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Sad love sentence 2019

1. Who has never suffered for that crush? We always think that the infatuation is heavy and heavy, and it is the heaviest weight in the world. One day, when we looked back, we discovered that it has always been very light and light.

2. There is no problem with a naive person and a naive person. There is no problem with a mature person and a mature person. Mature people and naive people have more problems together.

3. Before meeting a dreamer, God may arrange for us to meet others first; we should be grateful when we finally meet the person.

4. Self-esteem is thrown into the corner, all the good, you still sink

5. Before the age of 25, remember that love is usually fake or not as pure and forever as you might think. If you are 25 years old, then you should understand this.

6. Love is like a glass of milk, fragrantly floating outside, sweetly floating on the surface, sour and soaked in it, sinking hard underneath, vaguely reflecting you inside.

7. Silence is not simply a blind talk, a person who can't live without it is easy to fail, and a timely silence is a kind of wisdom, a skill, and an attitude of strength.

8. I knew how to protect myself from an early age. I know that the best way to avoid being rejected is to reject others first.

9. It is harder to give up a person than to love someone, but it is even harder to forget him completely.

10. Being alone is no one in your heart! Loneliness is someone in your heart but not around.

11. If you shed tears, it is my heart that is wet first.

12. A good man is more and more fascinated by this profound book. The good woman is the more mellow the spring is. A man is a car, not only will it be open but also repaired; a woman is a cup of tea, not only will it be drink but also a product.

13. Falling flowers have the heart to flow with the water.

14. You have your sufferings, we have our sufferings, you have your blessings, and we have our blessings. Don't think that you are unfortunate, and don't think that others are happy. Each person's life is different, and each person's path is different.

15. I would like to ask someone who is knowledgeable and helpful to explain to me, what is love? Although I can't tell, but I can feel that love is like me now to you? Do you feel it?

16. If you can change your life in my life, I will not keep it.

17. Affection is a burden that I can't afford, and love is just a lie that happens by chance.

18. When you fall out of love, there are only 2 possibilities, or you love her, she doesn't love you, or vice versa. Then, when the person you love no longer loves you, or never loves you. You have no regrets, because what you lose is just a person who does not love you.

19. The love of the prince and princess is not realistic enough. The love of money and fame and fortune will not last. Only the love in the depths of the heart is the love of ordinary people—a look, a smile, a kiss.

20. I know that someone in the world is waiting for me, but I don't know who I am waiting for. For this, I am very happy every day.

21. Ruthlessness does not seem to be a bitter, and an inch is still a million. When there is a poor corner in the world, there is only endless love!

22. If I can't give happiness to someone I love, I will never get married in my life. I will give her a happy life. If I can't give it, I won't marry her. I will let another person who is better than me marry her. I will give you happiness for a lifetime, believe me!

23. An unacceptable love requires not sadness, but time, a time that can be used for forgetting. A deeply hurt heart needs not sympathy but understanding.

24. At least once in a lifetime, forget about yourself for someone, not asking for results, not asking for peers, not asking for possession, or even asking you to love me.

25. Because of the breakup, from now on, I greet you, only with the tone of a friend, or a little strong; I hold your hand, only holding a courtesy time, or a little longer.

26. Sometimes, love is also a kind of harm. Cruel people choose to hurt others, kind people, choose to hurt themselves.

27. How much is the difference between the two in the world? - Chen Hengyi, "The Wings of the Spring Festival"

28. Acacia said at the end of the tree, Acacia did not know. - Liang Qichao's "Taiw Zhuzhi Ci"

29. Since the death of the monarch, the mirror is dark. Thinking of the king is like running water, why is it poor? -Xu Gan "room thinking"

30. Seeing each other is inconspicuous, and it seems ruthless. - Sima Guang, "Xi Jiang Yue"

31. Falling red is not a ruthless thing, turning it into a spring mud to protect flowers. - Gong Zizhen, "Hei Hai Miscellaneous Poems"

32. It’s not old, it’s hard to beat. Heart like dual screen, there Chien knot. - Zhang Xian, "Qianqiu"

33. It seems that this star is not last night, for whom the wind is in the middle. - Huang Jingren's "Two Poems of the Poetry"

34. The beast furnace sinks the water and smoke, and the flowers of the green grass are written in a row. - Zhang Kejiu "Sai Hongqiu"

35. I will not think about each other in my life, but I will love each other. - Xu Zai Si, "The Gui Gui Ling"

36. One inch of lovesickness, there is no arrangement in the world. - Li Guan's "Butterfly Love Flower" Love Poems

37. It’s no good to have a straight love, but it’s not crazy. - Li Shangyin's "No Titles, Six Firsts"

38. I know that I am in love and look at the sound of Jiangtou River. - Li Shangyin's "Qu Qiu Du You Qu Jiang"

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