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Either go home or fight

A roommate in Melbourne used to call me suddenly, and it was almost 3 am when I was here. He let me guess where he is now, I said that it is not in Melbourne, where can you go. He said very mysteriously, not awkward, I am in Spain now. Then I suddenly stopped. Because a long time ago I saw photos about Spain in a photo album, I told him that Spain is so beautiful that he must go once in the future. What I didn't think of was that when I was going to forget the idea that I had flashed, his phone came. In the end, the person who stood where I want to go is not me.

After hanging up the phone, the cool music box is just placed on Eminem’s lose yourself. It’s still the familiar rhythm, and his paragraph: look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunity, to seize everything that you ever wanted – one moment. Would you capture it or just lst it slip. I don’t know why it’s in my mind that “When Happiness Comes Knocking”, when the actor is the most destitute, he spends the night in the toilet of the station. Every minute, but he never gave up.

If you have a dream, you must defend it.

The daughter of my dad’s colleague is three years older than me. When I first entered the high school, she has been abroad for two years, just as our teacher is the same. In the second year of high school, our teacher read a letter to us, which she sent back from the UK. She said that she is doing very well now. Thanks to the teacher for teaching that year, then Zhang Xinyu slowly read the last words of the letter - from Cambridge. At that time, I was paralyzed at once, and I only had the courage to think about that kind of school. Later I realized that this was the daughter of my father’s colleague. Dad always said to me with emotion, it is really not easy for a girl to be so good. Later, I was fortunate to meet her. I said a word that I still remember. She said that because I want to live my life, many things are like traveling. When you decide to start, the most difficult part. In fact, it has already been completed.

Suddenly I thought of myself. When I first went abroad, I was three months away from my 17th birthday. The strange thing is that at the airport, I didn't think so uneasy. I just told myself repeatedly that this road is your own choice, no matter what, you have to go. However, studying abroad is not as smooth as I imagined. Love is also a disease. After all, after so far distance, I am going to work for a while but I am too tired to resign.

Then one day I saw Leo on the fb, a local Australian guy, whose performance was so good, and the most valuable thing was that his character was still very good, and his ability to do things was so good. I started talking to Leo about my recent life, and later it became my complaint. When I finished a lot, after a long time, I saw the words he called. He said, I can't afford the iPhone, which is easy to see at your hands. My tuition is earned by myself. Although you are far away from home but your parents have been supporting you in the back, you do something like this every day. Why do you say you can't support it? Are you qualified? Those who are tired than you have nothing to say. Those who are better than you are more than you work hard. What qualifications do you have to sigh here? !

Then he said to me what I have been remembering until now: either go home or fight.

I suddenly woke up. I only saw the shining spots on those gleaming people, but I didn't know what kind of price they used in exchange for such a life. What qualifications do I have to complain here? Why do I have to go abroad, and I have no regrets at that time, but now I regret it. When did you start to die with your dreams?

I have always felt that my youth is very hard, and I always wonder if there will be a future. I haven't had a sense of belonging to this city that doesn't belong to me from beginning to end, and many of my thoughts just flashed past. Why do you know that time is so little, youth is so short, and the most you think about is not how to get close to your dreams, but rather the uneasiness of doubts?

Finally, I feel that my hardship, staying up late, will finally let me welcome my ending. From the moment I left home, I was doomed to the youth I could not look back. I remember that I didn’t sleep the last night and went to the mountains to watch the sunrise. I listened to them talking about my previous life, and I realized that no matter how happy and superficial the person is, no matter how beautiful and beautiful the person is, they all have their own knots. And the hard past. It’s like youth is destined to drift and vain, and the tears that have passed through have been bitter. There is always a day in the past, and who’s youth has never been forced?

When a person is in his early twenties, there is nothing but a little youth, but you can decide what kind of person you become. Often what kind of person you will become in the future is what you want at this stage. A person can go to a few places where he wants to go, can see a few unforgettable scenery, can read a few books that change your life, and how many unforgettable trips you can experience. There are so many things that don’t go well in this world, tell them a fuck you, and then continue to work hard to do what you should.

As Amro sings, I can't get older here. I want to do something that will smile when I am 80 years old before I get older.

I think that the best way for a person is to calm down, even if one lives, crosses one city after another, walks one street after another, looks up to another sky, and witnesses once and for all. Then when others question you, you can say to yourself with a clear conscience, although every step is very slow, but I have not retreated.

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