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Boss, can you please my father to eat?

After graduating, I entered the administrative department of the foreign trade company in Suzhou. The daily work is to mix, type, copy and organize the materials. I try my best to do my job and just want to stand in the city. Because of the introverted personality, I don’t like the limelight, and often I can’t say a few words in the office one day. Colleagues are very polite to me, but they also maintain their own distance.

That day, my father called and said that he would stay for a while. In fact, I know that my father just wants to see how my life is, where do I live? What is the working environment? Is there a friend? My mother died earlier, my father pulled me up in one hand, and in my childhood memories, I was all sitting. On the girders of his father's Phoenix bicycle, he followed him on a street and sold tofu.

I have no friends in this city, how can I give my father a reason to be assured? After thinking about it, I decided to ask the boss for help.

Throughout the day, I carefully watched the boss's movements. He certainly didn't know me. How should I speak? Will he promise me this funny request? I am so embarrassed that when I get off work, I harden my scalp. Opened the door of his office.

This is the first time I have been in the company's office after working in the company for half a year.

Seeing me coming in, he asked with a little doubt, are you?

I am very embarrassed and stuttering to show my identity. The boss looked at my blushing face and smiled and said, "I have something to say slowly."

I paused for a long time and said, "I hope you can ask my father to eat a meal, or let the person in charge of the company ask my father to eat a meal, in the name of the company." I have a lot of courage and said a lot of my father. The matter, "Father doesn't trust me, I always feel that I will be wronged outside. It is actually very good, the work is stable, and I am taken care of by the leaders and colleagues..." Because of the tension, my face rose red, afraid that he disagreed, And quickly stuttered and added: "Of course, I will come out with my own food..."

Without waiting for me to finish, he responded: "Meal dinner together on Friday night, okay?"

I glanced, and then excited: "Yes, yes, any day."

"Well, you take a few days off, take the old man around, I will tell the driver, I will use the company's car when I go out in the past few days."

I hurriedly waved my hand: "No, no, really don't, thank you so much." I don't know what to say, I simply bend over and give him a bow.

Before leaving work on Friday, the driver found me and accompanied me to the train station to pick up my father to the hotel. The driver said the name of the hotel. I was surprised that it was a very luxurious hotel in the city. I have never been to it.

It was a hearty and warm dinner, the food was full, the boss brought a good wine, and the middle of the company participated. Many people don't know me. They are usually only limited to meet and nod. In this meal, they all behave very familiar with me. I boast that I have written a good copy, and I always go to the unit very early every day. Everyone chats casually, laughs, and drinks with his father.

In the next two days, the driver waited in the downstairs of my rent early in the morning and took me and my father to travel around this beautiful city.

Two days later, my father bought a ticket back and said: I really didn't feel relieved before coming. I wanted to live for a while, but I can live with it very well. He can go with confidence.

After my father left, I was ready to say thank you to the boss. But before I went to find him, the boss held a meeting of all the staff of the company. At the meeting, the boss ordered my name. He first apologized for the incomprehension of me and all the employees like me. Then he said, thank you for the request I made to him, let him know, as A collective, a company is not only a place to work, but also a big family where everyone cares and cares. In addition to competition, in addition to advancement, in addition to profit and development, it should also have the warmth of ordinary families. This is a good collective, a group that can move forward forever. Saying, the boss stood up and gave a deep bow to all the employees.

In the long-lasting applause, I cried. For such warmth.

Since then, I have become motivated and enthusiastic. The company has also changed. It is no longer as full of professional enthusiasm between people and people. The atmosphere is harmonious and warm. Colleagues care about each other, such as relatives.

In 2019, when the financial crisis hit the world, many trading companies lost money and closed down. Our company not only did not lose money, but also had a slight surplus. Today, three years later, I have been promoted from a small clerk to a corporate business manager. I keep this experience in mind, and tell this story to every new employee, practicing the idea that "the power of affection is better than everything." Today, everyone in the company says that it is the best lesson in their lives.

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