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Harvard Business School popular inspirational story (2)

Harvard Business School popular inspirational story

Inspirational sentiment: When the times develop to today, the quickest way to succeed is to seek the help of the winners and work together with the other side. Perfect mutual assistance and cooperation can never be ignored.
A wise father and his 7-year-old son sorted out the back garden and they met a large stone buried in the soil. The father felt that this was a good opportunity to educate the children, so he asked the children to remove the big stones themselves. The child pushed for a long time, the stone still did not move, he cleverly dug a hole in the side, found a piece of wood into the hole, put another small stone under the bottom, slammed up, but the big stone still does not move. Obviously, his strength is not enough to move big stones. The child told his father that he could not move, and his father saw it clearly, but still said coldly that you should do your best. This time, the child exhausted the strength of the whole body, and his face was reddened. Later, the weight of the whole body was pressed against the wood, and the stone remained still. The child gasped and sat down. The father walked up to him and asked, "Are you sure you really tried your best?" The child said that he was exhausted. At this time, the father gently pulled up the child's little hand and said, "No, son, you have not used all your strength. I am by your side, but you have not asked for help."

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