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Philosophical words 2019

1. Shame is like a man's underwear. If necessary, take off nothing. The key is to take off.

2. Many people climbed to the top of the ladder and found that the ladder was wrong.

3. Academic qualifications represent the past, financial resources represent the present, and learning power represents the future.

4. Knowledge is not as good as knowledge, knowledge is not as good as doing things, and doing things is not as good as being a person.

5. Tiredness is the feeling of a person after eating the food on the plate.

6. When I wake up, the sky is dark.

7. A bomb that will explode is much more horrible than a bomb that has exploded.

8. Don't speak English in front of me in the future, ok?

9. Business can control efforts and investment, but cannot control the results. When you are proud of your life, find out the way. When you are frustrated, you will have a way out. BMW has a spare tire. What about your life?

10. Failure doesn't mean you are wasting your time and life. Failure means you have reason to start over.

11. The failure occurred after a complete abandonment.

12. Ten out of ten, the result of the debate is that both sides believe that they are absolutely correct.

13. It is not the distant mountains, but the sand in the shoes.

14. What makes us unhappy is some small things, we can dodge an elephant, but we can't hide a fly.

15. Losing confidence in students is the biggest crime of teachers.

16. How many talented losers in the world, there are many highly educated unemployed people in the world – because of wrong choices.

17. There are three kinds of people in the world: one is a person whose conscience is eaten by a dog, the other is a person whose conscience is not eaten by a dog, and the third is a person whose conscience does not even eat a dog.

18. There are only people who can't figure out in the world, and there is no way to go.

19. Water can carry a boat and can also cook porridge!

20. Sleep is an art – no one can stop me from pursuing art.

21. How far is the thought, how far can you roll me!

22. What I have seen and changed has changed my life, and I have ruined my life unconsciously.

23. If you don't want to do it, you will find one or countless excuses; if you want to do it, you will think of one or a few ways.

24. Do you want to drive to 80 years old at 40km/h, or drive to 40 years old at 80km/h?

25. Do you think I will watch you go to death? I will close my eyes.

26. After reading a book for more than ten years, I think it is better to mix in kindergarten!

27. The birds are big, and there are all the forests.

28. The so-called perseverance is the unusual patience that is expressed before the completion of an unspeakable purpose.

29. The so-called disaster is not to die, that is, after the disaster, what is not sympathy, but inexplicable congratulations.

30. The so-called enemy is only those who force us to become powerful.

31. The so-called child is not suitable. In fact, it is the adults who are moved to leave the risk of making mistakes to themselves.

32. All people are ordinary, and some people really become ordinary people because they know this.

33. It is not necessarily a good thing for all people to stand on one side, as they are all on the side of the ship.

34. God, my clothes are thin!

35. I am not a casual person, but it is not a human being.

36. I drink only pure water, and milk only pure milk, so I am very simple...

37. I am losing weight every day except for dinner. Do you still say that I have no perseverance?

38. I am in the rivers and lakes, but there are no legends about me in the rivers and lakes...

39. If I am a Personnel Manager, the first thing I do is to promote myself as a CEO.

40. I thought that I was very decadent. Today I realized that I was scrapped early.

41. Next note, win once; follow the right person, win one.

42. Summer is not good. When I was poor, I didn’t even have to drink the northwest wind...

43. The coming of the lucky god is often just because you have a more glance, think about it and take another step.

44. A woman kissing a man is a kind of happiness, and a man kissing a woman is a kind of good fortune.

45. Accidental success is more terrible than failure.

46. ​​Actually, I am a genius, but unfortunately, I am a talented person!

47. You are a person who taxes your conscience.

48. Money is not a problem, the problem is no money!

49. If a person frames himself within a certain range, it is easy to limit his or her own thinking and pattern.

50. How far can life go, see who is going with it; how much is it, see who is pointing.

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