Inspirational song

Classic songs: Do these songs tell you your mood?

【In my singing】

You exist within the depths of my mind,

In my dreams, in my heart, in my songs.


You didn't imagine being so old.

Memories can't change back to your gentleness

Finally, it is not pretending to be indifferent

Turning around, how do I have a tear?


I used to take you to see the fireworks under the stars.

I used to give my love to you.

This world has a lot of love

There may not be a few of these pains in the end.


The song you broadcast is familiar.

We sat together and heard

[stop jumping]

You and I calculate too much love too much pain is too self

So I will be sad, I will lose each other and be silent.

【Suddenly I miss you】

Suddenly miss you, where are you, happy or wronged,

If you want to explore you, suddenly sharp memories, suddenly blurred eyes.

[Want to cry] Eason Chan

If nothing happened, it turned out to be the most embarrassing revenge.


Our love is two stars squinting

Still destined to be together

Newton said that there is something called gravitation

I started because you started to believe

Those avenues

[What is not possible]

Why do you forsake the opposite side for you to give up the world?

In the late summer and late autumn, there is a little warm and seasonal color.

[grey avatar]

Your gray avatar won’t beat any more

Warm dreams become cold shackles

If time goes back, what can we catch?

【those years】

Heavy rain that was missed in those years

Love that was missed in those years

I really want to hug you and embrace the courage you missed.

Ever wanted to conquer the world

I finally found it when I finally looked back.

This world is all about you.

[kiss goodbye]

Every time you are separated from you, you are deeply defeated by you.

[breakup season] Wang Suzhen

The moment you left me

You and me politely say goodbye

Fragments that are scattered all over the sky

Can't fight back to the full picture

[Can't guess]

Getting along with each other will be lonely, and both of them just have to pass.

If you are free and easy, it is the freedom you want, then I would rather return to living alone.

If you are cold and hot, it is your excuse, then I would rather never be serious about you.

[Say good, don't see each other]

Can actually piece together your good

Try to save every night's dependence

But see you hug

Familiar with that street corner

Have you heard

My still heartbeat


This time I really hurt, I really woke up completely, I tried to be free and easy, but it was a scar. I loved it, but you left me alone and buried my innocence.

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