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MacArthur's famous sayings

1. A soldier who does not want to be a general is not a good soldier.

2. There are wonderful plans that must be spared no effort to implement, and it is useful and difficult to use talents today.

3. If you have faith, you will be young and your doubts will be old. If you are confident, you will be young and you will be old when you are afraid. Hope is young, despair is old. The eclipse of the years is nothing but your skin, but if you lose your enthusiasm, your soul will not be young.

4. The stone is hard, but harder than it is the noble will of the human being. It is ideally guided to conquer and cast the hardest stone.

5. Without the belief that you must win, the war will be undoubtedly defeated.

6. There is no substitute for victory in war.

7. The veteran will never die, but will gradually wither.

8. Soldiers, welcoming war is like welcoming the rising sun every day.

9. Only those who are not afraid of death are worth living.

10. Age wrinkles the body and gives up the wrinkling of the soul.

11. At the beginning, we thought we knew everything, but later discovered that the fact is that we don’t know anything.

12. Youth is not a stage of life, but a realm of life!

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