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Lincoln's famous sayings

1. Victory is the toughest person.

2. Waiting is much harder than doing things.

3. Be confident and take control of your future.

4. Don't sink, you can choose to rise in any environment.

5. The goal must be clear and the beliefs must be firm.

6. Only by doing it yourself can you know if you can succeed.

7. Be a truly brave and fearless person.

8. Fight fear instead of shrinking.

9. The loser is allowed to fail, and the winner creates success.

10. Do not dare to "hard work", do not doubt yourself.

11. There is nothing impossible—“no way” or “impossible” is often an excuse for mediocrity and lazy people.

12. The most important thing is to be able to adhere to principles at key moments.

13. People who are patient have no advantage.

14. When you are sure that you cannot break through, the first thing you have to choose is waiting.

15. If you have no choice, then bravely meet.

16. Responsibility, honor, country!

17. As long as you don't admit defeat, you have a chance!

18. Develop abilities in all areas, including the ability to withstand tragic fates.

19. Impulsiveness is by no means a true hero.

20. Dare to overcome all fears!

21. Those who are eager to learn will become great.

22. In fact, education is an early habit.

23. The best thing in life is his friendship with others.

24. Always remember that your own determination to succeed is more important than anything else.

25. Remember to stay calm when the road to life is steep.

26. I am a slow person, but never back.

27. I don't know who my grandfather is. What I care more about is what kind of person his grandson will become.

28. Don't be resentful, be compassionate, let us work together to accomplish the work we are doing.

29. For bad promises, violations are better than compliance.

30. What we care about is not whether you have failed, but whether you have no complaints about failure.

31. Giving others freedom and maintaining their freedom is equally a noble cause.

32. A person can only shine in the torrent of great times, his life will shine.

33. Those who do not give freedom to others should not be freed by themselves, and they cannot be kept free in the long run under the rule of a just God.

34. You can deceive all people at certain times, or deceive some people at all times, but you must never deceive everyone at all times.

35. The spirit of dedication is more important than the personal prestige.

36. Adapt to the environment, not let the environment adapt to you!

37. After rigorous training is the only way to improve oneself.

38. Speed ​​determines success or failure.

39. Don't be afraid of crazy ideas, as long as you are willing to work hard.

40. First of all, we must build self-confidence.

41. I want to thank the adversity and suffering in life!

42. Take the initiative to train yourself and develop a decisive personality.

43. Act now, without delay.

44. The horror of reality is far less terrible than the horror of imagination.

45. This kind of talent is in great demand in the world, and they can overcome all kinds of obstacles to complete tasks under any circumstances.

46. ​​What we have to do is to let the discipline guard the West Point, not the instructor to monitor the students at all times.

47. The devil is hidden in the details, never ignore any details.

48. Never condone yourself and make excuses for yourself.

49. Even a little restraint on oneself will make people stronger and stronger.

50. In order to win, maybe you have to do something you don't want to do.

51. Learn to endure unfairness and learn to do your duty.

52. As long as you fully believe in yourself, no difficulty can be long enough.

53. Any individual, when the crisis comes, must think of breaking the rules.

54. I will not necessarily win, but I will act in good faith. I am not necessarily successful, but I will always hold my faith. I will stand side by side with anyone who is upright. When he is right, I will give support; when he is wrong, I am willing to win, but I am sincere. I don't necessarily want to succeed, but I must do what I say and do. I will be side by side with the righteous gentleman, it is what it is, it is not what it is.

55. I may not be steadfast in winning, but I will always be honest. I don't necessarily succeed, but I don't forget the truth in my heart. I am standing side by side with the people of integrity in the world, knowing that they are supportive, knowing what they are and leaving.

56. If I just tried to read it—not to answer all the attacks on me, it would be better to close the door and do other business. I try to do it in the best way, do as much as I can, and I plan to do it all the time. If the result proves that I am right, then it doesn't matter if people say me; if the result proves that I am wrong, then even if I spend ten times the strength, I am right, it is useless.

57. The ability and interest in reading gives us the opportunity to know everything that others have discovered. It helps us understand the problems that have been solved. Not only that, but it also caused us to have fun, enabling us to successfully explore those unresolved issues.

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