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Putin's famous sayings

1. Please, please don't write a booklet for me to paint a bust.

2. Although I always pay attention, I can't always show a pleasant smile.

3. Occasionally there is also a sense of decadence.

4. People should first obey, not the opinions of others, but their own conscience.

5. Let the people suffer!

6. Give me 20 years and return you a miracle of Russia.

7. Even if the Kremlin is sold, a new generation of submarines will be built in time because it is related to the future of Russia.

8. Whoever does not regret the disintegration of the Soviet Union, who has no conscience; whoever wants to restore the Soviet Union in the past has no mind.

9. "I think I have been working hard all the year round, and I work in good faith. The people must feel it. I assure you that I will work in the same way for the next four years."

10. "You can't work for a ridiculous ideal that no one can understand. It should always be based on reality, working for the specific people who live today, for the future generations of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow."

11. I am used to learning to divide the time necessary to do what I want.

12. Engaging in judo is a voluntary activity in my life. It is not only a sport, but also a philosophy. It teaches me to respect my opponents.

13. Learning English - a bit like an intellectual sports program for me.

14. I also like watching movies.

15. Books - Of course it's important, but there's something more important around you - family and friends.

16. As for faith, I prefer not to take this issue to the public for discussion at any time.

17. All life is made up of contradictions. Where there is no contradiction, it will be ridiculous.

18. In a sense, people need to clearly reflect a quality – this is tolerance. In my opinion, tolerance is often a decisive thing.

19. People should be free...

20. I like to do things, I am happy.

21. I feel that there are no people without weaknesses, and each new generation will be even better.

22. The more you do, the more people will come to the conclusion that there are still many things that have not been done.

23. I have some very good friends.

24. My current friends are basically in the middle school age or during college studies.

25. I never pretend.

26. I want citizens to see me as someone who is hired to work.

27. You feel that you can't trade with the beasts. Why do we have to negotiate with the children who slaughtered the children? No one has the right to teach us morally, let us negotiate with the children who kill the children!

28. I don’t need to bring bodyguards when I visit the Russian army.

29. I can no longer ignore the lives and deaths of the old people, and can no longer see the poor children crying indifferently!

30. Our descendants will be proud of the new chapter in the great Russian story, which will be written together.

31. On the eve of International Women’s Day, I can’t lie, so I admit that I have no interest in chores.

32. I never drink alcohol, a small cup of vodka, nothing more. Alcohol does not help solve the problem. I enjoy the happiness of achieving my goals. If anything hinders me, I will remove it.

33. I used to be a very active child and can be said to be a naughty. Because I am not tall enough, in order not to be in the name of the fighter, I must use force. When I first started boxing, I was beaten by my nose. So start practicing judo. Soon, I discovered my strengths. I chose this sport because it allowed me to dominate the street. I also found that judo made me change. The battle of the little naughty became irrelevant. Sports has made me form my own outlook on life and developed my own relationships. The philosophy it implies is to teach you to respect the partners and work tirelessly for the goal. In this sense, I strongly disagree with the principle that “the result is not important, the emphasis is on participation”. It does not apply to decision makers, the founders of society. In short, for me, what matters is the result.

34. I have no regrets. There are some things that could have been handled differently, but since I did, I don't feel sorry, just a little uneasy and a little dissatisfied.

35. I have a few friends. I visit them regularly, but not often, these are good friends, and they criticize me bluntly. This has even become their main pastime! For me, they are important because they have nothing to do with politics.

36. I have no son and two daughters. I never regret that in this respect, I am very good at it. The most important thing for them is love and development. They have a lot of plans for the future, but have not made a decision yet.

37. Russia will first proceed from its own interests when determining the direction of the oil pipeline.

38. My dream is to be a spy. Although this name does not have any good feelings for people all over the world, from the interests of the country and the interests of the people, I feel that the contribution made by the spies is enormous. From an early age, my father taught me to be a person who has contributed to the country and the people. Teachers also often teach us to study and serve the motherland and the people. The way I serve the motherland and the people is to be a good spy, use my bad name to exchange for the enemy's failure, and use my sacrifice to win the victory of the motherland and the people.

39. There is no point in anger without strength.

40. If you are not prepared to use force, do not pick up your weapon.

41. The real man has to constantly think of ways, and the real woman has to struggle constantly.

42. Once you are bullied, you should fight back in an instant.

43. I have occasional decadence, but I never pretend.

44. There is no negotiation on the territorial issue, only war.

45. The territory of Russia is indeed very large, but no one inch is redundant.

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