Inspirational story

Seven inspirational stories full of life philosophy

I believe that I am an eagle.

A man caught a young eagle in the eagle's nest on the top of the mountain. He took the young eagle home and raised it in a chicken cage. This young eagle is eating, frolicking and resting with the chicken. It thought that it was a chicken. The eagle grew up, the wings were full, and the owner wanted to train it as a falcon, but because it was mixed with the chicken all day long, it had become exactly the same as the chicken, and there was no desire to fly. The owner tried all kinds of methods and had no effect. Finally, he took it to the top of the mountain and threw it out. The eagle was like a stone, and it fell straight down. In a panic, it fought hard and fluttered its wings. In this way, it finally flew up!

Tip 1: Train the power to summon success.


◇ five gold coins

There is a man named Abag who lives on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia. Once, the young Abag and his father lost their way on the grassland. Abag was tired and afraid, and he couldn’t move in the end. Dad took out five coins from his pocket, buried one coin in the grass, and placed the other four in Abag's hand, saying: "There are 5 gold coins in life, childhood, youth, youth, middle age. There is one in the old age. You only use one one now. It is the one buried in the grass. You can’t throw five pieces into the grassland. You have to use it a little bit. Every time you use it differently. This is not the case for life. Today we must go out of the grassland, you must also go out of the grassland in the future. The world is very big, people are alive, you have to take some more places, take a look, don't let your gold coins useless Off." With the encouragement of his father, Abagh stepped out of the grassland that day. When he grew up, Abag left his hometown and became an excellent captain.

Tip 2: Cherish life and get out of the frustrations of the swamp.

Sweeping the sun

There are two brothers, who are only four or five years old. Because the windows of the bedroom are closed all day long, they think that the house is too dark and I feel very envious when I see the bright sunshine outside. The brothers discussed and said: "We can sweep the outside sun together." So the two brothers took the broom and the hoe and went to the balcony to sweep the sun. When they moved the raft into the room, the sunlight inside was gone. This has been repeated many times and again, there is still no sunshine in the house. The busy mother in the kitchen saw their strange move and asked, "What are you doing?" They replied: "The room is too dark, we have to sweep the sun in." Mom laughed: "Just open the window, the sun Naturally come in, why bother to sweep it?"

Tip 3: Open the closed heart, and the successful sun will dispel the darkness of failure.

◇ a spider and three people

After the rain, a spider climbed hard to the already broken wall of the wall. Because the wall was wet, it climbed to a certain height and fell. It climbed up and down again and again, falling again and again... the first person Seeing it, he sighed and said to himself: "Is not like this spider in my life? I am busy and have no income." So, he is getting depressed. The second person saw it. He said: This spider is really stupid. Why don't you climb up from the dry place next to it? I can't be as stupid as it is in the future. So he became smart. The third person saw it, and he was immediately moved by the spirit of the spiders' repeated defeats. So he became strong.

Tip 4: People with a successful mind can find the power of success everywhere.

Help yourself save yourself

Someone hid the rain under the eaves and saw Guanyin walking through the umbrella. This person said: "Guanyin Bodhisattva, Purdue, all the people, how about taking me?" Guanyin said: "I am in the rain, you are kneeling, and there is no rain, you do not need me." The man immediately jumped out His Majesty, standing in the rain: "Now I am in the rain, should I rate me?" Guanyin said: "You are in the rain, I am in the rain, I am not drunk, because there is an umbrella; you are rained because There is no umbrella. So I am not myself, but I am umbrella. If you want to spend it, don't look for me, please look for an umbrella!" Then he left. The next day, when the man encountered something difficult, he went to the temple to ask for Guanyin. When I walked into the temple, I found out that there was also a person worshipping before the image of Guanyin. That person looks exactly the same as Guanyin. The man asked: "Are you Guanyin?" The man replied: "I am Guanyin." The man asked again: "Why are you still worshipping yourself?" Guanyin smiled: "I also encountered difficulties, but I Know, asking someone is better than asking for yourself."

Tip 5: Successful people save themselves.

◇ let the loss become cute

An old man accidentally dropped a new shoe he had just bought from a window on a high-speed train. The people around him felt sorry for it. Unexpectedly, the old man immediately threw the second shoe from the window. This move is even more shocking. The old man explained: "No matter how expensive this shoe is, it is useless to me. If anyone can pick up a pair of shoes, maybe he can wear it!"

Tip 6: Successful people are good at giving up and are good at seeing value from loss.

Please don't open the wrong window.

A little girl crouched on the window sill, and the person outside the window was burying her beloved puppy. She could not help but burst into tears. Her grandfather saw her and quickly led her to another window to let her admire his rose garden. Sure enough, the mood of the little girl suddenly became clear. The old man held up his granddaughter's chin and said, "Child, you opened the wrong window."

Tip 7: Open the window next to the failure, maybe you see hope.

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