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Injured sentence

1. Leave me alone waiting in the same place, but I can't see you anymore.

2. Most of the things that have been waiting for too long are not what you wanted to be.

3. It is my right to love someone. It is my choice to hate someone.

4. I like the word that is not punctuated for a long period of time. It feels like I am not breathing on love.

5. Don't refuse to say the beautiful vows because you may change; don't dare to ask for a sympathetic encounter because you may be separated.

6. - I admire myself for joking about the terrible past if nothing happens.

7. The seven things that are most afraid: lies, deception, hypocrisy, excuses, betray, leave, perfunctory.

8. What I can give you may be insignificant. Have you ever thought that it is all of mine.

9. The things that have been recovered will not return to their original appearance. Even if they are good, they will never forget that they have lost some time.

10. Sometimes, success is only one step away, and you give up. Sometimes, you should give up, but you are extremely persistent.

11. When I need to be sweet, I don’t need to be cold when I need it, as if I have never left a trace in your life.

12. We will go further and further until we are strangers to each other. But I will still love you.

13. If we lose sight of it, will you have a pity?

14. You won't know how much people care about you in the back.

15. Everyone has the power to decide the happiness of others. Just as I fell in love with you, you can choose to fall in love with me or not love me.

16. In fact, I am very clear that I can't forget it, but I still force myself to forget.

17. People who once saw us experiencing death and death, now see a tragedy.

18. The world is too big to meet you, the world is too small or you are lost.

19. I don't cry, I don't make trouble, let's let each other go, stay a little hard, say goodbye and hug.

20. Walking on the cold streets, the dim light of the street shines on the body.

21. After the curtain fell, the next step, the clothes were changed, and after the makeup was removed, it became so unbearable.

22. She is used to loneliness, or that she is more comfortable when she is alone.

23. I gently closed the door and hid the scars in the corner.

24. Sometimes, the meaning of a song exists only to remind us of a person who is about to be forgotten.

25. I am afraid that everyone will disappear in various ways, and I am afraid of all kinds of loss.

26. I miss your night, I hope you can stay with me.

27. I want to hug you, only in my dreams.

28. You can't measure the distance from me. After all, no one is approaching.

29. In fact, when you are alone, you will know that the world is cold and no one is embarrassed.

30. Everyone’s heart will be filled with the sadness and helplessness that they do not want to say.

31. The important sign of falling in love with someone is that you are sorry for any beauty, why you are not around.

32. The most beautiful love story in the world is not “I love you”, not “together”, but when I am most vulnerable, you say, “I am there!”.

33. I like the feeling of nothing. It makes me clean like a person who has been dead for many years.

34. You personally push the people around you and say that you are afraid of loneliness.

35. I have been sorry for how many people I have told you. I am still alone in the end.

36. The feeling of warm heart is that I sent you a message in the middle of the night saying, I miss you. I will come back and say, I miss you too.

37. Love always makes people cry and makes people feel unsatisfied. The sky is big but they can't see the loneliness.

38. You are turning into a song in my lonely years.

39. You are unscrupulous, I am still alone in the corner to heal you.

40. I am lonely and lonely, no one should comfort me at this time.

41. I will ignore him when I abandon and return. Because he can't give me a complete heart anymore.

42. He is the most visible injury in your heart after his name is broken up in the most conspicuous place on the table.

43. Friendship can be further for love, but a step back in love may not be restored to friendship.

44. Don't comfort me when you leave me, know that every sewing will also suffer from puncture pain.

45. I know that you are leaving to reunite with your favorite one.

46. ​​It can be seen that the past has gradually faded away, it is difficult to reach, and the pursuit is pale and powerless.

47. Sometimes, the reason for falling in love with a person is also the reason for leaving someone.

48. I began to wonder how badly I was, why I liked it, and finally it was too far away.

49. When you are covered with thorns, I hug you and I smooth out all your edges and corners. But then I can only watch others holding you close to perfection.

50. Having a firm heart is more important than anything.

51. When you chase me, I don’t know if I will like you so much.

52. When a girl becomes quiet, it means she is forcing herself to drop something.

53. I can't help but sorrow, so I slowly learned to hide and gradually learned to disguise.

54. When the beautiful flower blooms, it will fall and the bright star will fall and fall!

55. One day I will let go of everything and have no scruples!

56. I am full of thorns and I am grateful for what you are entitled to say!

57. I am more afraid that when I am used to having you, you suddenly drop me.

58. Enough people who love you will not give you a chance to think about it!

59. You don't like me. It's a disease, it's a cure, it must be cured.

60. Actually, you don't love me, you just met me.

61. I don't want to hug others because there is no heartbeat there.

62. Even if you can't hold your hand, it doesn't matter, I can do it the friend who loves you the most.

63. If you are willing to express for me every morning, I am willing to let you go old.

64. I want an onion. If you are willing to peel off my heart layer by layer, you will be sore and you will cry.

65. I know that my emotions can't get you, so I don't talk.

66. I told my secret about my good girlfriend, but she exposed it to everyone.

67. I have been here for a long time and no one came to me.

68. Once dumb, I finally retreated to the corner of the wall. Don’t blame me for being very cool.

69. You obviously don’t understand the beauty in my eyes.

70. Our silent little childhood, under the blue sky of a paper lake, blooms like flowers.

71. Always playing a comforting role, but when you are sad, who will comfort you.

72. I used to love you without leaving room. Now you hurt me so thoroughly.

73. That sentence really has nothing to do with others, but all I hear is tears.

74. Relying on this thing can make people happy, but don't forget that it can also kill you.

75. Speaking of your name, I will be silent, I will laugh, but no one knows that we have been in love with the sea.

76. On the day you left, I decided not to shed tears, holding my eyes against the wind and not blinking.

77. The earliest first love is doomed, and the final breakup is inevitable.

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