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1. Once a teacher has lied to a student, he may have destroyed all his educational achievements. - French enlightenment thinker, philosopher, educator, writer Rousseau

2. Mr. should not teach books. His responsibility is to teach people to be human; students should not study exclusively. His responsibility is to learn the way of life. ——Educator Tao Xingzhi

3. There is no real education without self-education. Such a belief plays a major role in the creative work of our collective teachers. - Sukhulinski, a former Soviet educator

4. The teacher's love is drip nectar, even the withered heart can wake up; the teacher's love is a spring breeze, even if the frozen feelings will melt. —— Battle

5. “Good model and sincere language and sincere confession” refers to the influence of parents, teachers, classmates and others on children. - Czech educator Comenius

6. We accept three kinds of education, one from parents, one from teachers, and the other from society. The third kind of education runs counter to the first two. - French thinker, jurist Montesquieu

7. Teaching is not to teach. ...that is to say, let us be teachers to guide them so that they can learn by themselves, learn for a lifetime, and learn to be old. ——Ye Shengtao, writer and educator

8. Teachers are a living link between the past and the future. Its cause, on the surface, is one of the greatest undertakings in history, although it is rehabilitated. - 19th century Russian educator Ushinsky

9. The teacher does not say to the students what the students can say, do not do what the students can do for the students, and the students can explain the knowledge as much as possible for the students to speak. —— Wei Shusheng

10. For the students to do things, the faculty members should do the work together; the students should learn the knowledge, the faculty members should study together; the rules for the students should be kept, and the staff should be kept together. ——Educator Tao Xingzhi

11. The educator's personality, thoughts and beliefs and the wealth of his spiritual life are a force that can inspire each educated person to examine himself, reflect on himself and control himself. - Sukhulinski, a former Soviet educator

12. Teachers spend more time working and creating than a big river, relying on many small streams to nourish it. Teachers often read books, and the more knowledge they usually accumulate, the easier they are in class. - Sukhulinski, a former Soviet educator

13. Experienced teachers should always consider carefully when preparing lessons, how the knowledge they teach will be understood in the students' minds, and select teaching methods based on this. - Sukhulinski, a former Soviet educator

14. The teacher's true parenting performance is that the student can see from him a guide who guides them to climb the moral peak. From his words, he hears that he is calling on them to become loyal to faith and uncompromising evil thoughts. - Sukhulinski, a former Soviet educator

15. Fathers and mothers are educators like teachers. They are no less than teachers and are wise creators of humanity, because the wisdom of the Son extends from the roots of his parents when he has not yet been born into the world. - Sukhulinski, a former Soviet educator

16. Educators should have a deep understanding of the souls of those who are growing up... Only by continually studying the psychology of students throughout their educational careers and deepening their knowledge of psychology can they become the true masters of educational work. ——The famous words of the former Soviet educator Suhomlinski

17. This question has been difficult to understand in New Oriental for many years, until you joined the New Oriental. The old teachers said to me: Lao Luo, you can be a real cow! I quickly said: Don't say so, I just stood on the shoulders of giants! - Luo Yonghao, founder of

18. When the teacher understands that every student is a person with his own characteristics, his own ambition, his own wisdom and personality structure, such understanding can help teachers to love children and respect children. - Former Soviet educator and psychologist Zankov

19. You are not a comic actor, you are a teacher, you are a professor, your task is to educate people, you don't care if he is happy, he is happy. Your cross talk educates people to learn something. This is important. If he is not happy, he will not be happy, deserve it, die! ——Communication and film and television actor, TV talk show host Guo Degang

20. Advise young teachers and Young Pioneers counselors: Don't rush to punish students, think about what makes him guilty of this or that kind of fault. If you think about it for the children, then you can believe that they will correct their mistakes through their own efforts. - Sukhulinski, a former Soviet educator

21. The child's mind is sensitive, and it is open to accepting all good things. If the teacher induces the child to learn a good example and encourages to imitate all good behaviors, then all the shortcomings of the child will disappear without pain and trauma without feeling uncomfortable. ——The former Soviet educator Suhomlinski’s famous teacher

22. Teachers are an active and active member of the great institutions that overcome human ignorance and vices. They are intermediaries between all noble and great characters of the past history and a new generation, and are sacred to those who strive for truth and happiness. The storage of the legacy training, ... is a living link between the past and the future. - 19th century Russian educator Ushinsky

23. Let the children know and understand from an early age: every step of his life, every action will be reverberated by the spiritual life of the people around him - comrades, parents, teachers and "strangers". Only when he does not bring disaster to others, does not bully or disturb others, can he become a calm and happy person. - Sukhulinski, a former Soviet educator

24. The whole trick of educational skills is to capture this kind of self-motivation of children, this moral self-confidence. If the child does not seek advancement and does not know how to be self-sufficient, no educator can cultivate good qualities in him. But only in those places where the collective and the teacher first see the child's strengths, the child will be self-motivated. - Sukhulinski, a former Soviet educator

25. Thoughts are like Mars: one Mars will ignite another Mars. A well-thought-out teacher and class leader always strives to create an atmosphere of common love for science and desire for knowledge in the collective, making intellectual interest a clue, with a sincere and complex relationship—the interrelationship of the letter The students are connected together. - Sukhulinski, a former Soviet educator

26. There are two different tendencies to be prevented in education: one is to completely eliminate the boundaries between teaching and learning, and to deny the wrong tendency of the teacher's leading role; the other is to only discipline, not to ask students' interests, not to pay attention to the questions raised by students. Wrong tendency. The former tendency must be no plan, with life rolling; the latter tendency must instill students into roast ducks. ——Educator Tao Xingzhi

27. Thank you for appearing in my life, guiding me step by step, no return. And I only have deep gratitude and hard work to perfect myself to repay you! Thanks to every respectable teacher of my life, Na Ying, Wang Feng, Yu Chengqing, Yang Kun, and Liu Huan, who has no Weibo, and all the front and back of the program. Teachers, I wish you a happy holiday! Happy holidays with the teachers of the world! ——The Chinese good voice player Na Ying Tutor team is bright

28. Teachers often forget that character is first formed in the interaction of people. A great sense of obligation can only become a code of conduct when it can be vividly reflected in every step of life practice. In cultivating a future generation, we should first cultivate the purest and most humanitarian emotions in the personal sphere, that is, in the field of interrelationships that are generated and controlled by young people driven by conscience. - Sukhulinski, a former Soviet educator

29. In this world, we rarely talk to strangers. But here, as long as you have patience, you will hear that there are so many people: the peasant women who are seriously ill in the 50s who are still cultivating their families, who have written a thousand words for the reform of the medical system, and have not received wages. The teachers who stay with the children – they speak here, in the simplest way, with the integrity and purity that never change even in difficult encounters. —— CCTV program host and reporter Chai Jing

30. The simplest element of moral education is “love”, the child’s love for the mother and the positive love for the people. The foundation of this kind of moral education for children should be laid out in the family. Children's love for mothers is based on the mother's love for the baby and its satisfaction with the body's growth needs. Further consolidation and development of this element is subject to school education. Teachers should also have father-son love for children and melt the school into the big family. ——Swiss Educator

31. Teachers do not eat incense and family education is very hot. It can be seen that seeking knowledge is like falling in love. If you drag a few dozens, it is low-lying, and one-on-one is precious. The precious things are of course expensive, tens of dollars an hour, basically a price with a prostitute. The same is to make money, teachers are much more powerful than prostitutes. Prostitutes make money because prostitutes give each other happiness; while teachers give each other pain, but still collect money, this is the greatness of tutoring. - Racer, writer, Time magazine, the world's most influential 100 people Han Han

32. When we study, it is someone else who replaces our thoughts. We only repeat the process of his thought activities. Just like when children start enlightenment, they use pens to draw the gourds according to the strokes written by the teacher with pencils. Our thought activities are exempted from a large part of the book. Therefore, we will feel relaxed when we read the book without thinking about it. However, when we are reading, our minds actually become the playground for other people's thoughts. Therefore, the more people who read, or who are immersed in reading all day, can use their recuperation spirit, but their thinking ability will gradually be lost. This is like walking people who often ride horses must have poor walking ability. The reason is the same. - German philosopher Schopenhauer

33. If it is simple or bad, or it is extremely good, it is a pity, this is the most complicated era of human nature. While holding a red envelope, the doctor performed multiple operations in succession and finally fell on the operating table. The teacher squandered the students and resolutely tried the education. On the other hand, he refused to pay attention to his children for many years, and he was bent on his work. Officials, maybe one side is corrupt in corruption, the other side is not even on weekends, and the business is doing well. It is no wonder that sometimes the people say, "I am not afraid of your greed, I am afraid that you are not clerk!" In fact, speaking We ourselves, fear it is the same. Half of the sea is half flame, one side is falling and one is rising, who is not struggling? Right, wrong, how to evaluate? Good, bad, how to evaluate? Shore, where? —— CCTV program host, news commentator Bai Yansong where is it"

34. I thought of a former Chinese language teacher who was a woman. She just graduated from Normal University and was the youngest teacher in our school. She gave me a deep impression. She remembered that she said no during the first class. Encourage us to read the language documents, and then tell us about Gao Xiaosong - the one who made the campus songs. In the first class, she sang "No regrets for youth", saying that we should not be satisfied with the useless things of death within the exam, and enrich ourselves outside the exam, so that we can have no regrets. Then she recommended us to Whitman's book, Xiaolin Duoxi's book, and a book about knowledge economy, as well as "digital survival", um - many books, and took us to the library. However, she later transferred, because the language of our class is the last one in the whole year, with high ability and poor performance. Later, the principal said that she was not suitable for teachers' work. The educational methods were inconsistent with the current education. Indulging students did not eat through the textbooks and realized what kind of meaning center. Later, when she left, she succumbed to crying, saying that education was really impossible, and then sang "No regrets for youth". In fact, the current education in China is not a problem of teachers and schools at all, it is a systemic problem. Until now, when I heard "No regrets in youth", I remembered the teacher, really. - Racer, writer, Time magazine, the world's most influential 100 people Han Han "Triple Door" Teacher's famous words

35. The only source of respect for the teacher’s respect for the teacher lies in the teacher’s virtue and talent. - American German Jewish, physicist Einstein

36. Whoever you should be a student, who you should be. - Russian writer Chernyshevsky

37. A bad teacher delivers truth, and a good teacher teaches people to discover truth. - German educator Di Stowe

38. I think that a good husband is not teaching, not teaching students, but teaching students. ——Ye Shengtao, writer and educator

39. A teacher without any characteristics, the students he teaches will not have any special features. - Sukhulinski, a former Soviet educator

40. In the hands of teachers, the fate of the young people is the fate of the nation and mankind. ——Educator Tao Xingzhi

41. It is impossible for a brilliant teacher to turn a natural idiot into a thinker. - German philosopher Schopenhauer

42. The attention and love of educators will leave an indelible impression on the minds of students. - Sukhulinski, a former Soviet educator

43. Teachers must never comment on certain students and teachers in the face of their children. - Sukhulinski, a former Soviet educator

44. Only when the collective and the teacher first see the merits of the student can the student be motivated. - Sukhulinski, a former Soviet educator

45. I believe that for all, only love is the best teacher, and it is far better than a sense of responsibility. - American German Jewish, physicist Einstein

46. ​​The personality of a teacher is everything that an educator has. Only a healthy mind has a healthy behavior. - 19th century Russian educator Ushinsky

47. There is no more difficult art than life, because other arts or learning have teachers everywhere. ——Ancient Roman politician and philosopher Seneca

48. Wherever teachers lack love, neither character nor wisdom can develop fully or freely. - French enlightenment thinker, philosopher, educator, writer Rousseau

49. Life is the school. There, rather than saying that a good teacher is happy, it is better to say that a good teacher is unfortunate. - German musician Haibel

50. The pursuit of beauty and loftyness is the nature of children, and this has opened up vast horizons for teachers and parents. - Russian novelist, dramatist Chekhov

51. Maintaining and nurturing each student’s self-esteem depends on how the teacher views the student’s individual academic performance. - Sukhulinski, a former Soviet educator

52. Remember that you are not only a teacher of the class, but also an educator of the student, a mentor of life and a guide for morality. - Sukhulinski, a former Soviet educator

53. The personal example of the teacher is the most useful sunshine for the minds of young people that cannot be replaced by anything. - 19th century Russian educator Ushinsky

54. The position of the teacher is 'Thousands of Education, Teaching and Seeking Truth'; the position of the student is 'Thousands of Learning, Learning to Be a Real Person'. ——Educator Tao Xingzhi

55. Although the teacher is the most glorious profession under the sun, but there is no drama under the moonlight! The living environment determines everything. - Racer, writer, Time magazine, the world's most influential 100 people Han Han "Triple Door"

56. Teachers must have a healthy body, the skills of the peasant, the scientific mind, the interest of art, and the spirit of reforming society. ——Educator Tao Xingzhi

57. A good mother is worth a hundred teachers. —— George Herbert

58. The teacher is also a teacher who teaches things to be a virtue. ——Western Han Scholar Dai Sheng’s Book of Rites

59. After I went to New Oriental, I dismissed many old teachers. —— Luo Yonghao, founder of

60. The prestige of teachers is first established in the sense of responsibility. - Former Soviet educator, writer Makalenko

61. The award-winning academic civilization is the most popular. ——Cai Yuanpei, a famous democratic revolutionary and educator in China's modern times

62. The writer is a teacher and he is the place where people should go. - Former Soviet writer and educator Lunacharski

63. The profession of teachers is the most brilliant occupation under the sun. - Czech educator Comenius

64. Love for children is the most important thing in the life of teachers. - Sukhulinski, a former Soviet educator

65. Experience is an excellent teacher, but his repairs are expensive. —— Mina Antrim

66. Teachers are taught, not in full discretion, but in camera induction. ——Ye Shengtao, writer and educator

67. Customs are female teachers who are rude and disappointing. - French late Renaissance thinker Montaigne

68. Doctrine should make people fall in love with the teachings, not the teachers. - British Renaissance writer, philosopher Bacon

69. The teacher is always the true spokesperson of God, the guide of the real kingdom of heaven. ——Dewey, a famous American philosopher and educator

70. Parents are children's enlightenment teachers, and children are a mirror of the mother. —— Li Xiaoyun

71. A good teacher is a person who understands psychology and education. - Sukhulinski, a former Soviet educator

72. The school requires teachers to become an artist in his own work. - American German Jewish, physicist Einstein

73. History is the teacher of life. ——Italian historian and philosopher Croce

74. The foundation of the school, only the teacher. ——The champion of the late Qing Dynasty, a modern Chinese industrialist, politician, and educator

75. Literature is a family teacher in society. - Russian philosopher Belinsky

76. The book of good is teaching, and the teaching is in the teacher. ——Li Song, a philosopher, thinker, educator and reformer of the Northern Song Dynasty

77. The teacher is the soul engineer of human beings. —— Stalin

78. The teacher, so the evangelism is also confusing. ——Han Yu, a writer of the Tang Dynasty

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