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For those who are determined to be dreamless, do not need chicken soup

Dreams are always out of reach, should they give up. Every time I am tired, lying on the ground, looking at the sky, I have doubts whether the original decision was wrong, but never thought about giving up, no regrets, although sometimes I will stop to look at the front of the confusion, no hope I don't know how to back off. When I heard the predecessors discuss the future, I also doubted it, but there was no timidity.

To all those who are on the road to life, instead of painting time on a wandering path, it is better to stop and give yourself a goal and a dream. Do not manage well or bad, success or failure. Just stick to it, don't abandon it, don't give up, you will find that you are stronger than you think.

A few days ago, I received a small call. He said that he had to resign and wanted to come and work with me. Because he doesn't have a little freedom there, it's not the life he wants. I refused him. The reason is that I don't know what freedom is, because living in this world of rules and regulations, I have forgotten the meaning of freedom. Second, my life has no condiments, no colorful things you want. There are some thorns, but it is also true. I really don't have what you want here. My friend is very puzzled and asks me. You have been spoiled since childhood, how did you endure it, is there any secret, there is no good heart chicken soup introduction, comfort me this heart full of scars. I said, no. For those who are determined to be dreams, they don’t need chicken soup. He pondered for a moment and said, "I seem to understand something, I hang it first."

In 2019, I graduated from college, like many of my peers, stepping into the society with unparalleled good ideas, and in the ruthless blow of society, I can't take measures to avoid hiding everywhere. I have interviewed 13 jobs in one day. From the beginning of the city to the other, I don't know what I want to do. I only want a job. Standing on the pedestrian bridge at night, watching the car come and go, the flow is endless. I silently told myself that Luo Nianfeng, you must become a rich man, no matter what kind of rich people, as long as you have money. Walking on the road looking at the light, I didn't even know where to go, I didn't dare to go home. I think that the rich people I know know the most, and they are the construction sites. The most people work on the package. I know that it is difficult for me to start a business. I want to choose a site that is at least a little more hopeful than other industries. I took out almost all my family’s belongings and bought one to go to a city under development, Zhoushan, Zhejiang! I found a site introduced by friends. Worked on the ground, tired like a dog every day, dirty like a cow.

After bathing, lying on a bed in a dormitory of 6 people living in less than 20 square meters, all the pain. My friends were very surprised when they heard that I was working on the construction site. I asked what I had. What was the most regret? I said, no regrets. There is no reason. Because of his ambition, you don't have to hang on your mouth. So now, I am a teacher in April this year. I found a friend who introduced a few small construction sites, and paid a few people to help me, and started my entrepreneurial road. Although I can't make much money at this stage, I am very pleased. At least I have experienced the initial hardships. Even just an appetizer. What are you afraid of? I don’t need chicken soup, I am very determined.

In fact, in the post-90s, many of our only children are also like me. I grew up in my parents' spoiled habits. When I graduated from college, I went out to work in a city, without the companionship of my parents and friends. The grievances could not find anyone to confide, and only one person was silently endured when the soul was really hit. At this time, as long as there is a thought that I want to give up, it will be overwhelmed. Complain about this society, company, boss, and colleagues. Ten thousand individual people are sorry for their reasons. In fact, every place is unfair, and the world is not as beautiful as you think. However, everyone's psychological endurance has a limit, and dreams are also there. Life and society will not collapse because of how painful you are. Stop putting pressure on you and create trouble.

I have always believed that every successful person has a heart full of scars and strong incomparable. In the troubles he encountered on his way to success, the pressure will not be less than anyone. Why can they stick to the end - success. What is the reason for not giving up? Because they have a dream, an indestructible and unbreakable dream. This dream can withstand all the pressures of the outside world without crashing, and can withstand any trouble from any corner, without shrinking. I am glad that I have such a dream, I believe that I will succeed. So I won't be beaten by difficulties.

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