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a good sentence for the motherland

1. Who does not belong to his own country, then he does not belong to humanity. - Belinsky

2. To die for the motherland, that is the most beautiful fate! - Dumas

3. Love the motherland above all else. - Chopard

4. What is the highest morality of mankind? That is the heart of patriotism. - Napoleon

5. Patriotism is the primary virtue of a civilized person. - Napoleon

6. Even if the world gives me treasures and honors, I am not willing to leave my country. Because even though my motherland is in shame, I still like, love, and bless my motherland. - "Hungary" 裴多菲

7. Love the motherland, this is the purest, most sensitive, noblest, strongest, gentlest, most ruthless, most gentle, and most harsh feelings. A person who truly loves the motherland is a real person in every respect...-Suhollinski

8. Chang Sifen does not care about the body, but the national urgency. —— Sima Qian

9. Dajiang songs turn their heads to the east, and the secret group is poor. The wall of the wall has broken through the wall for ten years. —— Zhou Enlai

10. When a person is trusted by the public, he should see himself as the property of the public. —— Jefferson

11. The scabbard protects the sharpness of the knife, and it is itself satisfied with its sluggishness. —— Tagore

12. Those who do not give freedom to others should not be freed by themselves, and they cannot be kept free in the long run under the rule of a just God. - Lincoln

13. Wind, rain, reading, and sound. Family affairs, state affairs, world affairs, everything is concerned. - Gu Xiancheng, Ming Dynasty politician

14. If the individual is on his own, if he is outside the collective relationship and is outside the scope of any great idea of ​​uniting the people, he will become a lazy, conservative, and hostile to life. —— Gorky

15. Individuals in society are equal to the cells of the body. It is necessary to have a healthy body. Needless to say, every cell must be sound. —— Wen Yiduo

16. Every student learns and knows everything, so that the country is rich and strong, and is independent of the outside world. —— Zhan Tianyou

17. The unity of the working class is the primary prerequisite for the victory of the workers. —— Marx

18. Patriotism is a deep feeling of solidarity for one’s own country that has been consolidated for thousands of years. - Lenin

19. Study for the rise of China. ——Zhou Enlai

20. I am the son of the Chinese people. I love my country and people with deep affection. ——Deng-Xiao-Ping

21. China’s only national soul is the most valuable. Only when he carries forward, Chinese talents have made progress. - Lu Xun

22. The people are not only entitled to patriotism, but patriotism is an obligation and a glory. ——Xu Teli

23. The world is rising and falling, and the husband is responsible. ——Gu Yanwu

24. Chang Sifen does not care about the body, but the national urgency. - Sima

25. Science has no national boundaries, but scientists have national boundaries. - Pavlov

26. Patriotism and the hatred of the enemy are multiplied by multiplication - only such patriotism can lead to victory. -- Ostrovsky

27. Patriotism should be the same as loving one's own home. For the sake of the country, not only at the expense of property, but also at the expense of life, it is also at all. This is the great meaning of the country. - Fukuzawa Yuki, Japanese thinker

28. How great is the power of patriotism! In front of it, what is the meaning of human love and sorrow, what is it? In front of it, what is the person itself? —— Chernyshevsky

29. Patriotism is one of the deepest feelings that have been fixed for thousands of years to one’s own country. - Lenin

30. Without a hard time out of the door, saving the country is a strong heart; it is said that the East is backward, and there are yellow people in Asia. —— Wu Yuzhang

31. Don't over-indulge in freedom, freedom without restriction, and its harm and danger are many. —— Krylov

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