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The latest topic of chatting with girls

Whether it is a conversation, a blind date, a date. Many times we face situations where we have nothing to do with a girl we like or a friend we know. So now there are many people who deliberately pay attention to some life anecdotes, jokes, gossip news to increase the amount of money with girls. Many friends who have contacted the PUA community will deliberately look for some "conventions" and "speech" to use these as a master key when interacting with girls. In fact, we make friends and smash the world. The most important thing is to show a good self. You don't have to pay attention to things you don't like in order to cater to others' preferences. On the contrary, we need to know how to find interesting, touching and able to build our own good impressions in our lives.

Tools/raw materials

Storytelling can't be casually talked about, social stories, especially dating with girls, blind date, time to talk, and so on. We need the positive and positive values ​​that we need to convey the story. Establish a good image in the hearts of others. So we need to put in the story some small wedges that can show this.

There are a number of features that need to be covered in our story. These characteristics are the choice preferences that women make during the long evolutionary process. As long as we cover these features in our story, we will attract women who listen to our stories to a certain extent. These choices include:

- pre-selection

- the will and ability to protect the lover


- male leader

- a successful adventurer

- Love travel

- willing to express emotions

--social circle

Method / step

The first step: find out your story material

We have some stories and experiences that can be packaged into high-value stories. We actually just need to sit down and think about it, then write them down. Think about stories that you would say or have said to your friends, family, and colleagues. Go and see your previous photos, or space, Weibo or something, to recall some of the interesting moments and adventures of the past. Your personal DHV story can be anything in your life, they can be any time you ever:

- What interesting things have been done with a girl?

- Do something that you should not do or even avoid

——What interesting, horrible, exciting things happened during the trip?

——Responsible for controlling or holding a situation

- courageously argue with others in order to maintain someone

- What exciting things have been organized?

——What kind of people have supported

——Resolved what awkward scenes

- What has been so touching and warmhearted?

- What spontaneous, unconscious things have been done

——What have you done to make you proud of yourself?

- What interesting/horrible/exciting things have you seen?

Any humorous, emotional, and emotional details will add points, describing some of the past social events that are a good choice. They have both a humorous release effect and a full emotional tension in the description.

Of course, if we can't find any subject matter that comes from our own lives, we can also look at the Metropolitan Anecdote Encyclopedia for inspiration. Until we started to "high quality lifestyle."

Step 2: Write your story in the form of points

Wait until you have prepared your story material and write the basic framework in each story. Don't write like a word like a novel. Just write the basic plot in a certain order of development. For example, I have a story about how my brother hit his truck. This story is very long, and it takes a certain amount of time to finish it all. But the point can be like this:

- The story happened after the date with XX, took her back home

——The younger brother called at 4 in the morning and did not answer the phone in the early hours of the morning, but strangely he would not call at this time.

- The younger brother said that he ran into a deer. I asked for a position and then got up and rushed over.

——XX is a little angry, I told her that my brother was in a car accident, XX also wanted to go, but I let her stay at home and wait for me.

- I keep driving, but because the road is very icy, the car has been slipping.

- Finally found the accident site, the brother's car is completely unrecognizable, rolled a few laps, the car has been completely deformed, and the two wheels do not know where to fly.

- I ran over to call his name, and finally found him, he was trying to put the tires back

- He told me that he wants to put the wheel back and then drive home again.

——I took him to the hospital for examination. I am very glad that my brother is just a little concussion, and then there is some bruises and bruises on his body.

——We only stayed in the hospital for a few hours, so thank you for the emergency department of the hospital.

- On the way home, my brother told me to stop and buy a pack of cigarettes. He took 20 knives from his pocket and gave it to me.

- Because I haven’t touched the car accident, I still have some time to calm down, and I went to the store without looking at the money until I have to check out.

- When I gave the bloody cash to the cashier, he looked at me like a madman.

- I smiled at him and said, "What night is it, I can't remember." The clerk must have thought that I killed a lot of people.

Find some high-value details and implant them in

Your high-value details should be embedded in the story. Implant those attractive details. Looking at the story in the second step, we can find:

- I was on a date [pre-selection]

- I helped, protected, and saved my brother, when he needed me [protecting the people around him]

- The younger brother thinks that he can drive the car into a twisted car. I used the bloody knife to scare the cashier [humor].

Our high-value materials don't need to be like what a rock star lives like. When people want to write stories, they always go to this line of thought. You don't have to think about what you drive through a burning car, and then take your kung fu master friend heroically to rescue a beautiful stripper and a few poodles she raised. Your high-value materials are never the main content of the story. And remember not to let people feel that you are showing off yourself, but you can boast of your friends.

High-value material should be something that is casual and inadvertently mentioned when you tell a story.

There is no need to craze too much high-value material for a female attraction switch in a story. Generally two or three are enough to make the story appealing. But if you feel that some high-value material is missing from your story. Can be exaggerated, add some packaging. For example, the girl who is with you is not your newly infatuated girl but your ex-girlfriend, or you have encountered such a situation before, so it is only a little worried, even if you are actually scared to pee. Or the man who wants to tease your girlfriend doesn't threaten you, but sits down or apologizes. When we make the practice, we can exaggerate the facts. Women often do this. It is just a part of flirting.

Be careful with low value/reject low value

Low value display [low value]. Low value is the opposite of high value. They will reveal to your goal that you are not a man of high value and will make her feel that you are not attractive. Many men are even unaware of how low they are when they say to women that they have only a few friends. Or what they have not been in love for a long time. Or when they talk about some of their friends’ anecdotes. Etc., etc.

You need to be wary of not having anything that makes her feel uncomfortable in your story, or not having any of the DHV materials described above, or anything that conveys your bad social intuition. such as:

- Anything involving bad body fluids, what kind of nose, excrement, vomit, etc.

- Any behavior that you have shown in the past for a woman, an elderly person, a child, or a practitioner in the service industry that does not respect or is in the opposite direction. Like yelling at your girlfriend

- Any happiness you have built on the suffering of others. For example, your sister's prom dress is damaged and you are laughing at it.

- Anything you have ever done will be considered offensive or illegal social common sense. For example, I’ve been stalking a woman’s newsletter.

- Complain or ridicule your friend or predecessor. For example, you always put a knife on your friends, but when you need friends, they always avoid.

- Any execution of someone else's orders or obeying others' opinions

- Anything that connects you to people with low value, low level interest

So I removed the bloody description after the car accident in the story mentioned above, and XX was angry when I was leaving.


When making your own custom stories, remember that many of your stories are used in very noisy situations, such as bars or nightclubs. So when you say it needs to be louder. Then if it is a long story, it is very easy to be interrupted by various emergencies in the process you said, or your goal will be lost with patience and interest. Your DHV story should be as short and lean as possible.

Below is the basic structure of a good high-value story

- Several sentences that lift people's curiosity, such as the most horrible thing in my life last weekend.

- Some sentences that can hold their curiosity. In the first three to four sentences you should say something interesting, fascinating or DHV implants. If you are like this, even if you are interrupted, or have to stop. At least you have already caused people's curiosity, and your target combination may be very curious to know the rest.

- A few sentences can describe what happened and that it creates tension at the same time, bringing her into the story little by little. You can use pauses, change your tone, describe your feelings at the time, and more. Gradually bring her into the story so she can feel the emotions and feelings in the story. Create tension with humor and excitement.

- Remember to release tension at the end, such as what you have learned, or an exciting ending

- Add a sub-package and release to combine the good emotions she has already produced. This can be very casual. Anyway, people don't mind listening to a few interesting stories, which will make people really think that you are a humorous person. It's not just to evaluate you, he is the one who said the interesting story.

So look back at the previous example. I tried to remove the way to find the way to go, what XX because I also want to come with me and argue with me. Because these are not the focus of the story, but I will try to be as concise as possible. Because many times you will find that the less you say, the more people you listen to.

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