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Save your boyfriend's words

1. Let the stars turn into my eyes, watch you all night; let the breeze turn into my smile, soothe your heart; let all the good things become my blessings, always accompany you, forever...

2. The plaque still has the floral fragrance of yesterday. The drifting clouds around it are still the familiar clouds. I reached out and intercepted the pale yellow dead leaves that were blown by the autumn wind and smashed into my heart.

3. You don't have to argue about what kind of script you should perform, you don't have to carry your deliberate expectations and romance, let love go with the flow, let your heart be relaxed and calm, so you can find love and not love the real answer!

4. If there is anything that offends you and angers you, then I apologize today. Breakup is not the best way to solve the problem. I want to face the problems in our relationship with you. I hope that you can forgive my waywardness with this information. My temper is not good. Please don't give up on me. This time I chose to face the problem and no longer escape.

5. I’ve always been embarrassed recently, and I’m always unable to do anything, and I’m missing my mind, all because I miss you. My atrium is occupied by you, love you in your heart, want to hide you in your heart, and then be happy with you!

6. I put you in a tear, I imagine that after a thousand years is amber, I dare not bow, afraid that the tears fall, broken you broke me, broken the millennium dream, let me guard you forever!

7. I want to hold you in the palm of my hand, afraid of being broken; I want to put you in my mouth, fearing it; there are only two choices, holding you in your arms or putting you in your heart. Give yourself a suggestion, give a suggestion first?

8. The moon bends, the smile is sweet, the thoughts of the thoughts have not changed for a long time; send the wishes, greeting the film, and wish good luck with your hand. Dear friend, hello, good night!

9. Love your eyes, hide my affection for your tenderness; love your lips, know my passion, your fascination; the person who loves you the most, give you my life, your life.

10. For you to sleep at night, for you to miss every day, for your incision, for you to burst into tears, I want to end with you, I want to linger with you, where the world is no longer miss, my heart will always be Inside your heart, dear, willing to be with you, and with you in this life.

11. Do you believe in fate? It is a mysterious and colorful relationship. As for the authors, the author just wants to tell you that the author is very caring and taking care.

12. Meet in the romantic golden autumn, miss in the maple leaf, I miss you on October 10, love you in your life journey. October 10, perfect, happy forever, love you for a long time!

13. In the sea of ​​people, it is my luck to meet you. It is God's arrangement to fall in love with you. If you can marry you, it will be my happiness to accompany you through your life!

14. I always think that water is the story of the mountain, the sea is the story of the sail, the sky is the story of the cloud, you are my story, but I don't know if I am your story!

15. Spring silkworms go to the dead silk, love you to the deeper feelings; wildfire can not burn, love can not burn; cross-strait snoring can not hold, the two laughter forever; do not know how to express your love for you And, I will say aloud to you: I love you!

16. Early morning, early morning, early morning, send you a panacea, morning sound, clear mind, morning light, good spirit; morning wind, troubles; morning dew, confidence, may you enjoy every day, good morning.

17. I am going to make friends with you, but don't look at me to bully me when I am innocent! I am very thoughtful, sometimes too many ideas, so I can't live in peace. In fact, this is all thinking of you!

18. Because there is a flower, the world is so fragrant; because there is water, nature is so cool; because there is love, life is so sunny; because of you, happiness is so embarrassing. I have you in this life, thank God, I have you in this life, I hope to fly!

19. Although everyone says that you are ugly, you are actually not beautiful. As long as I am standing by your side, your natural beauty will be at a glance. Holding my hand for a lifetime, you are the god of the world. What are you waiting for, hurry up and reach over.

20. I know that I can't stay with you. I know that all I can do is far away. Are you happy? Are you happy? I bless you silently.

21. Dear, now I am like a fish living on land. You need to give me oxygen anytime, anywhere! I can't survive without you! I will love you forever!

22. I love you too much. So can't live without you. You and I will be more beautiful in the future through the running of time.

23. If you can find someone who loves you more than you, then I will spend the rest of my life wishing you all the best. If you don't find that person, then the one who loves you is me!

24. Love is like a boat, you are at the bow, I am at the stern. I shake the pulp, and the boat sails to the other side of the lake on a quiet, golden sunset.

25. Maybe my childish stab hurts your heart! Don't torture yourself with the painful past! I don't hurt your heart! You don't always say that you can "hold the boat in the prime minister", then don't worry about me. Well.

26. You, like the whole world, are like a dust; but for me, it is the whole world! Now, I lost the whole world!

27. I am always proud to think that one of the most proud things in my life is you, you are the most loved woman in my life.

28. Maple leaves are red, and it is time for more thoughts. I wish you blessing with the enthusiasm of Maple Leaf, and I hope it will bring you unlimited warmth.

29. All your mistakes are the author's fault. The author is not in the early stages of your life, loves you, cares for you! The author will concentrate on making up for you!

30. If we both have one to die first, I would rather let you die first, so that you can leave the pain to me, so that you don't have so much pain! Leave all the pain to me!

31. God gave you to me, but I hurt you again and again. I am very remorseful, come back, I will love you for a lifetime, and trust me once.

32. Once love is true, now pain is also true, love is so heavy to me! Inadvertently hurt you, sorry!

33. Four seasons, four springs, the season of flowering is full of love, your smile is unbeaten flower season, your gentleness is warm spring, bathed in sweet love, every day is like a fairy tale !

34. I hope that my hands will take you across the world. At the end of the century when it is hard to believe the promise between people, I ask myself: Can I still be a romantic knight?

35. Maybe my smile is not bright enough, but it is enough to clear the haze in winter; maybe my hands are not gentle enough, but I can also pick up the dust of the world! If fate arranges us together, I will cherish you. !

36. I don't remember badly, but I always think of you; I don't have good eyesight, but I always want to see you; I don't sleep well, but I always dream of you; I have poor patience, but I always love you. I will always love you!

37. A silly, I have a crazy heart, I am looking forward to your forgiveness! If you are not angry, can you call me? . . I don't know what to do at this moment, I can't see your message, I can't hear you. So quiet! My heart is breaking!

38. In this life, love is a butterfly. Where does it fly, where is the beauty? Love is a lucky bird, where it stops, where luck is brought. My love is here, and I will never leave.

39. Everything is in the past, only you have the same status in my heart, although I don’t know what to call you, lover, or friend, but I know that you can’t! I love you!

40. As long as there is a hint of disappointment, even if a fool can do suicide, I will not hesitate to do it.

41. We are not suitable for being a couple again. I am tired of running so far every day to see you. I am tired of sending you home at night. I want you to be my wife, so we can Every day again.

42. If you are cold, I will hold you in my arms; if you are worried, I will wipe away tears for you; if you love me, I want to broadcast to the world... I just want to give you my true love.

43. I don't have much words! There is only one sentence to tell you: with you, you are everything! Without you, everything is you!

44. Don't ask me how deep I love you, I can't really tell. I only know that you have become an indispensable habit. I can not eat or sleep, but I can't miss you.

45. For a long time, I can't bear to talk about it; I have been looking for a suitable opportunity. Today, I can't help but tell you: hurry to find a lover, stay away from troubles and enjoy sweetness! If you like, just look for me!

46. ​​At the moment I turned around, I suddenly realized that I should be more careful, more powerful, and more bully! Although I can't give you the world, but my world, I will give you all!

47. I hope to lock the Yellow River, I hope to lock the Yangtze River, you are by my side! I hope there is no parting, I hope not to think about it, but I hope to light up the stars and go to earth with you!

48. You are happy and worry-free, really infatuated with you, worried about your heartache, but also sad and heartbroken, do not dare to change your heart, do not be suspicious, have been tempted to you!

49. On the grassland of love, there is a powerful hero boy, with his sweetheart galloping; your long hair is a thousand turns, covering my tent, our story is passed down by the stars, and the lonely rainbow flashes nine colors.

50. Your heart is still so kind, bless me, I feel bad, even if I feel sad, I don't regret to love you. I just regret that I didn't have a good time to love you when I owned you. I didn't give you much sweet memories. Really blame!

51. I have a word to tell you: I like you. If you accept, returning a newsletter will make me happy; if I don't accept it, don't go back to the newsletter and make me sad; I didn't receive your reply, I will be ashamed and embarrassed to reply.

52. Every time I say a breakup, I don’t really want to break up. I just hope that dear one can love me more. Maybe I am too greedy, I only know how to ask, I don't know how to love someone. However, this time I really understand, I will learn to pay, and give me the chance to love you once again?

53. It is my goal to love you. It is my task to hurt you. Protecting you is my business. Giving heart to you is what I have to do now. Expressing my love is a matter of urgency!

54. The heart wants you to hear, love wants you to see, not afraid to admit how much you love you; when you miss you, I hope you can receive my true message.

55. Love is a sincere display, I will be exposed to you; love is a persistent emotion, I will temporarily hold it around you; love is an eternal vow, I will accompany you all my life; I only want to see it every day. To your smile.

56. Maybe my childish stab hurts your heart! Don't torture yourself with the painful past! I don't hurt your heart! You don't always say that you can "stay in the prime minister"?


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