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Korean swear words

1. Hey? Looking for death?

2. 너정신병이야? Are you sick?

3. 변태 metamorphosis.

4. Hey.

5. 非가 out of non-honorable words, sometimes translated into "rolling" and rolling away.

6. I don't want to live!

7. 지옥에가라 Go to hell!

8. Stinking kid.

9. Kill the hoe.

10. Hyena hybrids.

11. Go to hell!

12. Hey? Is there a problem with your brain?

13. 천치白目

14. I don't understand the sound of the dog.

15. 식통 rice barrel.

16. Hey! Dog-崽-子! Read: Kay gi!

17. Hey! Fuck-you-mother! Read: Your aunt West cream!

18. 개불알이새끼야! Dog-egg-子! Read: Kaipu Layi gi!

19. Hey! Fuck- Egg! Read: West

20. 밥맛이야.

21. 바보야 傻

22. 변태야 metamorphosis

23. 병신아Disability

24. Walking the dog

25. The stinky boy

26. Awful guy

27. Small punk

28. Hey damn guy

29. Hey? Want to die?

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