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Sad sentence

1. After breaking up, I know how precious it is, but I can’t go back.

2. You ask me why I like you, but I don't know the answer.

3. I don't have to read. I must remember me. I don't have to be with me for a long time. I must not abandon me.

4. I don't have a good relationship, I can't let everyone like me.

5. You are a fishbone stuck in my throat, wanting me to hurt, asking me to feel uncomfortable, asking me not to swallow.

6. Forgive me for being afraid of pain but stubbornly not hitting the south wall and not looking back

7. I miss you without any doubt, but you don’t understand

8. The wind determines the direction of the dandelion, you decide my sadness

9. I am defeated because I have no place in your heart.

10. Why do two people need to agree to separate but only use one person to make a decision?

11. Everything is bleak, and the heart is not tired.

12. I am willing to draw the ground for you, I am in prison and you are getting old.

13. Maturity is not the heart is getting old but the tears are spinning in the eyes but still smiling

14. I always feel that I am strong, even if it hurts, I still let myself smile happily in front of you!

15. Know why I am not sad? Because I am used to smiling.

16. Once, in that afternoon, your bright smile touched me, so I resolutely took your hand. Under the misty moonlight, listen to the singing of the insects; in the swaying autumn wind, you give me a fairy tale of love! Meet each other, and keep it for the rest of your life; promised to love one's life! However, how long does it last? Love, How long is it?

17. Why is your love gradually changing color? I don't expect too much. I only want simple life, don't die to live love, just wait for each other! Why, these, you have never felt? Your love is vigorous, you The love is a squally shower! I am just a weak grass, can not withstand the turbulent waves, I only ask for simple and ordinary life, no pain, no wind and rain!

18. I thought I have done a good job, I will not cry, I will not be sad again... However, at the moment you come, I still can’t smile, it’s still painful! It’s like ice, it’s tight layer by layer. It surrounded my heart and made me feel the temperature. I tried to open the tough ice and tried to smile, but it was a frowning brow. The sadness that I have tried to abandon in the past few days has come to you in front of you!

19. Can't walk into each other's heart, can't melt into each other's souls, and break up may be the best choice. Although the pain is, after all, it is relief! The invisible pain is hidden in the corner, and from then on, you and I will never see it again!

20. I wait and wait patiently, but you hide me like a hide and seek.

21. Over and over again, on this winter afternoon, I sorted out my emotions. In the blurred mirror, I saw a fuzzy smile...

22. Two people, if they are better, it is a kind of containment, that is, a torture.

23. I dare not say that I still miss you, worried that the export will be a light joke.

24. I have forgotten you after the betrayal. I don't have so much brain memory left for you!

25. Not every time I go back to the capital, someone waiting for you, not every time I reach out, someone will help you.

26. I am thinking of you in a place you can't see. Who are you with where I can't see?

27. Can you not put a love song, the voice is so lonely...

28. If you are a tear in my eyes, then I will never cry.

29. Don't blame me for leaving without returning. Ok, I don't want to leave, how can you cherish me?

30. Every beautiful scenery will have an end, and memories will have a ridiculous day, as long as I was there.

31. If one day my thoughts on you are overwhelming, I will prove that I should take medicine.

32. After breaking up, how do you want me to see you as a friend and fall in love again?

33. You will meet other women and she will raise the case with me and I will have the man next to me.

34. It was you who first approached me. Why are you reluctant to be me?

35. The so-called strangeness is that you regard me as the air, I regard you as glass.

36. Don't blame men for smoking, don't blame women for drinking. Smoking people have stories. People who drink alcohol have something to worry about.

37. If you can't have it, the only thing you can do is left – don't forget.

38. I especially admire the lie that is not yours, but the spirit of your death.

39. Happiness came so suddenly, I forgot how to catch it.

40. I found that I am gradually unable to face the other people’s eyes.

41. When a man says "I'm sorry" to a woman, then the woman will lose completely.

42. If you dare to find a junior, I will dare to run with others!

43. The number of the yellow-cress spurs the willows, please the creek--the stalks of the flowers are born in the Linye Temple.

44. Do you think that my name will know my story?

45. I saw through the world and I can’t see people’s hearts.

46. ​​You and your timid dog, I am as light as I am.

47. Loneliness is different from emptiness, and people who do not feel empathy will not understand.

48. I can't reach the perfection you want, I can't believe in your promised Zeng Nuo.

49. Love is a gamble that cannot afford to lose.

50. The best lesson we can get from the white stupid human stupidity is: don't anger yourself to oppose it.

51. In order to build a family of love, you must first have the idea of ​​loving your family.

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