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Two sentences to achieve an Olympic champion

Life is like a chess game. There are only a few steps in the key point. If you go right, you will be full of life. If you go wrong, you will lose all your efforts. A girl at the heart of life, her father's two words played a decisive role, and ultimately helped her to go to life brilliant.

The first sentence was heard when the girl was 14 years old.

The girl is a native of Hunan. She was born in 1989. She is a living, bold and outgoing, like a tomboy. On the national small, other girls liked "quiet", and she preferred "moving", participated in the track and field interest group in the school, and soon signed up to participate in the dance interest group. I like everyone, but to convert hobbies into abilities, not everyone can do it. After several years of running and dancing, the girl’s growth is obvious, but she has been staying at the level of playing and playing, and there is still a considerable distance from the outstanding. Practice, or not practice? The girl is 14 years old and she is a bit stunned. Just at this time, the father's words, like a cold water, poured her heart through. The father said: "You are so small, running can win others? Even if the dance is good, you can only dance with people, and you can't go to the center of the stage."

When I heard the cold words of my father, the girl hid in her room and cried sadly. Other people's fathers encourage their children to learn this. He can do it well, not only does not encourage it, but also splashes cold water, it is really mad! However, after calming down, the girl seems to have some understanding. Although Dad’s words are very “cold”, he has to admit that he did say the essence of the problem! He may be suggesting me: "When you want to do it, you have to do the best!" The more the girl thinks, the more her father's words mean, and finally breaks into laughter. From then on, the idea of ​​“doing the best, to do the best” has deeply rooted in the girl’s heart.

The second sentence was heard when the girl was 23 years old.

Once, a shooting coach went to the school where the girl was located to pick and shoot "Miao Zi". The girl was tested with several other classmates and was asked to hold a flat plate with her left hand and then stack the bullet casing on the plate in order to test the body's stability. Several of the students who participated in the test were only able to build up three bullet shells. However, the girls showed extraordinary talent and even steadily climbed seven. As a result, the shooting coach took her as a baby and took the road to shooting training. In the following years, girls often reminisce about his father's words of “cold water” and always motivate himself to be a best shooter. After hard training, her shooting level has advanced by leaps and bounds, from the local team to the provincial team to the national team. From the lack of shooting, to the various championships, the girl only took a few years.

However, there is no such thing as a smooth sailing in the world. When the shooting career was bright, the girl suffered a big blow. On the eve of the London Olympics, the national shooting team held a qualification trial. Because of the desire to enter London, the girls had great ideological pressure. As a result, they only ranked fourth in the first contest of the qualification trials. The promotion situation was extremely serious. The girl fell into the hail and felt extremely cold and helpless. At this time, the father called a long distance and said a plain words: "There is nothing you can't afford, the most important thing is the process of pursuing the goal."

It was this sentence that suddenly warmed the girl's heart and helped her to let go of her psychological burden. In the next trials, the girls were indifferent, calm and calm, concentrating on each shot and finally succeeded in qualifying for the London Olympics. Moreover, in the first day of the competition, she kept in mind the words of her father, "There is nothing to lose, the most important thing is the process of pursuing the goal." On that day, she was calm, calm, and accurate. She finally reversed her opponent with a total score of 502. 9 and won the first gold medal for the Chinese team for the Chinese team.

Yes, this girl is Yi Siling, her father is Yi Zejun. Along the way, some people said that Yi Siling is a lucky enough to win the gold medal for the first time in the Olympics. However, Yi Siling’s heart is the clearest, and his path is not smooth. The reason why he can climb the peak of life so smoothly is entirely due to his father’s “one cold and one hot” sentence, the key to life. It plays a vital role. The phrase "cold" made her understand that the value of life lies in "pursuing excellence"; and the "hot" sentence makes her understand that the meaning of life lies in the enjoyment of "the process of pursuing excellence." Although his father was only a laid-off worker who opened a small restaurant, Yi Siling always thought that he was more like a philosopher, the best spiritual teacher in her growing up.

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