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Taizai’s famous sayings

1. “It’s contemptuous but they are going to each other and working together – this is the true face of the so-called “friends” in the world.”

2. Repeat the same thing day by day, following the same convention as yesterday. If you can avoid the violent ecstasy, there will naturally be no grief.

3. In the morning, I woke up and rolled out of bed, and turned into the original ignorant, camouflage funny character. The coward is even afraid of happiness, and when it comes to cotton, it will be hurt, and sometimes it will be hurt by happiness. I am still not hurt, I want to go all the way. I released the usual funny smoke bomb.

4. I pretend to be a liar, and people say that I am a liar. I am full, everyone thinks that I am wide. I pretended to be indifferent, everyone said that I was a ruthless guy. However, when I was really miserable, I couldn’t help but feel that I was sick. I want to go with people who don't want to be respected. However, such a good person is not willing to work with me.

5. People, obviously don't know each other at all, look at each other wrongly, but treat each other as unique friends. They don't understand each other's true feelings in their lives. When they go to the other side, they must cry and swear.

6. Because I am more like an ugly monster, although I really want to live like a normal person, society has always regarded me as a monster.

7. The so-called world, isn't it you?

8. The most beautiful thing in the world today is the victim.

9. No one can be happy when they are blamed and reprimanded by others, but I see the more terrifying animal nature than the lions, crocodiles, and dragons from the angry anger of people. Usually they hide these natures, but once they find the opportunity, they will be like the gentle cows on the grassland, suddenly swaying their tails and killing the calves on their stomachs.

10. The coward will be afraid even if he is happy. He will be injured when he encounters cotton, and something will be hurt by happiness.

11. Liars are dozens of times more painful than deceived people. Because he wants to fall into hell

12. When you are happy, create a poem of despair; when life is not good, write the joy of birth.

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