Inspirational song

Those lyrics that can touch your tears with just one sentence

1. The sky is full of missing stars in the snacks.

2. You are like a dark winter night but you are warm but chaotic

3. We can't get together in the wind and rain, and we can't say that you can leave me...

4. Some people are warm when they don’t hold it, they don’t hate when they leave.

5. We are all small stars

6. You said to accompany me to a certain day of the month, but I was thrown on a certain street some night.

7. Every heart is lonely, every heart is fragile, and they are eager to be touched.

8. I will miss you for a long time.

9. Who can promise me the sang flowering period, do not leave or leave, until I return.

Who can make me happy, no worries and no fear, dreams are happy.

10. Unless you are me, I can always be with me.

11. Who ever thought that I was too bad for me to touch my hand.

12. When my impulses are made again, when pride makes me hate, wake me up.

13. People should have dreams, don’t be afraid of dreams.

14. Ordinary hardships say that love and hate are too general to be selected by the story. I am not qualified to understand. I hope that in the vast sea of ​​people, my eyes will understand. I hope we will watch it gently.

15. Who is better than who, if I am wrong, kneel down

16. Love always makes people cry and feel unsatisfied

17. I love you so much that it’s terrible.

18. Maybe I am not the person you want to love, why should you deceive your soul,

19. Forgot to kiss and hug is like forgetting the heartbeat

20. The original love of youth has no future.

21. Lonely is a person's carnival is a group of people alone.

22. It’s better to forget you than in a world you don’t want.

23. I love people, he is not my lover

24. You don't love me, how can you understand me, you never care about my feelings?

25. The more you care, the more cruel, the love does not end

26. Too many people don't have to wait, I can't give you a certain future.

27. Your tenderness is like water, let me indulge in love.

28. Anyway, she is not difficult for her to be free, she will not care about my feelings, retreat to nowhere, but let go, I want to be free.

29. If you see me like this, I am in a corner.

30. You know that even if the heavy rain makes the whole city upside down, I will give you arms.

31. What can I do if I wait until hysterically? Even if the response is cold, even if it’s not romantic, I’m too helpless.

32. It’s too late to reflect on love.

33. I miss you in my heart.

34. When you hold hands, it’s too cold and hug is not close enough

35. When you are not serious, you are too careful when you speak.

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