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Deaf people jingle 2019

1. Eat milk, drink bread, carry the train on the leather bag, go down the bag and go south, see a person biting the dog, pick up the dog to cut the stone, the stone bite the dog!

2. Little donkey goes to the market to buy a hot pepper. When the pear is bitten, it’s screaming.

3. The minibus dog, wearing a bell, swaying to the set, want to eat peaches and hair, want to eat apricots and sour, eat a chestnut noodles.

4. Bitter cauliflower, only sprout, 俺 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐To be a daughter-in-law, red silk pants, green trim, Wang Auntie to send rice, a big fan in the waist, one step fan, the fan's ass smoked blue smoke...

5. Small rivers are smashing ~ Children sleep like frogs, Guier 呱 呱 呱 呱 呱 呱 呱 呱 呱 呱 睡觉 睡觉 睡觉 睡觉 睡觉 睡觉 睡觉!

6. One meter two meters three, three invitations three, riding a red horse, crossing the south of the Yangtze River, three red flags, liberation of Taiwan ~

7. Study Li Xiangyang, resolutely not surrender, the enemy will catch me, I will jump on the cliff, the cliff will not work, I will drill the hole, the hole has explosives to kill the little 曰 曰~

8. High-heeled shoes, high-heeled socks, I call high-heeled children, 135, 246, high-heeled children are not at home, high-heeled children ask me something anecdote, I said socks are stabbed~

9. In the race, the little river is simmering. My sister and I picked cotton. My sister picked a lot. I picked a small one. My sister got a big red flower. I got a rag doll. Three years old.

10. The doll wears red shoes and twists and turns to go to school. The teacher suspects that she is young. She gives the teacher a dance, and the watch is not good. It’s so good, it’s amazing, it’s not up, come and come to school. Studying culture, painting and drawing pictures, drawing library, the museum can not control, with a fire, fire and locomotive, head and nose! Big nose, live in the building, a group of monkeys under the building, the monkey ran The building is falling, the big nose of the gas falls down~

11. The wolf came to the tiger. The old monk carried a drum and what the drums and drums cost.

12. The gate of the city gate is a few feet high, three feet and six feet high, riding a horse, carrying a big knife, and entering the city door cover.

14. One, two, cats smoke, the old man eats cigarettes, the butt will smoke.

15. Liu Hulan, fifteen years old, participated in the revolutionary guerrillas, the greatness of life, and the glory of death.

16. The eyes are big and small, and you have to see everything.

17. I am your father, how great, hard to raise you, if you don't listen to me, I will marry you.

22. Looking east, the hen lays eggs. Boil you to the North Railway Station.

23. Your wife, pointed and pointed, the car is coming and going.

24. You yell at me, I am not afraid, I am going to Beijing to find my dad, my dad has a big horn, blowing you a big face.

25. XXX's mother, Ma Daha, washing the feet of water, steaming sweet potatoes, steamed and noodles again, eating in the bed, being pulled in the nest, being farted in the nest, popcorn

26. Yesterday your family made a big water, your mother became a water turtle, your dad became a bird, flying all over the sky...

27. Shanxi's mountains, Shanxi's water, Shanxi's XX loves smug, gold hook nose and mouth, tiger eyes pig butt, plus a pair of Luo circle legs, to see you smelly and not smug.

28. There are life, no one raises, some people raise, no one teaches, some teach, no one heart, some heart, no one sex.

29. Your mother, the dominatrix, pick up the fork and fork everywhere; your father, Batman, flying up the sky to fly up; your wife, the cockerel, pick up the pole to poke; your father, fly swatter, kill the flies Not bleeding;

30. Hello, hello, you take a bath in the river, you are less fleshy.

31. People give you two pieces of sugar, you give people a house, the house has no lights, and the baba pit, you fight with Baba, almost no sacrifice!

32. You are handsome and handsome, with a nest of cabbage on your head, you want to eat a kelp.

33. Your mother's head, like a ball, kicks to the department store, the department store sells the ball, and sells your mother's head!

34. xx's fart, shaking the world, a fart collapsed in Italy, the king of Italy is watching the show, smelling this fart, very satisfied, sending troops will come together fart

35. The three-year-old child wears new shoes and carries a schoolbag on the small school. The teacher said that he is young and runs home with his bag. Run, run, run, go, get up, get up, get up, get up, come, go to school, learn, learn, learn culture; draw, draw, draw pictures; diagram, diagram, library; , tube, tube can not; holding, holding, fire; fire, fire, locomotive; head, head, your mother is a nest!

36. You hit me, I am not afraid, I went to Beijing to find my dad, my dad took a machine gun and shot three shots at your ass!

37. Your mother*, your mother, your mother died at the train station, the people of the country came to see, your mother is a yam egg!

38. The old five old five sells burnt soil, the trousers are rotten and no one makes up, make up one, five five, and the old five straight dance.

39. On the morning of the day, the snow fell, and the old man who picked up the rotten children lined up in a row. The captain commanded and rushed to the garbage dump.

40. The sun and the sky, the flowers smile at me, the bird said, it’s awful, why are you carrying the explosive pack?

41. I went to the school, I didn’t arrive late, I pulled the string, I ran, and the school exploded.

42. People give you two pieces of sugar, you give people a house, there is no light in the cottage, you lose the Baba pit, you fight with Baba, almost no sacrifice!

43. Big forehead, big forehead, rain, no blame, people, umbrella, you hit big forehead

44. You come to me, mink and smile, stole my two cents, my two cents, saved for eight hundred years, oh~~~ you really shameless

45. I was on the side of the road, picked up ten dollars, handed it to the hand of the popsicle, watched her hold the money, and gave me the head. I said happily: "Wife, find money!"

46. ​​I was on the side of the road, picked up a cigarette, handed it to an uncle, and the uncle took the cigarette and pointed it at me. I said happily: "Man, give money!"

47. Yesterday your family made a big water, your mother became a water turtle, your father became a bird, flying all over the sky...

48. As long as you live without me, die earlier than me, nothing can be done, all bad luck is around you; as long as you live without me, die earlier than me, everything is hard to come, always until old.

49. Rizhao oven rises purple smoke, watching the mutton string hanging in front of the ram, the ram is down three thousand feet, one pocket does not bring money.

50. Spring does not bathe, mosquito bites everywhere, big dogs in the night, no one can run.

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