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What is the second year of a girl who sells sizzling squid at the school gate?

This is a question and answer that is very hot. A netizen asked: "I am a girl who is a sophomore. I don't like to study. I don't want to go to class when I don't want to go. I have to make money with a classmate." In the evening, I sold iron squid at the school gate. The school is very remote. There are few snacks, but there are three light squid. We don’t have any freezer, so we go to the market every afternoon. We dare not go too far, but we can’t sell it, but sell it. It’s not good, there’s no problem with the taste, the other two are selling well. We can’t make money at all, but we’re tired. Would it make sense to do so, should we stick to it? It’s really tired.”


Know the answer from user @Hannibal Lecter:

Let me talk about one of my personal experiences.

My second year of high school is starting a business. Running a school magazine, sponsoring a school, renting a house outside the school, opening a bookstore, as if it was a sensible thing, hanging up the sky, then there was only two words in the brain, and I didn’t listen to anyone’s words, people blocked the killing, and the Buddha blocked the Buddha. . I think my aunt, the people around me are too boring to follow the rules all day long. I think everyone is stupid.

At that time, in our own publication, I created a model of implanting sponsorships and activities. In the bookstore, I created a circular membership system, which was quite successful in a short period of time. I count, 12 issues a year. The first 48 coated paper color printing pages are divided into 24 contents. 24 sponsors are invited to insert advertisements from all angles related to students, catering, entertainment, sports, animation, film and television, and clothing. One for 5000 is 120K, printing I use 10,000 for the cost, earn more than 100,000 per period, and I want to sell it in magazines. I have 5,000 copies of a book, 5 pieces, and 25,000, and millions of dollars a year. I think it’s beautiful, and when I’m just starting to do it, I really have to make it.

When I first went to the printing factory, I was only 17 years old. I was wearing a suit and slamming the cigarettes to the boss. I was so good that I was in the printing factory and I was basically not pitted. At that time, I was wearing a school uniform to go to the sponsorship. I took a rest for 1 hour at noon. I rode the car from the east to the west of the city. My classmates were reviewing and writing homework. I was super in the society.

I am very impressed now. At that time, a Taiwanese tea shop sponsored a thousand membership cards and vouchers of more than 50,000 yuan. The tea shop helped me find the manager of the marketing department to sponsor Zhang, I called her sister Zhang, is a simple and honest, reasonable, diligent and capable 20-year-old sister. Although I asked her for money, it seems that she is very happy to help us. Every time she sees me, she is very kind and good to me. Later, I realized that Zhang’s family was in a normal condition and came out to work earned money very early. Although she did this by herself, she wanted to study, and she was very envious of the readers. So when I saw these students, she was very emotional. Close.

Later, I opened a book outside the school, and I can borrow books, borrow dishes, and anime. There is a steel tube in the store. Every day I go to the class and take the money directly to the tube is a few hundred and a few hundred. Each company gives us five to six thousand to one thousand thousand sponsorships for each season. Hanging up the sky. Every day, I live in a new and different way, different from everyone's eyes, envy, doubt, review, and discussion.

At that time, I was full of mouths and I could take care of myself. In fact, I was full of my mind, and I couldn’t handle the various contradictions and problems that I couldn’t handle at all.

At that time, my father and mother broke their hearts, and their family members broke their hearts.

I saw people saying that my model is good and that I have a mind. I only have huh. First, there is no issue in the school magazine. There are no publications, dare to issue, and dare to sell. It’s all about the ball. If I was an adult at the time, if the school didn’t look at me at the time, I would protect me, I might be early. The defendant was able to go bankrupt. Secondly, the company gives sponsorship only to see that I am a student of a certain famous school. When I go out of school and go to the society, I will never be anything. When the time comes, I will take care of you.

Sure enough, in the end my college entrance examination will be finished.

I will always remember the most dark and tragic time of my life. In the most unfavorable time, I worked in the model shop to make toys for children, to be soldiers, to stick, to paint, I am collecting 15 pieces for one soldier. I brush four for one day and earn 60. I can buy a glass of water and buy dumplings. Go to soak in the morning and keep blowing until the model store closes. At that time, I felt like I was carrying a fortune outside with a donkey. I caught a customer today and ate one day. I couldn’t catch a day if I couldn’t catch it.

I don't know the direction of my life. Where is the value of life? It is a day, a day, a day, a day. Later, because of the good craftsmanship, I met the nobles and started to make the miniature waterline boat. When my technology is mature, I can do one day, one can receive 100 labor costs. At the beginning, there is not much, and the most expensive one can charge more than 2,000. For a while, I made more than one hundred boats and earned one or two thousand, but I always thought, then? Then, in my life, I am going to rely on this noble person to continue this way, and regard this as a life-skills skill and a life path?

Some people say that it is very profitable to be a soldier. I want to say huh. Glue, solvent, dust, paint, these things, not without pollution, if purely handmade, this money is earned by life.

Later, when I went abroad, I just got out of the country and was shocked by the outside world. I remember that I was transferred from Paris. After the plane landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport, I slid from the runway to the terminal building for more than half an hour. On the way, the road, the railway, the viaduct, and the terminal building were crossed from the porthole. The students joked and sat down. The plane went to Paris. Standing behind the glass window of the waiting hall at Charles de Gaulle Airport, I saw the flights of various countries on the runway line up, and took off a plane every few tens of seconds, feeling that the world is so big.

The four-year undergraduate degree is very bitter. I always think that my high school is the best school in the country, but I don’t learn to go to the apostasy. I have become a small country. This is the last time in my life. Opportunity, even if you are a tall man in the dwarf, you can't let yourself go bad.

In the first three years of studying abroad, no matter whether it was winter or summer, I was three points and one line, classroom, canteen, bedroom. At that time, I went to the dormitory. Everyone went back to the dormitory. I was in the classroom and turned on the TV. Look at the news of the international station, then go online, check the information, and write homework.

What I study is language, culture, art, education, how much is it used? However, I have no choice. Either learn them or make yourself useless.

In the 4 years of the university, there are a total of 42 subjects, 5 points, and I have 41 points and 5 points, and one has 4 points. You said that learning is difficult? Learning is not difficult, as long as you calm down, things are in books, online, PDF, if you are stupid, can not find, you can ask the teacher, ask students.

You said that it didn't make sense to learn for a long time, I think it makes sense.

Learning anything is not immediate, knowledge needs to be precipitated, brewing, and people need to learn through reason. Some people have read a lot of books in their lives and become nerds. Some people have read limited books for a lifetime, but they understand the truth of doing things. Fortunately, I feel that I am still savvy and not part of the former.

In the freshman year, I visited Hemingway’s former residence and saw that in addition to the specimens of prey in his home, all the books, the books in his study, to climb the ladder to get it, was really shocking at that time.

In the year of my senior year, the motherland naval fleet visited the Americas for the first time. I was recommended by the embassy to board the ship for translation and guidance. When I stood on the dock and saw the national guard of honor on the shore playing music, the PLA Orchestra of the People’s Liberation Army also played a musical response. The picture that can only be seen in the news network is in front of me. I feel blood on my scalp. The big brothers of the navy who are brave enough to send our group of student dolls to their cockpit, cabin, conference room, restaurant, like us, just like their younger siblings, proudly introduce this big ship to us, also to When we asked this question, when I learned what I had learned in a few years and learned about all the good things about this country and what they said, I felt that knowledge was useful.

In the year of my senior year, Xi made a great visit. The school selected outstanding students to go to the country hotel to listen to the big speech and take a group photo. Then I had the most precious photo of my life. It was also the biggest for my four years of college. Certainly, at that moment, I feel that knowledge is useful.

The prodigal son turned back, the undergraduate ate countless bitterness, read it, and the diploma came to hand.

I have endless hardships, endless sins, and missed countless people and things.

When I was away from home, my grandfather was bedridden. When I first went abroad, my grandfather passed away. As a favorite grandson at home, I couldn’t go home and send the old man the last leg because I was not stable.

In the second year abroad, the long distance relationship came to an end.

In the third year abroad, my grandmother passed away.

In the fourth year abroad, Grandpa passed away.

When I finally finished reading the book and went home, I could use my own money to give the elderly and buy something for my girlfriend. They are no longer around. Fortunately, my parents are still healthy, waiting for a day when I have a future.

Now look at the side, the high school students who run behind my ass, the schoolmates who have immigrated to the United States, have immigrated to France, have been interviewed by the Prime Minister after completing the university in Australia, and now the company is counting money. Count to hand cramps. For me, in a second-rate imperialist country, it is hard to mix doctors.

The good news is that when I graduated, I immediately found a job. I went to sleep until 90 o'clock every day. I wrapped up the textbook and shook it into the classroom. The air conditioner was on, the winter was warm and cool, and the mouth was moving. It is five or six thousand. Moreover, after attending the work, all the people around me are reasonable and polite to me.

When I first taught, I had a good relationship with a colleague who had a good relationship with me. I was a doctor. The monthly salary was 12,000. I remember when I was in the school, I had to consider class time, length of service, position, etc., and people directly scored 24 points. Completion, and a department secretary and department head who have worked for many years.

Some things are to be put into a long-term process. Some things have to be understood. For example, after I finished reading the book, I discovered that the paper media began to decline. I originally wanted to raise chickens to buy pigs. Raising pigs to sell cattle, and finally I became a farm tycoon's plan is simply nonsense. Now this social renewal is very fast, no learning, no progress, no constant mastery of new knowledge, ideas, lifestyle, a technological revolution, you become a eliminated.

Looking back at the model waterline ship at that time, more and more people will be doing now. The technology that was so difficult in the first few millimeters, the craftsmanship on the needle tip, is now more and more worthless, no matter what. Proportion, the mold is getting more and more fine, the modification is more and more convenient, many factories directly out of the matching etched piece, the operation is more humanized, and the noble person who paid me to buy the boat was married, not playing.

After working for a while, I feel that as a male student, to stay in the university, only the undergraduate degree is not enough, so I quickly applied to study abroad again and read the doctor.

When I was a Ph.D. student, it was very difficult. I was faced with the pressure of learning, the challenge of my brain, and the need to endure loneliness and poverty. Once I returned to China to meet family gatherings, I felt that studying hard and not making money, people are overseas. , guarding Florence, Las Rosas, Andorra, Milan, why not engage in purchasing, I will tell my brother, brother, you don’t want to scream the scorpion to mobilize the winter powder to help the brothers Shangyu, Xunzi Weixin is there, she is a @, turn, comment, I am absolutely windy here...

Lao Ge is a doctor of China's top medical school, a doctor at the top hospital, and a nephew is a talented woman, a celebrity, and a university teacher. Brother laughed at the time. If it wasn't for my brother's good quality, if it wasn't because I was a younger brother, if I was just a casual person on the street, I guess my brother would laugh at me and I don't know how to laugh. I laugh at me and swear at me. I’m so ignorant, I’m an idiot in my heart, and then I don’t have to waste time on me. Of course, if someone says that the medical doctor is as tired as a dog, it is better to start a business with a stall. Then I have to say that we have no way to communicate that you have all gone to the ground.

When the last party is going to be scattered, I remember very clearly. My brother told me that when you study, you should treat your knowledge well, study your skills, and study hard. You will have to rely on your professional skills to eat in the future. Become an expert in this field and a big cow, then money will come to you at that time. It takes a lot of effort to become a big cow, and it shouldn't be. In particular, it should not be distracted and distracted by the East in the golden years of accumulating and building itself. Now you may not understand, when you are thirty or forty years old, you know what it is.

Then I stopped doing things in the East. Later, I found that it was useful to practice hard and study hard. When I was a Ph.D., I tried to open a cram school at home, teach professional courses, tutor international students, tea, one Three to five hundred euros a month. Then write the article, send one less than one hundred and two hundred, and more than three or five thousand.

Since the student era can be like this, then what is the way to become a professor, an expert, and money? I don't know. I just met my brother-in-law. I was a returning country expert. I returned to the country to give him a two-story villa. There is a laboratory in the university and a company in the development zone. However, his project application review, technology research and development, and marketing are still very tired.

As far as you are concerned about selling iron squid at the school gate, there may be achievements and gains experience, but in general it is too worthless, let alone talk about it. Because you don't understand the meaning of the game at all.

A college student is not studying, but setting up a business, this is indeed the greatest achievement of China's higher education, and even the entire education system as a wonderful world in the world. It is the morbid manifestation of this social material desire. Therefore, it is not surprising that the photocopying university has made a bad propaganda film. Everyone is squid of knowledge, and one day they will be squandered by knowledge.

Some media and some companies have also looked at each other and carried out extremely brain-dead guidance, such as in job-seeking programs, but any university student said that I was in the first year of business, and the company’s HR eyes were exposed. These heads are all printing machines. And the coffee slag person, when he is studying, he can pedal two boats. When you arrive at your company, you will not turn your elbows out.

I totally disagree with the saying that all kinds of products are only high in reading. I don't even agree to divide people into three or six. I have only one problem: since social learning is better than studying in universities, then parents, countries. , teacher, are there so many students crazy? The college entrance examination is so annoyed that it will be a cold window for more than ten years. If you go abroad so hard, you still have to leave your hometown to go abroad. If you don’t earn money for a few cents, you still have to spend money. Why don’t you give birth to a stall when you are born? Why have you tossed into college for more than ten years, and after two years of thinking, I think I have to start a business?

Entrepreneurship is right, national policies are supported, and Chunhui Cup is available every year. However, many people take it out of context. What are you going to look at in the Chunhui Cup? What kind of projects are accepted and supported by the organizing committee, encouraging encouragement, and acknowledging that the soyfish project is not recognized by sophomores? Does China need to roast squid for all people, and use this to complete the national rejuvenation?

Classmate, I want to persuade you to say what song you want to sing in the mountains. You should study when you are studying. When you are studying, you should start a business. In the end, you should know that you have to study when you start a business. When you study, you have to support your family. When you raise a family, you have to start a business like this. Stimulating life.

The most polite and accommodating student I encountered during the lectures of the training institutions turned out to be after the work. Carrying a large pot of strong tea, rushed to work, and a group of small dolls, because of limited energy, slow control, often blinded by small dolls. Love face? If you want to ask the teacher to coach alone, you can take the VIP and pay more. This is society! Do you want to do it one day!

What is reading? Reading is the rice to open the mouth to reach out, the imitation of the rigid, one plus one equals two simple and inferior, only ABCD and right and wrong black and white, there is no intrigue, even the book is so bad, the entrepreneur is not seen I have to do well. On the contrary, it is only a matter of time before you really read a good book. Of course, except for nerds.

The university is a place to study knowledge. Although many universities do not teach knowledge universities to study, what time should they do? Otherwise, what are you doing at the university? Why don’t you go to the stall to start a business when you are not a junior?

If you have to say that the university is not the place to learn knowledge, then it is the place to reserve power, improve the value, master the skills, and expand the relationship. When your university classmates are in college, they will refine their ancestors, and presumably his future value to you. It’s a little higher than the uncle of the city management station where you are setting up. I don’t look down on the uncle of the city management. It’s just that the social division of labor is different. The red dust makes him never leave a height of life. He is deeply trapped in the township and nowhere. Step into the temple. And the principles and principles of life that you have learned in college are more likely to help you to correct, longer, and farther. After all, people have to live forever.

If you feel that learning knowledge is meaningless and knowledge is useless, then I tell you that in college, not only is knowledge, but the focus is not on knowledge. The focus is on learning. School is a place to train one's learning ability. What is learning ability? Independent observation, analysis, calculation, comparison, imitation, thinking, creation, and communication, cooperation, communication, communication, collaboration and other teams.

Today, you think that the students in the class are stupid and only know the papers on the paper. If you engage in apostasy, you will have more than enough in the upper reaches of the society. If you are squandered, you will be despised. In fact, you are wrong, have developed study habits, and mastered the learning methods. Cultivating the principle of doing things and understanding the social norms, that is, it is universally applicable and can be inferred. Today, you are a nerd that you look down on. If you have been in the society for a year or two, you can immediately learn all the clever things you have played. What can society teach you? It’s just the soft skills that people talk about and talk about ghosts. If you don’t need to open a major to teach, you can learn and do it, but a foreign language, a technique, a set of crafts, no It is very annoying that the teacher teaches and comprehends himself.

There are indeed many successful entrepreneurs who don't go to college, but they are all one in ten million. Don't move to Bill Gates. A Bill Gates stands up and you see it, and there are thousands of you who don't see it. Being trampled to death. Moreover, today's society has improved, more and more people are doing business, the system is becoming more and more standardized, the market is becoming more and more perfect and developed, and more and more attention is paid to knowledge and education. It is no longer the market in the early days of reform and opening up, as long as you have the courage. Dare to insist on a climate-friendly environment. The most important thing is that many entrepreneurs who came out at that time were not unwilling to study, nor were they willing to start a business when they were born. Many of them were forced by environmental life under certain conditions, but their own high quality, as well as their efforts and blood and tears. The responsibility to bear, the pressure to bear, the risks faced are unmatched by ordinary people. For example, the founder of Laoganma, how many old gods in the country? How many old gods are there in the world?

In other words, people just can't read books when they want to study because of certain reasons. If they give them opportunities, they can also rely on reading success, and even go even better today.

There is another type of person who is talented, either a genius or a gold spoon. Are you? If you think you are, then Bill Gates has a fuck before he debuts. Wang Sicong has his father and is a high school education. Is it better for you to have a more accurate route than Bill Gates and Wang Sicong?

The last group of people are able to study and start a business. Why should Yu Minhong repeatedly go to college? Do you know how good Ma Yun’s English is? Only when he mastered the knowledge and skills, will he have the later coaching, open a translation company, contact foreigners, fail to frustrate, go to the United States, and discover the Internet... Imagine if Ma Yun only had the knowledge of setting up a booth at Hangzhou Normal University. Eyes and energy, will there be Ali today? Did Ali develop by setting up a stall and succeeded once?

Those who say that their school is so bad that they don't study, you still forget it. Ma Yun did not go to the North and the North of Tsinghua University, so he did not learn English? Learning is a kind of attitude, a kind of quality, a choice, a habit, and a school is just a physical place. However, in the school, the teacher feeds the classmates to help them learn the basic principles. On the society, can they understand the world's operation?

Don't be entrepreneurial, get rich overnight, these chickens are brainwashed, China's 1.6 billion people, everyone wants to eat, everyone wants to get rich overnight, you can think of "good ideas", have been people, have been The other group of people plowed the fields like plowed countless times, and even a clam shell would not be left.

Now it is capital, the land has been distributed almost, and the cake has been drawn to the master's era. It is no longer the middle-aged who is the hard-nosed person. It is no longer the great maritime era. Who is the cannon? It is no longer industrial. In the early days of the revolution, who wanted to come up with a new invention? In this era, most people only have the skills or skills to earn a share of their own production activities. The more precious the technical skills you have, the more irreplaceable you are. value. Otherwise, we, Dr. Yang, who is a master of the United States, is going crazy and rushing to find new things, new knowledge and new technologies. In order to stand taller, walk in front of it, the next time you can do something to be reliable. Then meet those chicken blood chicken soup, so calmly say, brother, I read less books, you do not lie to me.

Which one do you need to meet the production needs of the market, capital, labor, land, technology, and skills? You only have labor, so you can be easily replaced, imitated and transcended. So many are not capitalists. The descendants of the landlord are studying for the technical skills, even if they are a diploma, they are qualified to go with other production factors. Renting each other, dreaming of courage is right, but not following basic economic principles, dreams and guts are the most worthless.

Retreat 10,000 steps, even if you stir-fry the squid into a chain, what about? Is your life goal for life all so much? Can your investment in low cost and low thresholds be quickly exchanged for high returns? Can your career develop into a long-term, life-long? Is the supply and demand relationship of roast squid in the society controlled by you?

Going back to the class, no matter your school, how does the teacher let you go to this step today, please be sure to study hard, if you don’t have good math, you can read a foreign language. If you don’t speak a foreign language, you can read the language. Zheduxing, there must always be one or two things that you have mastered, not for teachers, not for disciplines, for yourself! This is your identity and basic dignity as a sophomore student who is completely ignorant of society. This is a great care for the society. It is the wish of the life of the farmer in the ravine and the younger brother to study. The comfort of your parents every day and night to give you money to remit money is the inalienable legal right that you should enjoy, and this is what you need to do to this society!

University is a place that offers you unlimited possibilities and choices. You don't have enough time to become mature enough. You don't know how big the world is, how hard life is, and you have closed your own career. All the other doors, look for grilled squid, you think you earned a few small money, in fact, you lost the whole life, some people say that learning entrepreneurship is not delayed, you have to buy, open a store, turn over, clean, account... you dare Say you don't skip classes and don't lose homework?

Don't waste the precious time of youth on the unrealistic reverie that you can't see hope at all. Don't be consumed by this sick consumer society because of ignorance and childishness. Don't always pay for your youthful impulses.

Girl, you are sophomore! It’s not a senior, no class, no internship, and a sophomore is playing the foundation! It’s not right to make any planes at this time!

Or you should not read it, don't take a penny at home, go to the streets to start a business, and let me go and give you shoes.

If you want to read, you can read it well. Poor students can apply for a scholarship. If you are not rich or poor, you should not be unbalanced to remember the kidneys of others. It is okay for your aunt to buy you. You will be able to afford it in the future. Your aunt can't afford to buy it. It's your aunt's regret. You can't afford it for you. It's your shame.

If you are really difficult at home, I can finance you, but if you are holding your aunt's money and swaying in the school, you should do it when you are studying. To tell the truth, you are not filthy to your parents. Loyal, not responsible for yourself.

If you have a bad undergraduate degree in China, you can take a test abroad and you can take a test abroad. IELTS TOEFL can't be allowed if you don't have two books. If you don't have three books for the whole prize and the national award, you can't apply. And I don't believe that all the teachers in a university from top to bottom are not learning to eat and die, and no one can teach you.

Do you understand the opportunity cost of youth? This is something that a bad business has given a poor college student a little bit of internship wages. For a college student, a few thousand a month is really a windfall, which is like a blind hand, let him forget. I still have a lot of things to install, in fact, I can not know the value of the upper limit in the future! When you still need to enrich yourself and enrich yourself, you will sell your time, energy, and life to the capitalists. Some even stupidly capitalize the family, repeating the mechanical work that is lifeless, day after day. Looking for self. For a company, the intelligence, physical strength, and labor of thousands of thousands of college students who have received higher education are simply earning. The managers, the bosses who wash the sauna by foot, are thousands of tens of thousands. If you care about this money, you are just like the treasure, and lost your dreams, responsibilities and dignity in minutes!

Do you know that the opportunity cost of youth is sometimes lost? Finally, you can't get up. It's like you have chosen liberal arts in high school. After college, you don't want to study finance, astrophysics. It’s like you don’t learn a foreign language when you are more than ten or twenty years old. When you are 30 or 40 years old, you have to take a girl. Let’s try again.

People are very easy to be willful in this life. They are not afraid of what they don't want to do. They are afraid that when they want to do something one day, they find that the door is closed to you. Some responsibilities and mistakes can't be afforded at a certain age, and what will eventually be left is lifelong regret!

Also, I hope that with my personal experience, I will advise and encourage those students who are about to take the college entrance examination, or who are already freshmen and sophomores. Learning is hard and boring, but learning to change the fate!

Think about what parents have been supporting themselves for more than a decade, and what are they doing for ten years?

Think about what you want before you go to college.

Think of yourself as one of the tens of millions of people in China, tens of millions of people, sitting in a bright and spacious classroom, holding more than a dozen pieces of textbooks, writing and drawing, compared Those who work in the fields and face the peasants who are facing the loess, compared to those workers who work in the factory and sweat in the workshop, you can't afford your seat!

The time of a lifetime is really long, and the money is time to earn slowly, but the death of China is only one time.

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