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Say goodbye

1. The tears of the fare are the sea, and the reunion is the sail. Parting is to meet again. Parting is to meet again. Dear colleagues, I wish you all the best in doing things with the attitude of a successful person. Dear colleagues, I wish you all the best in doing things with the attitude of a successful person.

2. In a person's life, there are many things that cannot be stopped. Just as you can't stop the pace of time, you can't stop the upcoming parting and disappointment. The sadness of the lingering and parting is slowly rising, but at the moment, my heart is calm, and the blessings of each other will slowly fill our hearts. In the future, my friends, more confident, you will succeed!

3. More than three hundred days and nights, a lot of laughter and hard work, a colleague with shining youthful brilliance keeps appearing in front of my eyes, so familiar, so nostalgia, I will remember Those who live with you, although they may not always contact in the future, although they may not be able to do something for their colleagues in the future, if they meet, they will certainly remember the days of working together...

4. Everyday work, work, casual, plain, casual nod, casual greetings, inadvertently, familiarity with the original life, does not seem to spend too much time and process, maybe this is a friend Fate, I don’t get much time, and occasional chats are short-lived, but I think of them as a kind of friendship between friends and relatives. Maybe there are not many places worth remembering, but I will put these in the drawer of memory. In the occasion, I will take it out of time!

5. Friends are always heart-to-heart, and intimate friends are worth a thousand dollars. Under the light, thinkers and friends, small news, good news. If you see a friend, if you see someone, don’t forget your heart.

6. Gathering and parting seem to be the notes that never stop in life, like a cup of bitter coffee, leaving bitterness in the mouth, and the scent of glycol is accompanied by the precipitation of the years, and will remain in my memory forever!

7. The mood is always updated, you can't always worry, you can relax your mind, you don't bother with trivial matters, your parents should be filial, your friends should be sincere, your loved ones should be careful, your work should be bothersome, you must always be happy, others will be relieved, and wish you happiness every day!

8. On July 17th, the cleaning day reminds you to wash: wash your hair, don't make mistakes; wash your face, reduce wrinkles; wash your hands, have wealth; wash your feet, good luck! Wash from top to bottom, from Wash it inside and out... Wash it healthier!

9. Don't say cherish, don't say goodbye, just like this, leave silently. I hope that in the golden autumn, the fruit of friendship will hang down the rich fruit.

10. When you step on the platform and walk away from here, you know that I am so worried, there are a thousand words in my heart, but I can only condense deeply into you; I am so sad but will not say it.

11. Fly, geese! Reinvigorate your healthy wings. Waiting in front of you will not always be rainstorms and bad waves. There is also a sincere friendship in this world, and you are supporting a peaceful lake swing.

12. Constant thoughts and blessings resonate deeply in each other's hearts.

13. Waving goodbye and sailing, what you have to do, is the cable of the friendship you throw, which is firmly tied to my heart.

14. The flaming pink glow after the rain, the sincere friendship is not after, the water is not blocked by the stone, the friendship is not because of the distance.

15. There will be too many words to be said, and a thousand words will be used as a sentence.

16. I smiled and smiled with you today, and I hope that I will meet you with a smile. Classic quotation

17. Gather together and two. Gathering is the agglutination of power, and scattered is the bright seeding.

18. Before the court, the flowers bloom, the honor and disgrace are not shocked, and the sky is clouded and clouded, and it is unintentional.

19. The blue sky is full of white clouds, that is the contempt of my heart; but my mind is as clear as the sky, because I thought of a reunion.

20. Parting is temporary, sharing life is forever, parting with each other, making our love more hot.

21. It is because of the joy of gathering, because if there is a double joy, then I would rather suffer more.

22. Silently broke up, just as they met silently. May the warm breeze here give you my deep blessings and prayers.

23. You leave the image of the flower, you leave the fragrance of the flower, and you leave the hope of our common watering. Think of you, my years are always bright, always Fangfei.

24. You have never given me a look back, but I am always smiling at you.

25. Your figure is a sail. My eyes are rivers. How many times I want to keep you, I can't stop. I know that the most rare thing in the world is friendship. What is more precious is freedom.

26. Your happiness is well known to everyone, and my wolf is nowhere to be seen.

27. Your parting smile is only a short moment, but it is taken on my negative film, but it is eternal. I always put it in the palm of my thoughts, the image is so real, so clear!

28. You walk the bridge and I walk underground.

29. With your sincere love and versatility, even if you are far away from your homeland, you can't find a friend who knows what to do. No matter where fate takes us, the bond of friendship will always connect us.

30. It is a pleasure to know you. It is pain to leave you. In the days of separation, supporting me is a deep hope for the joy of reunion.

31. Waiting for the rain is the fate of the umbrella's life; the newsletter is dripping, not worried about you, the heart is itching; in the wind and rain, the blessings are all over the sky; the weather is fine, graffiti on your face. The heat is coming, the rain is ruthless, take care of yourself!

32. My friend, we have to be separated for the time being. If I cherish the treasure, I will not say it anymore. In the night that I want to go, I try to cast a few small morning stars; although not much light, it can make those who are early.

33. On the road of life, there are too many footprints left, deep and shallow. Maybe such an experience is rich, but sometimes I prefer to be flat and indifferent, but I can’t always have such a calm mind. Go to things that I don't want to face, don't want to know!

34. Castle Peak does not change the long flowing green water, and it will be a chance! There will be a period!

35. The earth is round, and today’s parting is for the reunion of his day.

36. I used to think, Tao Li is tired; today I am going to Yang, Yang Liu Yiyi.

37. Quietly you are gone, just as you come quietly, you handed a letter of departure, did not take away a class, really TM is not enough.

38. It’s a bit difficult to leave, but it’s not awkward; it’s a little regrettable, but not pessimistic. Because we have the hope of meeting together in comfort.

39. Dear friends, please don’t be upset, and be careful when you leave. Blooming the most gorgeous smile, giving tomorrow a more beautiful dream.

40. Quietly you are gone, just as you come quietly; you wave your sleeves, didn't take away a MM, buddy, thank you in your heart!

41. Meet again, don't leave again; the autumn wind blows the wilderness, the first phase only for a while. I will cherish your friendship and look forward to the moment of meeting.

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