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Memories of memories

1. One day when you think of me, time has settled all the mistakes, and learn to stop asking why. Until one day, in the face of love began to linger, will you miss the original heat? After a series of twists and turns, until one day, choose someone to meet each other.

2. When you look at everything, you know that the original loss is more practical than possession.

3. There is a person who teaches you how to love, but he does not love you.

4. I am not used to it without him, because I have never been used to having him.

5. I will never love someone anymore, even if it is you.

6. I have always had you in my heart, but the proportion has changed.

7. Now that I am finally going to be separated, he is going ahead of me, but I feel a little gratified. Such sorrow, sooner or later, will allow one of us to experience it alone, let me take it.

8. Looking at the back of your departure, I told myself to be strong, not to cry, because I love you, but because I understand you.

9. We are all so discrete in the winds of the years, going back, but we can't see the traces of being together, even though they have been so hard together.

10. Turning just to meet you, but forget, you will also turn.

11. I always thought that in the first place, there will be one of the most original, and there will be one of you.

12. You have a new love, I don't even have old love.

13. Maybe one day, you are going back, and I am no longer at that intersection.

14. The ending and the process are gone, and then I am entangled, even I feel greedy.

15. Forgetting you is to prove that I can forget you.

16. The retention of heartbreaking, but the heart is unwilling to perform.

17. The first love can never be understated.

18. Nothing can't be forgotten. I will always forget you at a later time. I will forget your appearance, forget your voice, forget what you said, not now, and you can do it later.

19. The torrent of years has taken away from youth and has gone through the years. All that remains is a scarred body that has been deeply imprinted by the years, and a heart of vicissitudes.

20. Childhood, the perfection is achieved only when it is revealed in recollection.

21. I often think that memory is the easiest thing to blur. In the passage of time, it will fade away. The day-to-day boring flip of middle school life has slowly faded away. The bones are only a few back, and they are unbreakable in the memory.

22. My teenage days are lonely, lonely makes me feel cold now, only monotonous shadows with me to watch rogue, listen to the wind, smell the flowers.

23. The childhood sun in my memory has fallen from the caves and valleys of memory.

24. Don't let others step on your dreams of tomorrow, there is no banquet in the world. Maybe this world is really only true.

25. Recollections can stay away from dullness, and make the already dull days betray the reality and make a transcendence of flying.

26. Quietly leaving, gradually everything will become a memory, and then think of those past, think of those teachers, think of those classmates, can only laugh in the memories, can only cry in the memories. Dissipated, suddenly I felt that everything was empty, and suddenly I felt that everything was quiet.

27. The tears in my eyes have already poured out. I know that everything can't go back. I wave to everyone and say goodbye, let us keep this beautiful memory in my heart.

28. Missing is a happy sorrow, a sweet sorrow, a warm pain. Missing is a long-term precipitation and a good yearning for the future. It is precisely because of the thoughts that there is a happy reunion, and there is an unexpected surprise, only to have a toast to celebrate when friends and relatives meet.

29. I won everyone, but I lost you.

30. The most romantic love story is to call the lover who has broken up with you and ask: "How are you?" You replied plainly: "I am fine." In fact, you still love him, you are a little bit Not good.

31. God gave us too many dreams and a piece of poetry, it is these pieces that make up the perfect puzzle of life.

32. How can you find your lost time? Your smile has not been lost in your memories. Sad sentence

33. It is said that love does not have to be in harmony with the evening, as long as the two hearts are in harmony; all the way to the memory of the sea, the confidant, the end of the world, if the two sides are long-term, but also in the dynasty? But that is from the heart Really feeling true, how many dusks and dawns are you looking forward to?

34. Some people can only be used as guests. Neither turn back, why did not forget. Since there is no reason, why should you pledge? The world is so dirty, who is qualified to say sadness.

35. You can save your lost things without tears, so don't cry easily; don't be sad if you don't feel sad, so don't smile; don't give it if you think you can give it, so don't promise it easily

36. In fact, you are very embarrassed, know how to let go and then stop. You are not stupid, and some things can be done very beautifully. It is not your fault, but the outside world is too strong. Don't hang on to your hate every day, know that you are unique.

37. If you like love, don't regret it, don't blame your ignorance, you just want to be loved too. You are not bad. You are not bad. You are not bad. you're great.

38. I can't think of a half-life, lonely snow, burning, I can't love the eyes, the world, the world, the beauty, the face, the fog, the moon, the dream, the flower, the fragrance, the smile, the world, the unparalleled, the night, the tears, the tears

39. It is not that you have nothing to do, so don’t always think that you can’t do it pessimistically; not only you are working hard, so don’t give up easily.

40. I returned all the little points to the sky, and I became familiar with the climate. I realized that it was not that I wanted freedom most. I didn’t like the city.

41. I can't count the peach blossoms, the night is full of nights, I can't think of love at first sight, it's a lie, I have a thousand years to pray for a hundred years, this eye is treasured.

42. However, which star in the sky will have no cold light, which flower on the ground will have no fragrance, and when will my thoughts not have your voice, smile, and gestures?

43. When time, in the past we forgot that we once loved a person without hesitation, forgot her cuteness, and forgot everything she did for me. I don't feel any more to him, I don't love her anymore. Why is this happening? It turns out that our love has been lost to the years. Somethings are only suitable for memories.

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