Inspirational story

Inspirational story: keep a simple heart

Inspirational story: keep a simple heart

Inspirational experience: From the moment we were born, suffering, like a hungry tiger has been chasing us; death, like a fierce lion, has been waiting at the end of the cliff; and the day and night alternate, like a black One white and two mice, constantly biting the tree of life we ​​are temporarily sheltering. One day we will fall into the mouth of the lion. Now that you know that the worst result in life is death, the only way is to enjoy the sweet fruit of the tree safely and then sleep peacefully. There is such a simple heart - less desire, more heart, and our life is healthy and beautiful.

When a man roamed through the forest, he suddenly met a hungry tiger, and the tiger swooped at him. He escaped with the greatest strength and the fastest speed, but the tiger was chasing after him. He was forced by the tiger into the edge of the cliff.

Standing on the edge of the cliff, he thought: "It's better to jump into the cliff than to be killed by the tiger. Maybe there is still a chance." He jumped into the cliff and was lucky enough to get stuck in a tree. It was a plum tree that grew on the edge of a cliff, and the tree was full of plums.

Fortunately, he heard the sound of snoring in the depths of the cliff. There was a fierce lion at the bottom of the cliff looking up at him. The voice of the lion trembled him, and even worse, he turned his head and saw a black, white and white mouse, biting the trunk of the plum tree.

After a panic, he quickly calmed down: "It’s better to be bitten by a mouse to fall to the trunk than to be bitten by a lion?"

After the emotions were calmed down, he felt a little hungry. When he saw that the plums were just right, they took some food. He felt that he had never eaten such a delicious plum in his life. He thought to himself: "Since it will die sooner or later, it is better to sleep well before you die!" He found a triangular branch for himself and fell asleep on the tree.

After waking up, he found that black and white mice were gone, and tigers and lions were gone.

He followed the branches and carefully climbed the cliff and finally got out of danger.

It turned out that when he was asleep, the hungry tiger couldn’t help but jumped off the cliff. The black and white mouse heard the tiger's snoring and fled in panic. The tiger who jumped off the cliff and the lion under the cliff fought fiercely, both wounded and wounded.

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