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Parting words 2019

1. After leaving, the two people lost weight, three meals without appetite, four seasons less spring and autumn, five bodies cast the land, six parents could not persuade, seven feelings no return, eight points is lonely.

2. A trace of sincerity is better than a thousand gold, a trace of warmth can reach a thousand miles of frost, a greeting, a sweet and sweet message, I will go to my heart.

3. The continuation of friendship comes from the soul. No matter how much the connection is, as long as there is a sky in the heart, then an occasional cry will bring a smile.

4. The moon, the bird, I quietly sent you a long journey, from then on, there is a tearful star, always watching the back of your far away.

5. Have your care and greetings at work, have your blessings and smiles on your way, I am grateful: you are in the red dust.

6. This time I really left you. I need courage to fall in love with you. This time I really left you, I dare not tell you that I still love you!

7. Your greetings come to a clear spring in the mountains. Your smile makes me fascinated in this life. My friends in the distance let me greet you.

8. Friends are like piece puzzles, which combine to form a beautiful picture. If you don't see one piece, you will never be complete. You are the important piece that I don't want to lose. 25, the friend is full of the side; can not help but always want to dial the number; is the cup of tea sitting in the middle of the night to leave the sad words.

9. I will leave you gently. You will take care of yourself without my years. I will cherish myself more without your days.

10. Let me accompany you in the sea, just to be able to do the paddle in your hand, no matter how big the wind and the wind, the wind and rain are thick, you always have me around you.

11. The most precious thing in the world is friendship; the most romantic is love; the most touching is love; the most want is true; what I want to see most is that you have a good mood! I wish you happiness.

12. If we are destined to pass by in this life, then I deeply wish you happiness forever. Then put away all the little affection and look forward to meeting you in the afterlife.

13. I am reluctant to leave, "Goodbye" willing you all the best, good health, always happy!

14. Missing is a light poem, not because you are alone because you are alone, but because you want to be alone, the sincere heart is better than the light of diamonds, and your friendship lasts forever.

15. It is adorned on my heart, sparkling at night. Do not line the morning, I hope that the clouds and the sun will accompany you to the faraway horizon; flowers and green grass will spread along with you for a long journey.

16. The drizzle in the sky is the teardrop that I miss you. The clock keeps on me is my blessing to you! The long-lost friend, I am gone. The road to life is long, you and I meet and separate. The gathering is always short-lived, but it is long-lasting. Only the hearts of each other can closely follow each other.

17. I don't know that the taste of parting is so bleak, I don't know how good it is to say goodbye. Only separation, let time forget this tacit understanding.

18. Regardless of how you manage, you should not give up hope. If you believe that expectations will come true, no matter what setbacks you encounter, as long as you persist, you will get what you want.

19. The dust of the Bohai Sea, the mortal beings, the acquaintances, the privilege of knowing each other, sincerely to friends, calmly to life, hope that we can become friends.

20. I hope you know that there are individuals who care for you from time to time, and individuals who miss you from time to time.

21. When you step on the platform and walk away from here, you know that I am worried, and there are a thousand words in my heart, but I can only sneak into you deeply; I am so sad but I will not say it.

22. Thank you very much for your feelings for me. It is the first time to spend this Valentine's Day in a different place, but you can always let me feel that you care about me by my side!

23. It is because of the joy of gathering, because if there is double happiness, then I would rather bear more suffering.

24. In the morning, do not hesitate, I hope the clouds, the sun has been accompanying you to the far end of the world; flowers, green grass with you spread a long way forward.

25. Tomorrow, you have to go sailing. Please put this small step gift on your chest. It will turn into your faith and strength, and inspire you to overcome the violent wind.

26. Silently broke up, just as they met silently. May the warm breeze here give you my deep blessings and prayers.

27. You leave the image of the flower, you leave the fragrance of the flower, and you leave the hope of our common watering. Think of you, my years are always bright, always Fangfei.

28. Your figure is a sail. My eyes are rivers. How many times I want to retain you, I can't stop. I know that the most rare thing in the world is friendship. What is more precious is freedom.

29. Although your fare smile is just a short moment, it is taken on my negative film, but it is eternal. I always put it in the palm of my thoughts, the image is so real, so clear!

30. You are gone, give you a bunch of flowers, the flower is my smile, the green leaf is my evergreen love.

31. It’s a bit difficult to leave, but not awkward; a little regrettable, but not pessimistic. Because the hope of meeting is comforting.

32. Don't say cherish, don't say goodbye, just leave silently. I hope that in the golden autumn, the fruit of friendship will hang down the rich fruit.

33. Fly, geese! Reinvigorate your healthy wings. Waiting in front of you will not always be rainstorms and bad waves. There is also a sincere friendship in this world, and you are supporting a peaceful lake swing.

34. Waved goodbye and sailed, and the other thing is the cable of friendship that you throw, which is firmly tied to my heart.

35. The flaming pink glow after the rain, sincere friendship is not behind, the water is not blocked by the stone, friendship is not because of the distance.

36. There will be too many words to be said, and a thousand words will be used to make a sentence, forget me.

37. I smiled and smiled with you today, and I hope that I will meet you with a smile. Leave a sad sentence

38. The blue sky is full of white clouds, that is the contempt of my heart; but my mind is as clear as the sky, because I thought of a reunion.

39. Parting can weaken the shallow feelings, but deepen the deep feelings. Just as the wind blows out the candlelight, it will make the fire more prosperous.

40. I still don't understand what loneliness is. I haven't felt the joy of being in love. Today, I was separated from you, and I felt lonely for the first time. I felt a lot of loss for the first time.

41. Our dreams are not dusty. Even if we accidentally fall to the ground, we must take the gray soil and restore the original look of a dream that lacks my most lonely thoughts.

42. My dearest friend, your happiness will be doubled for you. If you have difficulties, I will share it and wish you happiness!

43. Meet again and leave, don't get together again; the autumn wind blows the wilderness, the first phase only for a while. I will cherish your friendship and look forward to the moment of meeting.

44. I want to say a lot. But such a moment, such a place, can be left to you, only my silent prayer: treasure, friends!

45. Like a gleaming star, it is a sentence of sadness in your eyes.

46. ​​I also thought that if I didn't know you, I wouldn't have the pain of today, but I never regretted it. If you still love me as you said, I forgot to have a good time.

47. You are gone. In that long time, my heart is like an autumn tree. The leaves are helplessly floating on the ground, leaving only the loneliness on the branches.

48. Friends, meet again! Friends, treasure! The water is in a hurry, the years are in a hurry, only the feelings will last forever.

49. Fluttering snowflakes, long-lasting feelings, looking through the autumn water, looking at the return of the end of the world.

50. With your sincere love and versatility, even if you are far away from your homeland, you can't find a friend who knows what to do. No matter where fate takes us, the bond of friendship will always connect us.

51. Let the warmth of spring accompany you, let the greenery of the grass accompany you, let the bright sunshine accompany you, accompany you on the journey, and achieve success as soon as possible.

52. The road to life is long, you and I met and separated. The gathering is always short, but it is long, but the hearts of each other can be closely followed and never separated.

53. It is a pleasure to know you. It is pain to leave you. In the days of separation, supporting me is a deep hope for the joy of reunion. About the parting sentence

54. If I can, I would like to break everything in my heart into today's distinction. But I can't! Then let us break up with silence! This is a volcanic silence, it is better than nothing!

55. Mountain and mountain can't meet, I will always meet you again.

56. I don't want to think more about success. Since I chose that oasis, I will stop looking forward!

57. We have to separate, say goodbye in a soft voice, and thank you in your heart, thank you for giving me a deep friendship.

58. We hurriedly bid farewell to our distant places, without language, without tears, only eternal thoughts and blessings, and a deep resonance in each other's hearts.

59. We hold hands tightly with both hands, letting the feelings pass in the hands and sharing an unforgettable warmth.

60. I am careful not to hold on to you, I hope that life will bring you countless hopes of green, and lead you to the ideal world.

61. I cherish every acquaintance in my life, every warmth between heaven and earth, every tacit understanding of my friends; even if I leave, I see it as a double joy in the reunion.

62. I wish you a happy wish and wish you happiness. The separation only melts more friendship, and the reunion will be more brilliant tomorrow!

63. Meet and say goodbye, returning to the sails and leaving the shore is the end of the joy of the past and the beginning of happiness in the future.

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