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2014 encourages the words of a lost person

1. When the true love of the past no longer exists, when the flower of emotion has been beaten by the winter rain, people are always used to sing on the branches of love, not the heart is still attached to the tenderness, Those who are waiting to hurt themselves are reluctant to change their minds, and they are determined to retaliate in the same way. But this is unwise, unobtrusive, and unlovable. The most appropriate method is to smile to him with a smile.

2. Give smile to those who have lost to us, leave tears to yourself, give blessings to those who have lost to us, leave pain to yourself, have no higher cultural qualities, no subtle insight into emotions, no right The loved one is from the heart of the love, who can smile and say goodbye? It is not easy to leave the smile to the average friend, it is even more difficult for those who have lost to us, because the person who hurts us the most may have been us. The most loved one, the more you pay, the more painful you are when you are hurt. However, we have to smile. composition

3. Feelings are very complicated things. We can't force others. When there are thousands of reasons for love, when we don't love, there are thousands of reasons why we can't stand it. Who can tell the mystery?

4. Who can make it clear, love has no solution, love is impermanent, can only smile and right, why bother others, and hurt yourself?

5. Maybe one day when you wake up, you suddenly find your smile, call back the former one, tell me your mood at the moment, maybe this is the return of smile?! Maybe one day when you wake up After suddenly I found out that there is such a person who smiles for you every day, then what about you?

6. Love is impermanent, but it is beautiful. Why don't we let love continue to be beautiful, why not let that ugly hate become beautiful?

7. Because I loved each other, smile for her and leave this shallow smile to the person who hurts you the most...

8. Don't be too tired, learn to free yourself.

9. Learning to appreciate yourself is equal to having the golden key to happiness. Appreciating yourself is not a self-respect, admiring yourself is not my own, admiring that I am not self-indulgent, admiring myself is not self-sufficient... I give myself some self-confidence and give myself A little happy, I smiled at myself, why is there no happiness in life?

10. Maybe everyone has their own ending. Or the pain at this time, the retribution should share the old age of the family. We are all small balls on the table of God, hit and hit, I don’t know who will fall into the bag.

11. Some things you like and will not belong to you, and some things you are nostalgic are also destined to give up.

12. Don't hang your grief on your mouth. Everyone has their own story. Living is not to miss yesterday, but to wait for hope, so that everyone can see your strength. You can live well if you leave him.

13. Don't say that your favorite person is who is still very long and who can't predict tomorrow.

14. There are flowers in spring and moon in autumn. There is a cool breeze in summer and snow in winter. If there is no trouble in your heart, it is a good time for this life!

15. When love is not there, please say goodbye to him. After all, I have loved it.

16. Living is not to miss yesterday but to wait for hope

17. After leaving, tell him loudly: I love you, nothing to do with you. Love is your right, say what you want to say, calmly recall your past, then cry. When you are crying, leave everything to yesterday and never touch it.

18. After leaving, I will think of a lonely picture. Please forget it.

19. Love is the whole life, love is the premise of love, she will make me heart, but will not let me die, I have to live well and have better scenery in front.

20. In fact, the sky is very blue, the clouds are always scattered; in fact, the sea is not wide, this shore is connected to the other side; in fact, the tears are sweet, when your heart is as expected. In fact, I want you to be happy every day!

21. Gently blow the brows of your lock and let all the cockroaches fly backwards. Please don't look back and chase you because you should run forward, because happiness is ahead!

22. Let everyone see that your strength is strong and you can live well.

23. If a person is weak, he is his greatest enemy.

24. If a person is brave, he is his best friend.

25. If you don't love someone, please let go so that others have a chance to love her. If the person you love gives up, please let go of yourself so that you have the opportunity to love others.

26. Wounds are the shame of others, the illusion of their own persistence.

27. The saints must “make one another at three o'clock in the day and look at the world with good eyes.

28. There is no fish in the water to the clear, and there is no friend in the inspection. Everyone can't tolerate the shortcomings of others, so everyone becomes a "bad guy" and they can't get along with each other. Looking at the world with a "bad" vision, the world is not ruined everywhere; looking at the world with a "good" vision, the world always has a lovely place. If you look at the strengths of others, you will become more and more cute.

29. We are often unable to change the opinions of others. It is only ourselves that can change. Bad life does not lie in the sins of others, but in our moods. The golden key to making life better is not in the hands of others, giving up our resentment and sigh, and a good life is at your fingertips. We want to live a good life subjectively, but we do not have a good life objectively. The reason is that we always want to wait for others to improve our lives.

30. I am also very upset. Can I help you with anything? If you need me, even if you call me, ok?

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