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When your child asks why you want to go to school? Can answer like this....

"Dad, why do you want to go to school?" The son asked Dad.

Dad said: Son, do you know? If a small tree is one year old, it can only be used as a fence or as a firewood. A 10-year tree can be used as a purlin. The 20-year-old tree is so big that you can do it, you can make a pillar, you can make furniture...

If a child does not go to school, he can put a sheep when he is 7 years old. When he grows up, he can put a large group of sheep, but he can't do anything other than sheep.

If you have been studying for six years, you can graduate from a small school. In rural areas, you can use some new technology to grow land. You can work in a construction site in the city, and you can also be a small business hawker. The knowledge of the small country is enough.

If you graduated from the middle school for 9 years, he can learn some mechanical operations.

If you graduated from high school for 12 years, he can learn a lot of mechanical repairs.

If he graduates from college, he can design high-rise buildings and railway bridges.

If he graduated from his master's degree, he might invent something that we didn't have. Do you understand?

Son: I know.

Dad said: Let the sheep, the land, the preservation, the shame is not shameful?

Son: shame.

Dad said: Son, not shameful. They don’t steal, they make money, they feed their children and their parents, and they are not shameful.

It’s not that you don’t go to school, or it’s useless to go to school. Just like a small tree for a year, it is useful, but it is not as useful as a big tree. It is also useful to not read or read less, but to contribute less to society, and they earn less.

There are many books, more money, and more time, but the contribution is large, and I earn more money.

Son: I understand, I have to study hard.

My son told Dad before going abroad that the conversation was impressive and I still remember it. I have influenced my decision again and again and I know what I want.

Communicating with your child requires neither intimidation nor temptation, and the child will make the best choice for himself . In fact, education is very simple, the more simple the words, the more shocking the people, the more they can motivate the children to work hard! At this point, China and foreign are not like this!

On the opening day of the US, US President Obama gave a speech, "Why are we going to school?" "The words are simple but shocking, encouraging every child to work hard, persist in themselves, never give up!"

In his speech, he talked about the responsibility of the educated person for himself.

He said that each of you will have something that you are good at, everyone is a useful material, and discovering what your talents are is the responsibility you have to take on yourself. Education gives you the opportunity to discover your talents.

Maybe you can write beautiful words - even one day you can make those words appear in books and newspapers - but if you don't practice writing often in English classes, you won't find yourself having such a talent; maybe you can be a Inventors, creators - even design products that are as popular as today's iPhone, or develop new drugs and vaccines - but if you don't do a few experiments on the natural sciences course, you won't know that you have this Talent; maybe you can become a member of parliament or a Supreme Court judge, but if you don't join any student union or participate in several debates, you will not find your talent.

Moreover, I can assure you that no matter what you want to do in the future, you need education. Do you want to be a doctor, a famous teacher or a police officer? Do you want to be a nurse, an architect, a lawyer or a soldier? No matter which kind of career you choose, good education is essential. There is no dream in the world that you can get a good job without reading the book. Any job requires your sweat, training and study.

Some of you may not have these advantages. Maybe there are no elders in your life who can help and support you. Maybe one of your parents has no job, financial constraints, maybe the community you live in is not so safe, maybe you know Some friends who will have an adverse effect on you, and so on.

But in the final analysis, your life situation—your appearance, origin, economic conditions, family atmosphere—is not an excuse for neglecting academics and bad attitudes. These are not excuses for you to talk back to the teacher, skip classes, or drop out of school. These are not You are not an excuse to read.

Today, I call on each of you to set a goal for your education – and then do everything in your power to achieve it. Your goals can be as simple as completing assignments, listening carefully or reading every day – perhaps you are planning to take part in extracurricular activities or doing volunteer work in the community; perhaps you decide to be ridiculed for reasons such as looks or births, etc. Or bully children to take ownership and protect their rights, because you and I believe that every child should have a safe learning environment; perhaps you think it is better to take care of yourself to prepare for future studies. ......

No matter what you decide to do, I hope that you can stick to it and hope that you can really make up your mind. I know that sometimes the programs on TV will make you feel like this. It seems that you don’t have to work hard to get a lot of money and you will be famous – you will think that you can sing rap, play basketball or participate in real people. The show can be enjoyed, but the reality is that you can hardly take any of them.

Because success is difficult. You can't be interested in every course you want to read. You can't get along with every class teacher. You can't have any homework that seems to be related to real life every time. And, not everything, you can succeed on your first try.

But that doesn't matter. Because in this world, the most successful people often experience the most failures. JK Rowling's first "Harry Potter" was rejected by the publisher twelve times before it was finally published; Michael Jordan was brushed down by the school basketball team in high school, and in his career he Lost hundreds of games, missed thousands of shots, know what he said? "I have been failing all my life, failing and failing again. This is why I am successful now."

Their success stems from their understanding that people can't let failures affect themselves - but learn from them. From failure, you can understand what changes you can make next time; if you have trouble, it does not mean that you are a gangster, but remind you that you have stricter requirements in the future. If you take a low score, it does not mean that you are stupid than others, but tell you that you have to spend more time on your studies.

No one is good at doing things when they are born. Only efforts can develop skills. No one is a representative of the school team when they first contact a sport. No one is looking for every sound when they sing a song for the first time. Everything needs to be familiar. The same is true for academics. You may have to repeat the calculations to solve the correct answer to a math problem. You may need to read a paragraph of text several times to understand its meaning. You may have to change the paper several times to meet the submitted criteria. This is very normal.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Don't dare to ask for help. - I am doing this every day. Help is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it shows that you have the courage to admit your deficiencies and are willing to learn new knowledge. So, if you don't understand, ask the adults for help - find someone you trust, such as parents, elders, teachers, coaches, or counselors - and let them help you move toward your goal.

You have to remember that even if you don't perform well, even if you lose confidence, even if you feel that the people around you have given up on you - never give up on yourself.

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