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Recommend 10 inspirational songs for Mayday

Top10: "Flower"
[ belongs album]: single
[Areas for awards]: Everyone, whether he is ordinary or great, must at least be proud to bloom for himself, in order to truly show the meaning of life.
[Best lyrics]: This life, this time, raise your head for yourself, at least be proud of the blooming

Top9: "The first day"
[ belongs album]: "Poetry after adolescence"
[Acknowledgment]: Not afraid of failure, not afraid of the fate of the fight, firm your beliefs, will eventually have the day!
[Best lyrics]: Wait forever for the day. You can live the day. Life is not afraid of the storm. I am afraid that I have no ambition.

Top8: "An Apple"
[ belongs album]: "Life Haihai"
[Areas for awards]: Many people do not understand why they are alive, and even many people have a suicidal thought because they are dissatisfied with life. Therefore, in this song, you will find the meaning of living: there will always be one piece of your own. Heaven and earth, to be a man with a broad mind, living is actually very good, to see things must be comprehensive.

Top7: "OK"
[ belongs album]: "Life Haihai"
[Acknowledgment]: A brisk song, failure is not a problem, and don't care too much about other people's eyes. It is most important to be happy! Everything will be OK.
[Best lyrics]: Someone told you to stay big, your mood, I understand, life, no glutinous rice, win or lose, important, not alone

Top6: "Nine Balls"
[ belongs album]: "Time Machine"
[Areas for awards]: Maybe we will spend this life in the fight, maybe the next time you will still fail, but never let go, maybe after the failure of 99 times, the hundredth will succeed.
[Best lyrics]: Maybe I can't score this shot. It's like my life has been going wrong. Maybe I have been chasing the 9th ball in my life, but I forgot who is loving me.

Top5: "Opening the Skylight"
[Affiliated Album]: Single [Recognition Reason]: Everything has a good or bad side, but depending on how you think, pessimists will only see the sad side, so this song tells us that everything must be good In terms of aspects, we can create a better life.
[Best lyrics]: When you are in the wind, you will fly with your wings. When you are against the wind, you should be in the surf. When there is no wind, let me open the skylight.

Top:4 "Crazy"
[ belongs album]: "Leaving the Earth's Surface"
[Acknowledgment]: A passionate song is full of challenges. What to do, what do you want to do, or what life you want, no matter what, I have to work hard and be unstoppable.
[Best lyrics]: I want to fly but you are like a high wall that bury your dreams. I want to jump and you are as strong as gravity.

Top3: "Life Sea of ​​Sea"
[ belongs album]: "Life Haihai"
[Reason for award]: The ebb and flow is a natural law. Here, Mayday converts this law into human law. Whether you are being abandoned now or not being recognized by others, these are not the most important, because after the trough, you must enter the glory! There will be a surge after the tide, and nothing is great.
[Best lyrics]: Even if the whole world abandoned me, at least happy, I decided. So I said let him go. I know that there must be a tide after the tide.

Top2: "Stubborn"
[ belongs album]: "God's children are dancing"
[Acknowledgment]: This song is highly famous, and even many people who are not five fans will sing. It is also a difficult one in the inspirational song. As long as you don't surrender, there is no failure to say. Due to the high popularity, I will not go into details here.
[Best lyrics]: I am not afraid of thousands of people blocking I am afraid to surrender myself.

Top1: No suspense, "salted fish"
[ belongs album]: "contentment, the most true masterpiece"
[Reason for award]: In contrast, the popularity of salted fish is not as good as it is, but I think this song is absolutely barely above. Because the slut and the salted fish are a song, but the lyrics are different. So this is also a song, and in my heart he will always occupy the first position. Even if it is salted fish, you must dare to have a dream. To prove your own actions, you cannot easily lose.
[Best lyrics]: Maybe give up some live more easily, but I am no longer me. I don’t want to have a sun in the sun, salty fish, and dreams.

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