Inspirational song

2013 reflects the reality of the classic lyrics lyrics

1. It’s not that the bandits are bad and the officials are too corrupt.

2. If the official is not corrupt, there will be no bandits.

3. I don't say you don't understand this is the distance

4. You have been late for many years, but I am still happy for your arrival.

5. Some words are said to be harmless, some people will stay and some will leave.

6. How can I be so heartbroken if I can control myself?

7. All but the death is a betrayal

8. Miss, I’m sorry, this man is mine, please manage your thighs and spring heart.

9. One of the luckiest things in the world is that someone who has never been willing to love you suddenly died.

10. When I was young, I felt sad and laughed when I grew up.

11. I never hesitated when I was at the SB.

12. Why are the handsome guys in the barbershop and the beauties are in the red light district?

13. It’s not mainstream when it’s overwhelmed

14. Wearing sexy and sexy is too big to sit on the table.

15. I am not married to a prince but a person who treats me as a princess.

16. I don’t want to let me down when I’m unfaithful, I’m desperate.

17. The social road is difficult to hand over, don’t hand over the dog.

18. There are only two things in my life that won't be that it won't and won't.

19. After more than 3,000 days and nights of hard work, I finally managed to forget my dreams.

20. Decided to lose weight and do sit-ups.

21. If you have a mistake, you must be convinced that you must be a grandfather.

22. You don’t have a doctor’s certificate to say what I am sick with.

23. A sentence that I am uncomfortable who can be exchanged, where are you, I am going to

24. Today, I cut a bald head and found that the hair that I have cherished today is worth only 10 yuan.

25. Don't tell me when we break up, we are not suitable. I am a fucking Martian and the earth is not suitable.

26. There is a movement in the Northeast called Rolling Scorpion

27. I went to the pigeons competition in the city yesterday. I went alone.

28. Little sunflower mother class started the child coughing old and bad is mostly lung heat

29. Youth is like a dandelion that seems to be free but involuntarily

30. If you are the one, the female guest will destroy the lamp of a man.

31. Dormitory aunt can destroy a whole floor

32. It’s hard to eat, and the hard work can open the road.

33. If the child changes the virus in your computer, it means that you have grown up.

34. It’s purely to give me a cigarette.

35. You are dangerous but very safe to wear.

36. The season of black stockings makes these thick legs feel good

37. Seeing people with time and heart instead of using eyes

38. The color of the banknotes in the pocket determines the mood of today

39. It’s okay for a man to have a hard time with a woman who has lived with you forever.

40. One of the most fair things in life is that everyone will die.

41. You are in my special concern but not in my recent visitors.

42. If not if I love you, how can you make me hurt so thoroughly?

43. Do you know that sometimes a casual word will affect my mood of the day?

44. I’m crazy, I’ve been obsessed, I’ve been persistent, I’ve loved it, I’m alone, or I’m alone.

45. Is there such a person who has made you crazy now?

46. ​​Some things can’t be understood when we are young. When we know, we are no longer young.

47. I have to work hard to get a free ATM.

48. Some people don’t talk in Q, don’t bother, don’t care, just don’t know how to mention the past.

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