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Our mission is to change, not to adapt

During the class, the teacher showed us a video. A little girl from Peking University gave a speech on the show. Perhaps, I should not call her little girl because she had overlapped with me and our thoughts. She represented the youth at that moment. More is a brave! I respect her.

She spoke a lot of words that I wanted to talk but didn't dare to tell. When she spoke, I could even feel my tears spinning around.

What she said was what we can see, but we dare not say it, the darkness of this society. Corruption, corruption, bribery, unspoken rules, fraud, ill-treatment... She is not transparent, and there is no need to point out that we all understand. The grown-ups can't change these, and even borrow these to seek their own interests; our youth can't change this because our power is not enough, and the latter is basically assimilated and numb. I don't know why, the blood in my body does not allow me to follow the tide, as if the blood of the Chinese dynasty in the past thousands of years has merged with me, I can't understand the black, I want to illuminate it! But I don't know the way, I can't do it, I can't fight alone, I can't even find the enemy who should attack. She is different, borrowing the power of the media to express her thoughts. My most impressive sentence is: "When someone says that you should adapt to this society, you should say this: Our mission is to change, not to adapt."

This sentence suddenly said to my heart.

Our mission is to change, not to adapt! I have listened to my loved ones and teachers around me more than once, and learned to adapt to the society. The teachings are directed at me. They will tell me what is the human condition, how to use the knocking bricks, how can I be slick? They try to grind a little bit Going to my ankles, justice is like a knife stuck in my heart, I am afraid that when I pull it out, the blood will splatter. Justice in the villain is just a thorn, a little pain when pulled out, and it will be comfortable after pulling out. But my knife, I dare not pull it! Tendency, I can't do it! Two sides and three knives, I can't do it! I don’t want to do it! It’s not just Tao Yuanming’s sentence: it’s not for the five buckets of rice; it’s not just that Ai Lian said: it’s not muddy; it’s not just a tree of Hanmei’s arrogance, the sense of justice is born, it’s already Invading the muscles into the bone, it is difficult to annihilate.

When we see poisonous rice, waste oil, corruption, we can't do anything, but we can still do something. In the future, we can not sell poisonous rice, do not use trench oil, and do not go to corruption and accept bribes. The present society is not ours, but when we get to that position, society is ours, and we must try our best not to make ourselves the kind of people we now hate. When we treat society with our conscience, we can certainly wash the society.

I know someone will say that we think too simple. I know that when the young people who beat us are heavily invested in their jobs by their parents, even if they don't think about it, they will become the people they hate most because of the pressure from their parents and society. I also know that in this day: the material is running fast in front, the morality is stalking the legs in the era of chasing after, the price soars, no money and no incompetence. Yes, we want to change, the resistance will be great, and it’s easy to go against the water. But I want to say, isn’t it because we need us to change? If there is no resistance, there will be no darkness. We are not afraid of fear, stick to ourselves, ignite candlelights, and illuminate the darkness.

A person's strength is small, small enough to be neglected, but a person does not need to change anything, because even if it changes, it is nothing but a slap in the face. But the key is that now is not me, it is us. Change is our mission, right, it is ours, a group of people! We can not be greedy, not fast, and the rivers return to the sea, the long stream of water, and finally we can cleanse the pollution.

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