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Missing childhood sentences

1. The stories of childhood are colorful, and the stories of childhood are wonderful. In the colorful childhood, many interesting things are like colorful stones, and the bits and pieces are dotted with the colors of childhood, which makes us endlessly reminiscent and infinite imagination.

2. Childhood is a beautiful painting. I use my dexterous hands to portray the years as pieces of color and dance between my fingers.

3. The greatness of my mother's love for me made me have to work hard to verify that this love is worthwhile.

4. Childhood is the cornerstone that lays the future of life; childhood is happiness, sings the music of life; childhood is the coordinate, recording the starting point of life.

5. Childhood is a boat carrying countless happiness; childhood is a sweet candy; childhood is a beautiful secret garden. Childhood, how familiar is a name. Inadvertently, I couldn't help but miss the colorful childhood. I want to go back to my childhood!

6. After the bell rings, I just stepped into the small threshold of the country and flew out of the classroom like Xiaoyan, running on the playground, chasing on the slide, or quietly squatting in the sand pit to find the one. Colored small stones.

7. Childhood is like a cup of strong coffee, which makes me memorable. Childhood is a fruit tree, which bears the fruits of laughter and friendship.

8. The power of motherhood outweighs the laws of nature.

9. Childhood is a serenade, long and long, childhood is a landscape painting, so that you will always appreciate.

10. Childhood is like tea, mellow and strong; childhood is like water, clear and pure; childhood is picturesque, vivid and beautiful... childhood, beautiful memories, fantasy sky. In the meantime, there are always countless beautiful, bright, all-weather "North Stars" to make your childhood better. Recalling my childhood, people are fascinated, and the "Battlestar" of the "sky" is also a nostalgia. But the most interesting thing is to count the matter.

11. Everyone wants to have many happy things when I was in my childhood. I am no exception. One of my childhood fun things in my grandmother’s grandmother’s house is in my mind, like the sand in the desert. countless.

12. This is a stupid thing that I did when I was a child, that is, memorable and stupid. I will never forget it. Maybe this is my unique childhood, my unique childhood fun.

13. The head of the awning is learned from the dying, and the side of the berry is seen. The passers-by borrowed from the distance and were afraid of being shocked.

14. Childhood fun is like a starry sky, dazzling and dazzling. I will choose the brightest "star" for everyone to see! This star can make everyone "smile straight"!

15. Although the world is very big, the time is very fast, and there is always a hometown dream in my heart, the bitterness of childhood, the joy of childhood, the footsteps of childhood, and the smiling face of the red sun. And the secret of the unknown childhood in the flying sand, the milestones of success or failure, the childhood game is a landscape that lasts forever.

16. Remember? We stepped on the green grass with bare feet to chase the colorful butterflies and watch them fly up and down. Running on the slate, the head is also decorated with a garland of dog tail grass. We like to play hide and seek, and the beautiful skirt dances with the wind. Are you now recalling our bits and pieces?

17. Childhood is the wind, blowing the clouds; childhood is the cloud, turning into the rain of the new spring; childhood is the rain, nourishing the newborn flower; childhood is the flower, with me watching the sunset.

18. The new semester began, and everything was revived: the birds sang in the branches, sang songs that swayed, the red fish swam in the pool, and the radio on campus sang all day long. When I came to the new class, it seemed so cheerful everywhere. The classmates are all passionate, vying to play with me and vying to be my friend. When we are in class, we play ball, jump rope, kick the shuttlecock, go fishing together on Sunday, how happy it is.

19. And when I was swimming in my childhood dreams, I really wanted to pick up the fragrant flowers by myself; open the box full of secrets, take out a secret; take off the lovable purple grapes... childhood Interesting things make me memorable!

20. I think that the screen is screaming and screaming, and the hand is painted with oil.

21. Childhood, a history of good history, the history of laughter and crying. Taste it with your heart, like a faint fragrant tea with a hint of scent.

22. Memories slowly began to erode reality. The joy of early years flooded in, and I wanted to know where strange and familiar partners were born. How are you doing now? Too many words to talk about, now only Would you like to ask if you are doing well? Remember your childhood partner?

23. Childhood is colorful, and interesting things can be seen everywhere. However, this incident always makes me linger, and it also brings me joy and adds color to my memories.

24. Looking back at what I was doing at the time, I feel silly now, but "stupid" reveals childhood innocence, tenderness, and the past days can no longer come back. Let us wave our hands and say goodbye to childhood. Goodbye. Childhood, goodbye to the immature me...

25. Dream back to childhood, childhood memories, the mountains are generally quiet, only the leaves of two yellow fruit, posted on the eyes, cool, cool.

26. I remember your teachings and proudly embarked on the fifth grade road. Responsibility makes me assist the class teacher to keep the class management in order. Among them, I have a puzzled relationship with the teacher; I am very lucky to touch. I have taught you a class teacher who is rich in teaching experience, reasonable in mind, and motivated. I let you know how to "get a little bit of harvest" and let me understand "success = 1% genius + 99% sweat" Fortunately, I became a small helper of a strict and well-educated Chinese language teacher; I am very fortunate to become an English pronunciation standard, and the English teacher who is responsible for teaching, under your tireless teaching, I will eventually achieve excellent English results. I also have a surprise; thank you, my math teacher, because of your teaching, your giving, will have me today.

27. Childhood is picturesque, and there are countless wonderful moments; childhood is like a song jumping with countless joyful notes; childhood is like a river; turning a carefree wave of joy, childhood is like a wonderful kaleidoscope that makes people immersed in pleasure forever— - The countless fantasies and silly childishness will be pieced together into one fun piece, and it will always laugh at the belly.

28. Childhood is a dream of floating on the clouds. Every night, before going to sleep, I dreamed that I was a beautiful fairy. White veil, high hair, and a large blue flower on the hand. Flying freely on the blue sky, with the wind sprinkling, the big flower falls into the dust...

29. Childhood is a dream, dreaming of a bridge of grandmother; childhood is a bridge, and then the road of the future; childhood is the way to keep us away from childhood. Childhood is the wind, blowing the clouds; the childhood is the cloud, the rain of the new year; the childhood is the rain, the first flowers are nourished; the childhood is the flower, accompanied by me watching the sunset.

30. Quietly leaving, gradually everything will become a memory, and then think of those past, think of those teachers, think of those classmates, can only laugh in the memories, can only cry in the memories. Dissipated, suddenly I felt that everything was empty, and suddenly I felt that everything was quiet.

31. I have many wonderful memories. They are like colorful shells on the beach, which make my childhood life beautiful and colorful. I remembered my father and mother taking me to the Guangzhou Zoo to see dolphins and sea lions when I was four years old. The dolphins will perform head-to-head and the dolphin's housekeeping skills will fly and jump; the sea lions will perform drumming and blowing horns, and the sea lions will dance. Do you believe it or not?

32. Six years ago, I was a child who was childish and ignorant. I followed my father and mother, and with respect to my alma mater, I admired the teacher and walked into the campus. In the past six years, I taught my cultural knowledge at my alma mater. Let me Like a sponge sucking the knowledge of the rain, giving me the constant knowledge of the moisture, the morality of the edification; you also taught me the truth of doing things, let me learn what is tolerance, what is tolerance, what is generous; six years However, the alma mater gave me too much, and the kindness is like the sea. How can we easily forget it?

33. An interesting thing that happened in my childhood life often brought me into good memories.

34. Childhood is the wind, blowing the clouds; childhood is the cloud, turning into the rain of the new spring; childhood is the rain, nourishing the flowers of the newborn; childhood is the flower, with me watching the sunset.

35. The days of childhood are bitter, but the children don’t understand the sufferings of the grown-ups. They can always find ways to find fun from the hardships, so we are always happy! We are like a little bird, free every day. Flying around, either looking for food, more is playing! When I grow up, remembering childhood, suffering is already fun!

36. I used to be very interested in songs. One day, a classmate’s head was very big. There was a chopstick and a bowl next to it. I suddenly thought of holding the chopsticks and knocking the classmate’s head. Singing while knocking: scrubbing and brushing... The whole class looked at me and laughed after a few seconds.

37. Childhood is a glass of wine in life. Childhood is a sweet dream. Childhood is our future dream!

38. Not all dreams come within reach; not all words can be told. Maybe it is joy; maybe it is sorrow; who can decide to go and stay! People will always fall in love with the old road when they are taking a new road, and the road is always in a ignorant way to fall in love with the old people. We shed tears, heavy tears of high salt, we will wave on the platform of the farewell, smile, just like this, turn around, do a good childhood gift to us, make a final Childhood travel.

39. The hot wind blew the "dog tail" grass, and the phoenix leaves rustled on the head. "I found one!" Suddenly, Li Yuxi screamed excitedly. We all looked at him "Shrimp?" We can't believe our eyes, a big one!

40. Childhood may be the tears that you no longer shed easily, sadness? Helpless! The wind is dry, but it still leaves traces. Childhood may be an innocent smile that you will not reveal, innocent? Cute! Passed away, but still Can exist in people's memory, childhood may be the dried flowers of life, realistic? Hey! Lost life, but eternal flower horror!

41. Years, a meteor through my dreamy heart, a poetic dream of elementary school life waved goodbye to me. No, my alma mater, my beloved alma mater!

42. Sometimes you will also prank and play with your own table and be the best friend. You will laugh at him wearing a down jacket and dressing up like a buns. You will fight with him and suddenly pretend to cry and see his helpless and anxious expression. You will be with the quiet, he will think about things in the afternoon and often can't stand the lonely mud. His thoughts are interrupted and then laughed. You will also look at his serious appearance in class, and watching his smooth skin can not help but want to reach out and pinch his face but was forced back by the eyes of the teacher. Time flies by, I want to tell you again that once he has changed, it has become complicated, it is unpredictable, it has changed too much, and I can no longer be from him. See the shadow of childhood.

43. As I grow older, the last thing I want to change is the love for my parents.

44. Poor chasing and smashing a group of chickens, flying dogs, jumping dogs, and feelings of restlessness, thinking that the screen is screaming, screaming, squeaking, squeaking, squeaking, squeaking

45. When childhood is over, there is a sadness and a hope in my heart.

46. ​​The child's clothes are asked: Who is coming back? Who is the time to win the battle?

47. The pure white clouds are the joyful past of us. The abundance of the lake is the true feelings of our fullness. The air that is stirring in the air is our dew-like laughter.

48. Childhood is like a big tree, full of beautiful memories; childhood is like a diary, full of happiness in memories, sadness, tears; childhood is like a cup of thick tea, so it is reminiscent. Beautiful childhood will be the most beautiful page in our life.

49. In the lost years, I am simple and happy. Needless to say, staring at the starry sky, do not have to say that hiding in the bed to sleep late, not to mention the excitement of imitating the star shooting, just sucking the sorbet and watching the comics on the street, the unparalleled simple happiness, Can make me feel good.

50. I can't imagine that my childhood has left me. This feeling is based on my parents' urging me to find a girlfriend. It turns out that I am an independent adult in their hearts. It’s really funny to have this feeling, and my childhood can finally find a girlfriend with “brightness and fairness”. I can't imagine it. It seems that yesterday, the teacher also stressed that "Don't fall in love." It turns out that "early love" and "love" are so close. Childhood ended in the absence of boundaries between youth and youth.

51. The language of the tooth is running east and west, and I can’t help but let go, I can’t help but stay in the head, brains, heads, brains, haha, you chase me, hurry, hug, and escape.

52. Childhood is a fascinating painting that outlines how many interesting stories I have; childhood, a melodious piccolo, how many pure and beautiful fantasy I have played; childhood, a beautiful jasmine, child The laughter of time is like the intoxicating aroma of jasmine, and the blossoming white petals seem to be a piece of memory. Childhood fun is the most unforgettable thing for me.

53. Seeing the autumn wind in Luoyang City, the writer wants to write a lot of books. The terrorism is in a hurry and the pedestrians are opening and opening.

54. When I had just finished eating and going to the playground in the kindergarten, I saw that a classmate’s mouth was very big. I really didn’t pay attention to it and I was shocked. I put the balloon from the teacher in his mouth and squeezed it by hand. The purpose is to let it fly, but who knows that he bite my balloon, making me cry. How are you, funny?

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