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Du Yuexi's famous sayings

1. People living in the world depend on two things, courage and wisdom.

2. Don't do anything, leave room for it.

3. Don't beat a woman when you play. Hit, you have no reason.

4. Don't hurt anything, hurt your heart. If you are hurt, you really have no chance.

5. Don't show your charm with the number of girlfriends. You can use your career and a good man to show your excellence.

6. Learn to help women with housework. A man who just squats on the sofa and waits for his wife to open a meal will make the marriage life lighter than the boiled water.

7. If you love someone, please care for her gently; if you don't love, just say it. Women are very stupid, from the moment she falls in love with you, they will pay for themselves.

8. Buy gifts for the people you love. What are you making money for? And, a person who truly loves you will not spend your money.

9. Don't really think that what you can't get is the best. It is better to cherish what you have now.

10. If you are busy with your work, remember to call your loved one and not spend too much time on your money. Because she is waiting, she is disappointed.

11. People who do not smoke or drink are very selfish. Generally can not be for life.

12. Blowing people to you is most likely to betray you. The person who hurts you the most, must be your favorite person. Seventy percent of the murders occurred between acquaintances. "The tiger is still close, and the acquaintance is not close."

13. A timid boy can generally become a big deal. It’s a handsome person who thinks before and after thinking about it. A tearful man must have love. Chess is a virtue.

14. People who love people are fearful in their hearts. Long-horned animals are not carnivores. The quietest people in a group are often the most powerful. "It’s like a fire, it’s not moving."

15. Betray your girl and insult you again. In the early years of "Banhua, school flowers", how many of them will have happiness in their later years? "The tigers are not lying in the road, but the dragons are also in heaven."

16. People who are passionate, it is difficult to have the happiness of love. When you say love words, you are passive. The true meaning of love is "to squat", most of the flowers are inserted in cow dung. "The horses often go to the idiots, and the clever women often accompany the fools."

17. Don't be afraid to be used by others. People use you to explain that you are still useful.

18. It is the most difficult to eat three bowls of noodles: human face \ scene \ feeling face.

19. First class, have the ability, no temper; second class, have the ability, have temper; the last person, no ability, big temper.

20. Du Yuexi has a sentence hanging on his mouth: Be careful with the world, and lose the Jingzhou.

21. Women are used to hurt. If you are not sure to make a woman happy, but always give him pain, please remember that this is not to love her.

22. Don't think that every woman loves money. It is hard to make money, but there are many women in the world who can support themselves.

23. Remember to call her at home instead of urging you to fight. The elderly people will marry you for decades, and that is how great you are.

24. Remember her birthday, otherwise it is possible that she will pass with someone else next birthday.

25. Don't think that sending flowers on Valentine's Day is boring behavior. Not every day you have to send it, why are you looking for such a boring excuse?

26. Take a fixed time with her. You work for life, then she should be the most important part of your life.

27. Take her hand and walk. Two people walk, not to let others see, but to make two people feel happy. Because the ten fingers are happy.

28. No matter where you are in the world, when your wife wants to have a baby, be sure to be with her.

29. Tell her when she misses her. If you love her, you have to say it. She loves you the same after listening.

30. Love life or marriage life is two people, so don't have to be too self, think about and pay for each other.

31. Occasionally surprise the other party. Love doesn't always have to be at the top of the passion, but you can learn to make romance. Don't let love be empty and tasteless.

32. With contradictions, resolve them immediately. Otherwise, resentment will be like a bottomless pit, devour your feelings, and it is difficult to overlap.

33. Go to the movies together. Not necessarily all the plots you remember, but she will remember that you have watched the movie with her for a long time.

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