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Mandela’s famous words

1. A brave person does not feel the feared person, but conquers the feared person. 2. People who take great risks often have to bear big responsibilities.

2. I quickly realized that I had to open my own path with my own abilities rather than by virtue.

3. Although I am a person who likes to socialize, I prefer loneliness. I hope that I can choose my own opportunities, plan for myself, think for myself, and plan for myself.

4. Freedom is invisible. Anyone in my people who wears a shackle is equivalent to wearing a shackle on all people, and wearing a shackle on my people means that my body is also wearing a shackle.

5. People can't do nothing about justice, show nothing, react without it, can't stop protesting oppression, and must work hard to build a good society and a good life.

6. There are many dark moments when the humanitarian faith has withstood the painful test, but I will not and will not bow to pessimism. Bowing to pessimism means failure and death.

7. I remind you repeatedly that the liberation struggle is not a fight against any group or race, but a struggle against an oppressive system.

8. Human error is always inseparable from war, and its cost is usually expensive. It is precisely because we know that such a tragedy is going to happen, and we are so cautious and helpless when we make the decision of armed struggle.

9. I look at non-violence in the same way as Gandhi. Non-violence cannot be regarded as a sacred principle that cannot be violated. It should be regarded as a strategy and tactic used according to the needs of the situation.

10. When a person is refused to believe in the right to life he believes, he has no choice but to be a violator.

11. It is the law that has made me a criminal, but my sin is not because of what I did, but because of my opinion, because of my thoughts, because of my conscience.

12. If the United States or the United Kingdom are holding elections, they will not ask observers from Africa or Asia to be present. But if we hold elections, they need observers to be present.

13. With the dream of building a beautiful South Africa, there is a road to dreams. Kindness and forgiveness are two of them.

14. If you want to live in peace with your enemies, you must fight alongside the enemy. The enemy will also be friends.

15. In my home country, we are first to be prisoners and then to be presidents.

16. Everything seems impossible before things are unsuccessful.

17. As a leader, it is best to lead at the rear and let others stand on the front line, especially when celebrating victory or good deeds; but in times of danger, you have to stand on the front line. In this way, people will appreciate your leadership.

18. Let freedom rule everything. For such brilliant human achievements, the sun will never stop shining.

19. Let everyone have work, bread, water and salt.

20. “When I stepped out of the cell and headed for the prison gate to freedom, I knew that if I could not leave my pain and resentment behind me, then I am still in prison.”

21. “Let blacks and whites become brothers and South Africa can flourish.”

22. “In that long and lonely years, my desire for freedom for my people has become a desire for freedom for all, including whites and blacks.” — Mandela has a unique reputation for war and peace. Awareness.

23. “The oppressor and the oppressed need to be liberated. The person who takes away the freedom of others is a prisoner of hatred. He is imprisoned by the prejudice and short-sighted iron gate.”

24. 38. "I have dedicated my life to the struggle of the African people. I am fighting against white racist rule. I also fight against black dictatorship. I have a beautiful ideal of building a democratic and free society. In such a society, everyone has equal opportunities and equal opportunities. I hope to live for this ideal and to achieve it. But if necessary, I am also prepared to give it life." - 1964 When sentenced to life imprisonment, Mandela turned the trial court into a forum to expose the evils of apartheid and awaken the general public. His four-hour statement ended like this.

25. "In this Iraq war, we saw the every move of the United States and Bush. Who is the threat of the world?!" - Mandela condemned US President Bush for arbitrarily trampling on Iraqi sovereignty.

26. "I have already finished my role, and now I only want to live in obscurity. I want to go back to my hometown village and stroll on the hillside where I was playing in childhood." - Mandela, who is retired, is willing to be a civilian.

27. I will never give in, and the struggle is not over for me, but has just begun in a different form.

28. In my past life, I have dedicated myself to the struggle of the African people. I resisted white dictatorship and I also resisted black dictatorship. I have the ideal of a democratic and free society. I hope that everyone will live in peace and enjoy equal opportunities in such a society. I want to live for this ideal and work hard to make it a reality. If necessary, I am willing to sacrifice my life for this ideal.

29. Hope seems to be infinite, and at this point I am like a long trek to reach the end. But in fact, this is only the first step in a longer and longer journey, and it will continue to test me in ways that I did not imagine at the time.

30. I have discovered a secret, that is, after boarding a mountain, you will find that there are more mountains to climb.

31. If you talk to someone in a language that others can understand, then your words can only be said in his mind; but if you talk to someone else's native language, then your words can speak of his heart. in. 18. A shrewd mind and a good heart are often an incredible combination.

32. In the struggle of the colonial powers for freedom, communists often play an active role, as the short-term goals of communism are always consistent with the long-term goals of the liberation movement.

33. Is it true that some people think that they have not got what they used to have because they are too shallow, too weak, and have no sense of perseverance?

34. Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.

35. Freedom means not only getting rid of one's own shackles, but also living in a way that respects and increases the freedom of others.

36. I believe that if the Arab countries do not recognize the existence of Israel, Israel will not retreat to a safe border.

37. I hate racism, whether it comes from blacks or racism from whites. In my opinion, it is savage and uncivilized.

38. I understand that courage is not to fear, but to overcome fear. The brave is not a person who does not feel fear, but a person who overcomes his own fear.

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