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1. The journey of a gentleman, quietly to cultivate, to cultivate morality, not indifferent to Mingzhi, non-quiet and far-reaching. - Zhuge Liang

2. We should not waste our lives and should be able to say: "I have done what I can do." - Mrs. Curie

3. We are the masters of the country and should be considered for the country everywhere. - Lei Feng

4. The value of life is not measured by time, but by depth. --Leo Tolstoy

5. A person should only think of one thing at a time and persevere, so that there is hope for it. But I think everything, and I can't catch anything. Every time I find out that when a thing I am looking for is at your fingertips, I am pursuing something else. too late. - Andrew Gard

6. Those who are modest, happy, and sincere, and who are patient with patience, are very fortunate. - Seneca

7. We serve the motherland, and we cannot all use the same method. Everyone should do everything they can according to their qualifications. - Goethe

8. Life is not a pleasure, but a very heavy job. --Leo Tolstoy

9. When asking for help, it is easier to ask the poor than to ask the rich. - Chekhov

10. Believe in yourself before others will believe in you. -Roman Roland

11. A person's life may burn or decay, I can't decay, I am willing to burn! - Ostrovsky

12. Life is like a story. The important thing is not how long it is, but how good it is. - Seneca

13. People can only devote themselves to society in order to find out the meaning of life that is actually short-lived and risky. - Einstein

14. Famous artists are constrained by fame, so their earliest works are often the best. - Beethoven

15. Honesty, the knot of the world is also - "Mozi"

16. Lost, you may stand up right away, lose faith, you may never recover - Franklin

17. Let us buy his honesty, this kind of person sells his reputation - Wolff

18. Pick up people by letter, believe in the world; don't pick up people by letter, wife suspects - Yang Quan

19. If you want others to be honest, you must first be honest – Shakespeare

20. Honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom - Jefferson

21. The beauty of a word, expensive in the money - Ge Hong

22. To be honest with people, people should be honest and honest - Cheng Hao

23. Honest, the way of heaven is also true; the person who believes in the truth, the way of man also - Mencius

24. Insufficient letter, good faith - "Pipe"

25. Sincerely, the stone is open - Wang Chong

26. Those who are weak will not be honest - La Rochefli

27. False sincerity, more terrible than the devil - Tagore

28. Husband makes a lot of money, and it’s not easy to get a thousand dollars.

29. People’s letter is not known - Liu Xiang

30. The amount of work is the best wealth. Young people who don’t have accumulated their talents, they can’t be losers.

31. Honesty is the foundation of people - Lu Xun

32. Deception can only be a moment, and integrity is a long-term strategy - John Ray

33. People who help, believe also - "Zhou Yi"

34. Do not believe not to stand, not to be honest - say it

35. Don’t bully inside, don’t bully outside – Master Hongyi

36. Treating people with sincerity, not being beneficial to others, benefiting others

37. Life cannot make brilliant flowers from lies - Heine

38. Honesty is the noblest thing a person can keep - Chaucer

39. Losing integrity means that the enemy has destroyed himself - Shakespeare

40. Ma Xian tamed and then sought good, people first believe and then seek energy - "Junnanzi"

41. Not treasured gold jade, and faithful believes that treasure - "Book of Rites"

42. Honest and diligent, you should be your permanent companion - Franklin

43. Only honesty can break the falsehood of the world, but it can break the world’s emptiness

44. Misfortunes are greater than no trust - Fu Xuan

45. You don't have to make a single statement, you don't have to think about it, you can go with sincerity and sincerity, and you will have your own words for a long time.

46. ​​When the amount disappears, the body has no life - Dumas

47. Honesty is better than all wisdom, and it is the basic condition of resourcefulness – Kant’s “Enduring Peace”

48. If you don’t believe it, you can’t do it – Mozi

49. The amount is very difficult to lose, and the amount of time spent on the accumulation of ten years is often lost due to a moment’s words and deeds - Ikeda Daisaku

50. Sincerity is the opening of the mind - La Roche Fuco

51. The people do not believe in standing - Confucius

52. The truth is that half is often a big lie - Franklin

53. People who think they are smart often do not end well. The smartest people in the world are honest people, because only honest people can stand the test of facts and history. Zhou Enlai

54. Honesty is the lifeblood of life and the foundation of all values ​​- Dreiser

55. Xiaoxin Cheng is a big letter - Han Feizi

56. No honesty, dignity - Cicero

57. People have no faith, can not stand in the world - Cheng Hao

58. Honest people must be trustworthy to themselves, and his last patronage is sincerity - Emerson

59. Anyone who lie is given no one even believes in straight words - Aesop

60. Honesty and diligence, you should be your permanent companion - Franklin

61. Honesty is a symbol of strength, it shows a person’s high self-esteem and inner security and dignity – Irene Cather

62. Going on the path of honesty and honesty, there will be a conscience--the home of Gorky

63. I would rather win the attack of one hundred enemies with sincerity, and I would not like to win the praise of ten friends with hypocrisy.

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