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Separate sentimental sentence

1. Don't go to the morning in the morning, I hope the clouds, the sun will accompany you to the far end of the world; flowers, green grass and you spread a long way forward.

2. Those years, we were deadly, sorry, my dearest, my writing is too young, I can't write our most beautiful in a gorgeous language, I have to describe it with simple words, this day, we have not passed away. Youth, this year, to our most beautiful rainy days.

3. We hold hands tightly with both hands, letting the feelings pass in the hands and sharing an unforgettable warmth.

4. Friends, meet again! Friends, treasure! The water is in a hurry, the years are in a hurry, only the feelings will last forever.

5. Although the three-year time is very short, but look back at the road that has passed, there is a tortuous section, more flat, comfortable feeling, success and failure on the road of life, please believe that "there is a willingness to compete" .

6. Under the shade of Liu Yan, don’t hold a lot of sorrows, and there are a lot of young people in the classmates, looking for thousands of thoughts, and friendship is the power of forging ahead!

7. I don't know how many stars are fascinated by the wave of hands and how can I erase this inexhaustible love. Even if the future scenery is more beautiful, I can't just throw it away and smile. Even though life is goodbye, it’s true. It’s hard to say goodbye.

8. We have to separate, say goodbye in a soft voice, and thank you in your heart, thank you for giving me a deep friendship.

9. A whistle, falling in the wilderness; infinite shackles and loneliness, at the moment of separation, all breed from the heart.

10. Friends, do you like starry sky? If one day you feel lonely and melancholy when you wander in the distance, please look up at the starry sky, there is the lucky star I gave you.

11. However, in the face of three years of classmates, many familiar and unfamiliar faces, this life, may be the last time I saw it.

12. After many years of separation, or meet again, what is the word? The tears are silent.

13. Don't say cherish, don't say goodbye, just leave silently. I hope that in the golden autumn, the fruit of friendship will hang down the rich fruit.

14. In the 3 years of college, thank you for staying with me. Take care of me, let me still feel the warmth of home at a distance of 2,000 kilometers from home.

15. Parting can weaken the shallow feelings, but deepen the deep feelings. Just as the wind blows out the candlelight, it will make the fire more prosperous.

16. But I hope that in a certain year, when we meet again, we can have a good smile. During the year of college, you have brought me a lot of happiness, once unpleasant, we have forgotten it.

17. When you relive our old dreams together, then there is only a bright moon that is pinned on a thousand miles.

18. After graduating, I want to keep those warm days, and I am eager to invest in the torrent of life as soon as possible. Sad sentence

19. Immediately, there are thousands of words in a moment, and I have to look at the tears... Maybe you are going to the snow-capped mountains to open a white flower like a heart. Maybe you love the sun’s firepower and open a fiery flower. As beautiful as a dream.

20. On the occasion of separation, we hope that our friendship will last forever! The quiet Zhanjiao campus, you and I will get along with each other, the pen and ink, the morning and the night, the love is like the hand and foot, the righteousness of Taishan, how the time passes, the years do not return.

21. Today, we are close classmates; tomorrow, we will be the opponents of competition, and we hope that friendship will be deeper in the competition.

22. The quiet sky, each star has its own trajectory, let us find our best position in life, and the world in our mind may become harmonious and peaceful.

23. The gathering is not the beginning, the dispersion is not the end, and the countless beautiful moments of the number of cohesive in the same window will always be engraved in my memory.

24. Parting can weaken the shallow feelings, but deepen the deep feelings. Just as the wind blows out the candlelight, it will make the fire more prosperous.

25. Parting is not the end, but the beginning of beautiful thoughts; the sea memory knows oneself, the end of the world is better than the neighbor;

26. The water is in a hurry, the years are in a hurry, and only friendships will last forever. Friends, goodbye! Friends, treasure!

27. The years have taken time, but I can't take my thoughts on you. Graduation has to leave the thoughts, but it does not take you and my classmates. The farther the time flies, the deeper the thoughts, the deeper the thoughts, the stronger the friendship. Drink a cup of tea, drink a glass of wine, and gently say: Friends treasure!

28. Faced with the banquets of the years, we smiled and encouraged us to drink, as if all the love and disappointment we did not say were hidden behind the statement. Because we all understand that there is no more alcohol than this one.

29. The night gradually sank in the laughter, and the friend got up and said goodbye. No retention, no farewell, or even a return date. I have passed the joyful and sad days, and I have passed the sad and tearful years. I know that the gathering is such a natural and logical chapter. Knowing this, I know how to cherish the warmth of each gathering, and I will be happy when I leave.

30. I will not care about my grief in the days when the wind comes. I must use the cloudy sky as my constant address. Today, the wind near tonight will also have a life and death. The farewell that has never waved will declare our neighboring love powerless. Can you come back to see me when you come to see the world? Close your eyes and gently call your dearest name. Come back to see me on a cloudy day. I am most afraid that you will disappear in my nostalgia.

31. It is another year of graduation and another year of separation.

32. People's life is constantly meeting and parting. The passers-by who are rubbing your shoulders every day are the first time to meet, and they are different. Maybe one day they will meet again, but no one can recognize who's back.

33. Memory is a lingering love song, the falling autumn leaves, whispering, screaming and leaving...

34. There is always something unstoppable in life. For example, the dawn to be lit up; for example, the dusk to be dark; such as the fate of fate; such as the foreseeable parting; such as the love of ruining; such as life;

35. We can meet us in the same space at the same time and we can also leave.

36. How many times does a person have to go through a lifetime, and how many times do you have to go through a peach blossom? Then I finally got used to the people around me, and finally realized that there is no eternal gathering, and finally I have seen all kinds of things and faces. Change? "I can't bear you." This sentence is so difficult to open.

37. The hug of the couple is sweet and sweet; the embrace of the couple is tolerant; the hug of the friend is intimate and trustworthy; the hug after the quarrel represents the compromise and forgiveness; the hug after the meeting represents the thoughts and excitement; The former hug represents reluctance and expectation. Embracing is a silent language. When embracing, each other is needed. When others are needed, it is the most valuable time for a person.

38. Woman, you are always so afraid of parting, but always pretend to be strong; woman, you are always so afraid of the night, but always secretly hiding; woman, you are always so afraid of being alone, but always alone; woman, you It’s always easy to pay, knowing that it’s pain, but still so persistent; woman, you are always so vulnerable, knowing that it’s cheating, but still deceiving yourself; woman, why are you always so stupid and distressing.

39. The contract of life and death, with the child Cheng Yue, the hand of the child, and the son of the old, is really the most sad poem, death and birth and parting, are big events, not at our disposal. How small and how small we are compared to external forces! But we have to say: "I want to be with you forever, and I will not be separated for the rest of my life." It seems that we have done the Lord.

40. Happiness is actually very simple. A good night before going to sleep, a cold newsletter, a short-lived miss, warmed my heart.

41. What is the truth about the world, direct education and death. The sky is wide and the north is flying, and the old wings are cold and hot. Have fun, leave your life, and have more children. Jun should have a language, tens of thousands of miles of clouds, thousands of mountains and snow, only to whom to go.

42. The heaviest burden caused us to collapse, sink, and nail us to the ground. But in the love poems of every age, women always craving under the man's body. Perhaps the heaviest burden is also the most fulfilling symbol of life. The more the burden, the closer our life is to the earth, and the closer it is to reality and reality. On the contrary, there is no burden at all, people become lighter than the atmosphere, they will fly high, and parting the earth will leave the real life. He will become true and true, and freedom of movement will be meaningless. So what do we choose? Heavy or easy?

43. When the leaves fall, I don't know if this is the tear of the tree. When the leaves fall down, I think of the day when we leave the wind. The leaves of the wind blow the leaves and the leaves dance in the wind. I leave the tears in my heart. I don’t know when it is the phase. See the day.

44. Never look back, why not forget. Since there is no reason, why do you have to vow. Today, there is no trace of water. On the eve of the night, Jun has been a stranger. The heart is moving, the feelings are far away, the things are not, the people are not, everything is not, the past can not be chased. 3 Perhaps it is the marriage of the previous life, perhaps the fate of the afterlife, adding a fruitless grudge in this life. One year old, one day, one day, one autumn and one autumn, one generation reminds one generation to get together, one happy, one sad, one couch, one dream, one dream, one acquaintance, he will I will know each other for a while, and I will sing for a while. Always inadvertently born. Looking back at the other side. Even when it is found that the scenery is long.

45. We have seen too many separations and discrepancies in love, and have seen the painful plots and falsehoods in various film bridges. We have summarized various love stories, but when you are in it, you will Understand that true love is very simple, only two words: the future.

46. ​​The bones and leaves of the bones are also related. All the four seas are brothers, who are passers-by. I am even connected to the tree. In the past, it was 鸳 and 鸯, and today is the participation. The old ones are similar, and if they are Hu and Qin. Only when you are parting, your feelings are new. Luming thought weeds can be a guest. I have a drink, I want to give away people. I hope that the children will stay in discretion and talk about this life.

47. Trekking for miles to say goodbye to all of our words on the cold and silent wilderness of the first and last snowy nights. All the words are frozen on the lips and look up. You can see: The seven nights of snow are full and withered. For a short gathering and a permanent departure, please forgive me for turning away from this moment - for the ridiculous years for me, I can't insist on being the deepest love in my life, but I can't get through the time.

48. Passionate since the ancient injury, parting, even more so, cold autumn festival.

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