, people often admire its current bright, but at the beginning, its buds are soaked in the tears of struggle, full of blood rain of sacrifice.

19. Life begins at the age of eighty.

20. Visitors don’t know what spring is, just picking up children.

21. With love, everything is there.

22. If there is no woman in the world, the world must at least reduce the truth of five tenths, the good of six tenths, and the beauty of seven tenths.

23. If life is boring, I am afraid that there will be an afterlife. If life is interesting, this life is already satisfied.

24. Read a good book, read a good book, and read a book.

25. The world is full of light and love, waiting for the youth to find it themselves, not to go that tragic path!

26. May you have enough clouds in your life to create a beautiful sunset.

27. "With love, everything is there."

28. However, at the beginning, its buds were soaked in the tears of struggle, full of blood rain of sacrifice.

29. The cultivated flowers are driven through in silence, and the fruit of success is to be strong in the light.

30. The flower in the corner! When you are alone, the world is small.

31. If life is boring, I am afraid of having an afterlife, if life is interesting. I am satisfied in this life.

32. Childhood! It’s a dream. It’s a real dream. It’s a tearful smile when you recall.

33. Love is on the right, sympathy is on the left, walking on both sides of the road of life, sowing seeds at any time, flowering at any time, this path is long-distance, dotted with seasonal flowers, so that pedestrians wearing branches and leaves, stepping on thorns, do not feel Pain, tears can fall, not sadness.

34. Point me, my friend! I am a swallow in the cross-sea, looking for a nest of water.

35. What is "home", I don't know; but boredom--sorrow, it is melted and eliminated here.

36. May your life have enough clouds to create a beautiful sunset.

37. Truth, in the silence of babies, is not in the debate of wise men.

38. True sympathy is not in the happy period of sorrow

39. Friendship is a meditation and a stimulant; friendship is an oasis in the desert of the lighthouse in the sea.

40. Love is a purity, a friend is a breadth, and family is a thickness."

41. If there is no woman in the world, the world must lose at least five tenths of true, six tenths of goodness, seven tenths of beauty.

42. If life is boring, I am afraid that there will be an afterlife. If life is interesting, this life is already satisfied.

43. We want to thank life. In pain, we also want to thank life, because happiness, excitement, and pain are not beautiful?

44. Thousands of angels, to rise up and sing children; children! His small body, with a great soul

45. The crown is a temporary glory and a permanent bondage.

46. ​​Young people! Believe in yourself! Only you are real, and only you can create yourself.

47. Study well, read a good book, read a good book, "With love, everything will be there."

48. Entertainment is at least as valuable as work, or entertainment is part of the job.

49. Real entertainment takes place in response to real work requirements.

50. What is the description of darkness? The depth of the soul is at the rest of the universe in the depths of the bright light.

51. The residual flowers are dotted on the branches and the birds flew away. The redness of Satan - is life like this?

52. Where is the infinite mystery looking for it? Before the speech, the words are infinite mystery.

53. Young people! Carefully describe your current picture for later memories.

54. My heart is like a sea through the undulating time.

55. The flowering branch of happiness seeks to pay the perfect person in the hands of the God of destiny.

56. The high mountains and the deep seas - the cold heart is the warm tears of the poor people!

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