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Concerned words

1. The north wind screams and the snow flutters. At this moment, I suddenly discover that the romantic season has come. Think of friends from afar, I hope you: treasure yourself! Wish you: a winter of pleasure!

2. The northern geese fly south, the frost is dyed with maple, the autumn is thick, the tenderness is reliant, the autumn wind is sorrowful, dear, the sky has turned cold, pay attention to the body, and the cold clothes are added, so that the cold will invade!!

3. Change is an eternal theme, and constant is a relative definition. The solar terms are changing, from cold dew to frost, and the constant is still concerned. The weather is getting colder, and the true greetings are still warm: May you be happy and happy every day!

4. No matter how busy the work is, just remember that I am always looking at you and wishing you good luck. I hope that you will have a sunny mood every day this winter!

5. The wind is cold and the weather is getting cold, meaning that winter will come soon. At this point, we must remember to send a cold greeting message to our relatives and friends, reminding them that the weather is getting cold, remember to take care of the body, and wish them a happy winter. I believe the following newsletter will be very suitable.

6. When the cold wind blows and the drizzle falls, it is discovered that the cold winter has come quietly; perhaps this moment will be forgotten; the only thing you can’t forget is to say to you far away from home: "It’s cold, pay attention. body!"

7. No work can be done without leadership. There is no advertisement for TV. There is no banknote for consumption. There is no guts for stocks. These are actually nothing. The key is that winter is here. If you don’t bless you, you will never do it. Remember to add clothes to keep warm 喔^_^

8. Thank you for accompanying me through yesterday, sharing today and welcoming tomorrow. In the winter, I hope that you will have a wonderful day, every step is safe, every moment is happy, every minute is satisfactory, every second is happy.

9. The flying snowflakes used to be bookmarks of my beautiful memories. It was my lovely dream to dance under the colorful Christmas tree in the moonlight. On this special day, let me wish you happiness every day with my sincere greetings!

10. The newsletter does not need to be reasonable, but it needs to be true and sincere; blessings do not need to be contacted frequently, but you need to keep a note in your heart. A warm care for you: cold weather pay attention to clothes!

11. As winter approaches, the sky is getting colder, and the gentleness of the king is in my heart. The autumn leaves are everywhere, the geese return to the line, read my thoughts, add more clothes.

12. In the winter, please do a good job in cold work: a husband with a husband, a wife with a wife, if you don't have a warm kettle, don't hold it! It's not a change of hair.

13. Little stars, lonely moon is difficult to face. Wind and snow, hate the cold winter, this situation is not eternal, so where is the person? The yellow sand is long, the sunset is longer. The sun sets and laughs at the red dust, and since ancient times, it has become impermanent.

14. When the autumn is getting stronger, I realize that the warmth of winter has drifted away. Winter is here, this moment may be forgotten, but you can't forget to send you warm care: in the cold days, in the cold days, I feel bad about myself, happy winter!

15. Pure winter quietly passes away, the ever-changing is always the weather, the constant is always the mood! May the faint chills scorn the fatigue of your life, the sly north wind conveys my heartfelt blessing: in the winter, pay attention to add clothes to keep warm, Happy every day!

16. Unconsciously, wrapped in your gentleness, you are used to having your life, even if you can't see each other, you will always feel your breath. I don't know if I can pursue forever, but I know that I want to miss you.

17. Don't be alienated by busyness, but don't forget you because of the rush of time. Autumn flowers and winter snow, summer and autumn, although the seasons have changed, my concern has not changed, and I wish you a fruitful autumn. It’s cold, take care of your body!

18. The wind is cold and the night is getting longer! Whisper greetings, is it busy? When changing seasons, pay attention to health, drink more water, increase clothes, get cold in the morning and evening, be careful to keep cold, take care of your body, and be happy!

19. It’s so cold, you must take care of yourself, don’t freeze it! As the saying goes, “People’s frozen legs, pig frozen mouth”, I have put on my pants, and you have to buy a mask!

20. The sound of the flowers knows, the feeling of missing is known, the cold temperature knows winter, my blessings you know, there are no gorgeous words, just want to send you warm blessings in the cold winter!

21. The deserted city, the wind, the sun is like blood, a swordsman stands in the wind, his sword is cold, his eyes are cold, his heart is cold, so.........he is cold! This story tells us: It’s cold, Be sure to wear more clothes!

22. Cool down, the sound of the flowers knows, the feeling of missing the heart knows, the cold temperature knows winter, my blessings you know, there are no gorgeous words, just want to send you warm in the cold winter blessing!

23. The weather is old and cool, and it’s not fog when it cools down. Zhuge Chibi borrows Dongfeng, and I send a blessing to the cold wave. Blessing when the cold wave comes, blessing the inside of the cotton jacket. Cold weather can put on the cold, I wish you health forever!

24. Orchid, chrysanthemum, yellow leaves during the frosty season. A burst of autumn rain, a pulse of autumn and water. The frost has come, please pay attention to the seasons, add clothes in time.

25. The romantic snowflake has not yet fallen, and the warm blessings are gently sent. The greetings contain a deep affection, and the cold wind conveys warmth. Keep cold and take care, Xiaoxue is happy!

26. In the cold winter, the fingers on the keyboard are also a bit unintelligible. However, my love for love has not changed. I have been in this winter, silently in my heart, to make my most true wishes, my most beautiful blessings, me, the most sincere heart: May my most beloved you happy every day!

27. You are happy in cold and cold days, pay attention to your body in special days; you are not ordinary in the wind, don’t let the cold wind blow you; soft sunshine, tenderness, you have to take good care of in this cold weather. Yourself!

28. Dawn sends a red glow to your face, and in the morning, send a breeze to your eyes. Give you a sunny day to make you splendid, and send you a round of moon in the night to sleep with you. I will send you a blessing to accompany you through the winter.

29. The cold wind is blowing, indicating that the cold winter is coming. It is necessary to send a winter greeting message to relatives and friends. A greeting will give you a warm heart. The following winter classic newsletter should be suitable for your greetings.

30. It takes 3 seconds for the meteor to pass, 1 day for the moon to rise, 1 year for the earth to revolve, 24 hours for a person, and a lifetime for a person, but only 1 second for a good heart: take care of yourself! Cold, don't cold!

31. The snow flakes in the sky are the notes of flying dances. They are thought to be a movement, and they are expected to be blessed with blessings. With the newsletter, the warmth will be warmed up. In this cold day, it is warm and full of winter.

32. There is no friend's day, just like there is no salt in the dish, the world has no sunshine, life becomes uninteresting, friend, are you still in your hometown? It is cold, pay attention to the body.

33. Every snowflake floats down, every fireworks ignites, every second flows, and every thought is sent, which represents every blessing I want to send you: happy!

34. My dear days, the gas is getting cold, please remember to add warmth!

35. I can't hold my heartbeat, let me deeply experience the beauty of care, send you a warm coat woven with heart, bless you with blessings, wish happiness always in your arms, happiness and laughter.

36. Baby, the weather is cold, remember to wear more clothes to know? To eat on time, nothing to do less, and to cover the quilt at night, can not give me a cold. Obedient.

37. Baby~ Add more clothes to take care of yourself~ Cold in your body hurts in my heart!

38. This newsletter absorbs the aura of the millennium ice, carries the momentum of the Wan Gu Glacier, the cold wave of cold and arrogant, is in the thunder and lightning, and borrows from the Great Han Dynasty to bring you to the cold, please adjust your mind and prepare for the cold. !

39. Don't be alienated by busyness, but don't forget you because of the rush of time. Autumn flowers and winter snow, summer and autumn, although the seasons have changed, my concern has not changed, I wish you a fruitful autumn. It’s cold, take care of your body!

40. The cold and cold weather can't stop my thoughts on you, the cold and raging wind can't blow my hanging on you, the snow falling from the cold can't hold my blessing to you. In the cold weather, you have to take care of yourself, keep warm in the cold, and wish you a happy cold.

41. Winter scented frost, the cold wind is light. The seasons are warm and cold, and the feelings are not short. Greetings to the mountains, add clothes. The words are light and heartfelt. Intercourse with your heart, willing to warm your heart. It’s cold, keep warm.

42. The wind is slowly, not only the cold, but also my thoughts; the blossoming plum is not only the fragrance, but also my care; the newsletter, not only the text, but also my blessing .

43. Dear, the Great Cold Festival is here. I use the true feelings to melt the fluttering snow, use the true love to drive away the bitter cold, and ignite the flame of love with the heart. Blessing Dear, you are cold and cold, and the warmth of love will accompany you every day.

44. Dear, although I am not by your side, I can't give you the actual warmth, but I hope that I can give you the greatest warmth of your heart. Please take care of yourself for me. good night!

45. Dear baby, the weather has cooled down recently. Before going to bed, remember to soak your feet and drink milk, then apply some hand cream and cover with a thick quilt.

46. ​​Please don't reject every snow falling on you, because every snowflake has my good wishes and cordial greetings to you. But the weather is cold, pay attention to keep warm.

47. The phone shakes and the warmth is sent to the hand. Jumping and jumping, happy to report. The waist twisted and the good luck followed. Take a shot with both hands and open the flowers. The big cold sends you a cold, but I hope that you will hold you healthy.

48. I miss a lot, where is it? I will use the newsletter to tell me; in the winter season, the cold is tormented, and I don’t have a cold; I live a quiet life, live a full life, and be happy every day. Years are like a shuttle, friends are rare, and cherish friends every moment.

49. Although my people can't stay with you, my heart is with you, I hope that you are not so cold in winter, I hope you can have a warm winter! Dear, come on!

50. It’s cold, I want to send you a coat: the pocket is called warmth; the collar is called care; the sleeve is called thoughtful; the button is called miss; let this coat tightly accompany you every minute and every second, must Oh happy.

51. The weather is getting too fast, the air is coming quietly, because you are cute, so care for you, cover the quilt at night, don't freeze the pig's feet, nothing to eat a pig's trotter, you can make calcium, cold weather, love body!

52. The weather is getting colder, the temperature is getting lower, and the greeting message is sent first, reminding you that it is cold and cold, go out and dress more, cover it at night, exercise in the morning, eat scientifically, and make more tonic to prevent cold weather. Fruits and vegetables can not be less, the colder the weather, the more cold the cold, the temperature must be, not only the grace, health, and heart!

53. Snow fluttering, with the lonely wind, dancing cheerfully, crystal snow, with friendship, warmed my heart, in the bleak memories, because of you, more beautiful. You can see, the snow in the sky, that is me, the fireworks that light for you, may your future, bright and beautiful. Dear, this is my blessing to you - love!

54. A greeting, a newsletter, a hug, a look, a scarf, warm each other with your little hands; remember, it’s cold, and more clothes. Don't catch a cold! If you are unfortunately accidentally sneezing, please remember that it must be that I miss you!

55. Dreams are not long enough; but we need dreams! Love always hurts, but we still remember; rain, beautiful, but we still like the sun! You, though not by my side, never You forgot! Send me my greeting here: the weather is cold, take care!

56. Concerned is not a hanging firecracker, it is finished when it is released; it is not a period of time, even if it is over; it is a blessing that was cultivated in the past 500 years, and it is cultivated in the thoughts of you every day and night. Positive fruit! The sky is getting cold, keep warm!

57. What is ringing is that the bells have passed through the years that the story is brought by the hope that the hope is that the good is sent is a blessing: May the winter be happy, happy every day!

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