Inspirational song

Top ten inspirational songs

Top ten inspirational songs

First place: Invisible wings on the index: 5
From Zhang Xiaohan's album "Pandora". Beautiful music, coupled with the sound of Zhang Yuhan's scorpio, this song has become one of my favorite songs. The lyrics of this song are not complicated, but there are many reasons behind it. Almost every sentence helps us. This is one of the reasons why I like it. Let us take a look at the hidden meaning of the song lyrics:
Strong: Every time you are strong in your loneliness, every time you are hurt, you don’t have tears. Hope: I know that I have always had invisible wings to fly me to the young songs I hope to chase. More dreams and confidence: invisible wings Let the dream last longer than the sky. I finally saw all the dreams are blooming and brave: I finally soared and stared at the fear, where is the wind, how far can I fly? Second place: the girl who waved the wings on the index: 4.5
Let me fly i'm prond that i can fly, life is already open, I want you to be wonderful, believe me i can fly, i am singing in the sky, you once told me to be a brave girl, I will not be alone because you All are here.
Everyone must have guessed that this song is "Girl with Wings", from Joey Yung's album "My Pride." This is also a very good motivational song. In fact, in life, we will encounter many difficulties, but as long as you are strong and full of hope, one day you will find that you are actually a girl with a winged third place: the sun is always on the list after the storm Index: 4.5
Xu Meijing's album "All Night Returning People", but let the real understanding of this song is because there is a Chinese women's volleyball performance. Although this is an old song, this song is also a very classic inspirational song. Especially the lyrics of the climax part "Sunshine always after the storm, the clouds are empty, cherish all the touch, every hope is in your hands. The sun is always after the storm, please believe that there are rainbows, the wind and rain are accepted, I Always telling us about our success, we must go through all the hardships.
Fourth place: never retreat on the list index: 4
From the album "Two Poles" by Ren Xianqi, it is also the title song of "Dual Cannon" adapted by Zhu Deyong's comics. Listening to the song name, you know that this is an inspirational song. "Even if I don't have anything at the moment, I wiped my tears or looked up to the chest. I smiled and didn't rush to move forward. I am more and more frustrated. I will never back down. Don't underestimate me, don't ask me how many things I have." This is also my favorite lyrics in this song. As the lyrics say, even if I don't have anything, I must be strong, never shrink, and can't give up easily.
Fifth place: Sailor list index: 4
The song "Sailor" was sung by Zheng Zhihua. I believe that when it comes to Zheng Zhihua, everyone must first think of this "Sailor". So far, the phrase "Sailor" said, "He said that this pain in the storm, what to do, do not fear that we still have dreams at least, he said that this pain in the storm, do not ask why." Still impressed. In life, it is inevitable that we will encounter difficulties and setbacks. In this case, we should dry our tears and cheer up, instead of giving up easily.
Sixth place: My future is not a dream list index: 3.5

I believe that this song must have been heard by everyone. This is Hu Yanbin's endorsement of Taiwan's famous beverage brand advertising song, covering the song "My future is not a dream" by the famous artist Zhang Yusheng. Although it is a cover, I personally think that Hu Yanbin sings better than the original. As the lyrics say: I know that my future is not a dream, I am serious every minute, my future is not a dream, my heart is following the hope, moving with hope.
Seventh place: initial dream list index: 3.5
From Fan Qiqi's new song + selection of "The Original Dream", cover from the Japanese national treasure singer, Nakajima Miyuki's "riding on the back of the silver dragon", written by the well-known lyricist Yao Ruolong. When people encounter difficulties and setbacks, as long as they persist in their "original dreams" and recall the efforts they had made to realize their dreams, they will never give up. Especially in the lyrics, "The original dream is clenched in the hand, the place that you want to go most, how can you put it in the middle of the road. The original dream will definitely arrive, and the real desire will be realized before you can count the paradise." The sentence is also the best interpretation of this song.
Eighth: Snail on the list index: 3
From Jay's EP album fantasy+plus. Meaningful lyrics, coupled with Zhou Tianwang's singing, this is also a very good inspirational song. "I have to climb up step by step, waiting for the sun to look at its face quietly. There is a big dream in a small day, and the heavy shell is wrapped in a light look." As the lyrics say, let's not look at the snail action. Slow, but in order to achieve its own purpose, one step at a time to climb forward, never give up, we should learn this snail spirit.
Ninth place: ray on the index: 3
From Zhang Yuying's first EP album "Jane? Love". As the main song "Ray" in the EP, it is also a transmission of Ying Ying's heart. The words have written her heart's fluctuations and feelings during this period. In the lyrics, "I am small, as long as I sing, I can see the light. In the wind and rain, the roses can only bloom in the soil. I have been hurt, I have grown up along the way, thank you for staying with me." Next." Let me feel deeply, in fact, not only singing, doing everything the same, only persistence can ultimately succeed.
Tenth: From the beginning to the list index: 2.5
From Liu Huan’s album of the same name, "Starting from the beginning." Liu Huan’s stunning voice and meaningful lyrics are also worth a visit. In the lyrics, "If the heart is in a dream, there is true love between heaven and earth, seeing success and failure in life, just starting from scratch." This lyrics has made me unforgettable. People will have successes and failures in their lives. Whether they are successful or not, we must start all over again.

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