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a good saying that loves labor

1. On the basis of paying attention to labor and respecting workers, we are likely to create our own new morality. -- Labor and science are the two greatest forces in the world. -- Gorky

2. The most important thing in people's lives is labor training. Without a labor, there can be no normal life. -- Rousseau

3. It should be remembered that our business requires hands, not mouths. --Children's Week

4. To work, be hardworking: Labor is the most reliable asset. -- La Fontaine

5. I know what labor is: labor is the source of all joy and all good things in the world. -- Gorky

6. I think that the way to find happiness in life is better than respecting labor. All the moral conditions can be obtained by labor, and all sufferings can be freed from labor. --Li Dazhao

7. Perfect newcomers should be cultivated in labor and for labor. -- Owen

8. Physical labor is a great disinfectant that prevents all social viruses. -- Marx

9. All the good things that exist are the fruits of creation. -- Mill

10. There is no such thing as real value in the world that can be obtained without hard work. -- Edison

11. Labor is always the foundation of human life and the foundation for the creation of human cultural happiness. --Macalenko

12. The establishment of a socialist system has opened up a path to an ideal realm, and the realization of an ideal realm depends on our hard work. -- Mao Zedong

13. If you can successfully choose labor and infuse all of your spirit into it, then happiness itself will find you. --Ushinsky

14. Love labor. No power can be a great and intelligent person like labor, the power of collective love and freedom. --Gorky

15. Only human labor is sacred. -- Gorky

16. Labor is the source of all knowledge. -- Tao Zhu

17. Labor is an inevitable obligation of everyone in society. -- Rousseau

18. Labor is the foundation and means of human existence and a source of perfection for one's physical and moral integrity. -- Wushenski

19. Labor is the father of wealth, and land is the mother of wealth. -- William with the first

20. Labor is the source of all the power of all morality and all happiness. -- La Jonioni

21. Laziness - it is a special style of attitude towards labor. It is characterized by the difficulty of getting involved in work and the ease of leaving work. -- Japritskaya

22. Since thought exists in labor, people must live by labor. -- Suhomlinski

23. Since thought exists in labor, people must live by labor. -- Suhomlinski

24. From then on, I no longer look up at the blue sky, no longer look down at the white water, only cautiously my two steps, I have to step on the soil, and put on deep footprints!--Zhu Ziqing

25. There is something to say "once and for all", but there are very few things "once and for all"... -- Lu Xun

26. Knowledge comes from hard work, and any achievement is the result of hard work. --Soong Qingling

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