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Co-examination inspirational quotes

1. People sometimes want to force themselves. We need a powerful energy from ourselves to push ourselves to a new level.

2. Step by step, squatting a thousand miles away.

3. Don't ask for the harvest, but ask for the work!

4. Healthy body is the foundation, good study style is the condition, hard work is the premise, learning method is the key, psychological quality is the guarantee.

5. Self-confidence is the cohesion of endless wisdom. Plain, it is the station on the road to success.

6. Always want to win and lose, not afraid of losing.

7. The third year is a period of collective fighting and personal achievement.

8. A high-level group has a high standard of individuality.

9. Faster, higher, and stronger. The lead is the gold medal.

10. The entrance examination is a comprehensive examination than knowledge, ability, psychology, confidence, and physical strength.

11. "Speaking efficiency" has two meanings: one is not to do whatever it takes, and the other is to save time and effort. Fast action is about efficiency; organized is about efficiency; concentration is about efficiency; planning is also about efficiency. 31. To solve my own problems, this is a real truth. To face up to my own problems and try to solve them, this is a shortcut to success. Whoever can collapse his heart to focus on a small loophole, a small obstacle, who took a big step first.

12. The plan should be fine, it should be done early, and the implementation must be accurate. The plan is consistent with goals and actions.

13. The hardest question, for you, is not necessarily the last one.

14. Ask questions that you will do: Be careful; encounter problems that you will not do: calm.

15. Make the easy questions right and the puzzles will become easier.

16. Do not ask for problems, first ask for low-end questions.

17. Jingwu: A comprehensive review of “carpet bombing”; lack of trapping: “precise guidance”.

18. Notes should be easy to read. Always look at it. This is another textbook. 39. The significance of simulation is how to go on.

19. One month before the test is a sprint. Raise the soldiers for a thousand days and use the soldiers for a while.

20. Don't feel inferior, you are not stupid than others. Don't be complacent, others are not stupid than you.

21. Just ask for “less points”, not to say “high scores”!

22. Do three different questions each time. The first time: comment time; the second time: one week later; the third time: before the exam.

23. The secret of the high score of the joint test is to lose points!

24. Write 5 words 5 minutes a day.

25. Four points of knowledge, wisdom, three heart and thin tolerance, 20% test method, a normal heart.

26. Motivated without stress, nervous and not anxious, quickly and without confusion.

27. To put it bluntly, it is not difficult to improve your performance. It depends on whether you are willing to work hard to accumulate more.

28. It is not our cleverness to practice cheating. It should be the principle of our study and the principle of our being a human being. The foundation of this is to believe in yourself, not only to believe in your existing strength, but also to believe in the progress you can make through hard work.

29. The entrance exam is a labor-saving lever to achieve life. At this time, it is the best time for you to shake it, and your life will rise in an arc.

30. Open the door to the success of the entrance exam, the key is three. One: the spirit of diligence; the second: the scientific method; the third: a good attitude.

31. Try it and you can win if you fight.

32. There is often only a small step between a saint and an ordinary person, and this small step often requires extraordinary perseverance to catch up.

33. One point of cultivation, one point of harvest, not necessarily; nine points of cultivation, there will be harvest, certainly!

34. The day is strict and the joint test is calm.

35. Never forgive yourself with carelessness as an excuse.

36. The practice is the entrance exam, and the entrance exam is the practice.

37. Striving for time is about striving for success, and improving efficiency means increasing scores.

38. Beyond yourself, challenge yourself, challenge the weak, challenge the lazy, and challenge the bad habits.

39. Adjust the excitement period and learn a wave of high waves.

40. The results of the simulation must not become a burden and become a shadow.

41. The closer you are to the exam, the more you have to work harder.

42. There are no people in the world who are not suitable for learning, but some people have not found a suitable learning method.

43. Determining the joint entrance exam and changing the fate. Repeated and frustrated, laughing and arrogant.

44. Laughing at the height of life, only the hardships are more than positive.

45. Having knowledge changes fate and has an ideal change attitude.

46. ​​What kind of person do you want, what kind of person you are; what kind of person you want to be, you will not be too far from this goal.

47. Don't shy away from being a simple and embarrassing question. In fact, it is very important to you. In fact, it is also an amazing problem for others.

48. Competing for the second place, reviewing hard work, earning hardships and making great achievements, and “climbing and folding, and who are you?”

49. Paying attention to the foundation is the foundation of success. Perseverance is the guarantee of victory. 31. Spiritual achievement, attitude determines everything.

50. Spiritual adult, knowledgeable, and fulfilling attitude

51. The mountain is not afraid to climb, the depth of the water is not tired, the learning is not tired: pursuit!

52. Forget the time, forget things, forget me.

53. Honest, simple, and practical.

54. Efforts to build strength and attitudes determine height.

55. Three years of hard work, a happy life.

56. Float and fly, the road is at the foot.

57. How can I see the rainbow without the wind and rain?

58. I am confident, I am outstanding: I am fighting, I am successful!

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