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Mint grass in life

A young boy, studying electrical maintenance, graduated from a secondary school, and found an electrician at a home appliance store. Once, because the appliance was delivered to the customer, the wrong model was inadvertently taken when picking up the goods. Therefore, I lost my job that I feel is still satisfactory. On this day, the young man slouched on the street. Inadvertently, let him see the old man who sells mint grass on the side of the road. In the exquisite small basin, there is thick mint grass, and there is a burst of fragrance not far away.

The frustrated young man, slowly seeing the mint grass and smelling it, slowly stopped. Gradually, he went down to the old man's stall. Because of the fragrance and the lush grass leaves, he set aside God to appreciate it.

When the old man saw that the young man loved the mint grass he was selling, he turned and took a plastic bag from the bamboo basket. Slowly, but firmly placed a small pot of mint grass for the young. The young man who is gazing at the gods, instantly swayed. He smiled at the old man and put his hands on his head, indicating that he did not intend to buy. The old man just smiled and said to the young man, see him like it, so send him a pot.

So they chatted. It turns out that when young people are in the country, they especially like biology classes, especially for plants. Later, because I was studying electrical appliances, I lost a lot of time to appreciate the plants. Now, seeing the mint grass in front of me, suddenly there is a sense of intimacy. The old man, who happens to be a vegetable farmer living in the suburbs, often plantes some flowers and plants, and sells it out, and he is a grass-lover. Therefore, the old man’s flowers and plants are not necessarily sold.

The two talked about their experiences because of mint grass. In the words, the young man told the old man about the setbacks and pains he encountered. However, the old man paused and told the young man a story about mint grass. A long time ago, a king liked an elf woman, but this matter was known to the queen. Later, the Elf woman was managed by the Queen to become a grass. However, this grass did not give up the right to grow up. Although it is very inconspicuous on the roadside, let people trample on it, but she relies on her inner strength and kindness to exude a charming fragrance to people. In the end, more and more people like her, and the name of this grass is called mint grass.

After talking to the old man, the young man understood how he should treat his future life. He accepted the mint from the old man, thanked him and reorganized his mood and started a new journey. Starting from part-time and odd jobs, he slowly spread his happy and contented survival path with strong and kind qualities.

Life, like grass, always goes through the wind and rain; however, the kind and strong heart is enough to carry life through pain and suffering. Because, the humble grass will have its charming fragrance.

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